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Report: Erick ‘Cubo’ Torres subject of sexual assault investigation




Chivas and future Houston Dynamo striker Erick “Cubo” Torres has been accused of sexual assault, according to a Mexican newspaper.

Documents obtained by Cancha show Torres has been formally accused of sexual assault, stemming from events at a party back in April. The striker, who is set to join the Dynamo at the conclusion of Chivas’ Liga MX season, has denied the claims.

“I want to clarify a little about the subject that came out in [the press] this morning,” Torres told reporters ahead of training. “I want to make clear that I’m the first person interested in clearing this up as soon as possible. I’m available to work with the corresponding authorities to help clarify what happened before. I never would do anything that wasn’t with the mutual consent of another person.”

According to Cancha, the reported incident took place at a party in Zapopan. The woman who brought the accusations forward told authorities that she went to a room with Torres at the hotel where the party was taking place.

The woman then filed a complaint with police three days later, according to the newspaper.

Chivas President Nestor de la Torre said Torres has the support of the club and that the squad is currently focusing on its upcoming match against Atlas in the Liga MX playoffs.


  1. Sigh. Don’t let Scott eDio troll us into a pointless nationalistic pissing contest. Especially pointless since 99% of us here are probably American. Not to mention that Scott was wrong anyway with his comment. Not to mention that Mexico’s “corruption and violence” has nothing to do with a woman accusing Cubo of rape.

    • I am proud disable vet that served 20 year in USN. I am an American by choice, I was born Uruguay, and I love U.S. how help rewards hardworking immigrants that serve this great country. Hate me for being vet.

      You have no clue how mexico works.

      • If you were robbed at gunpoint several times by the same people at the same place then you’re just plan stupid, and if you’re truly a disabled veteran then I really hope you get the help from our government you need and deserve.

  2. Rob, EXACTLY. I hear you bro. I hate all the genocide taking place in the US. And physical abuse on women and children. It’s CERTAINLY worse here than in countries where women can’t vote or own property, much less take their husband to divource court. Since most third world countries dont report such data acurately it must not be happening there much. Thanks for being a paladin for truth.

    • mexico has the gdp of England & Italy. Imagine those two countries, then add 50-60mil poor folks. Thats mexico. But yes, the other 50-60 mil have a living standard equivalent of England or Italy, the other 50-60 mil don’t. I have relatives in Mexico. Most are rich. My father in the US was not.

      • My family and I were rob by point gun, by mexican police more than once. This was back in 1986, when things were better.

      • “Actually, we are the most violent country in the world…. By far.” Says the person who clearly has never left the country and has no idea what they’re talking about.

        As far as Torres goes, if he’s guilty I hope he’s punished, if not I don’t know if he can really help Houston much anyway.

  3. Eh. Maybe this is a case of bad press is good press. Plenty of other players in other leagues in this country who DEFINITELY guilty of sexual assault, but still play on. Welcome to the US, Torres!

    • Sadly, this is not unique to the US. For example, as an Arsenal fan, I remember when RVP was accused and arrested of rape (and jailed for a couple weeks)…and then it disappeared when it was not enough evidence to say it was non-consensual.

      Rape, is difficult to prove if one party says it was consensual and the other does not. It comes down to he/she said unless there is some objective evidence (date rape drug etc.)

  4. I have seen things saying she was drugged. If true, thats horrible.

    If its just drunk people making poor decisions then it becomes a matter of perception and who knows what else. I know I have made my fair share of bad decisions while drunk.

    • this may be good news for team USA. Didnt the last fiasco w/team Mexico and sexual shenanigans end up with Carlos Vela vowing never to represent Mexico again? He was angry with how that whole stripper/prostitute thing was handled at a team Mexico party.

      • Vela was angry because the FMF used him as a scapegoat to protect Carlos Salcido and other veteran players, here Cubo is being accused of rape by a girl and he is not even part of the mexican national team, completely different things.

  5. Seems to me she should have stated her claim right away, not three days later. Also, if she goes to a room with him, doesn’t that look like consent?

    • what if all this is a power play by Chivas to get him cheap from Houston? Given all the tough stances of late in sports leagues against domestic and sexual abuse, Chivas may be counting on Houston not wanting bucket head anymore. He would be too hot a potato.

      • Yes, definitely. Chivas framed one of their players of RAPE so that they could keep him from transferring away. Definitely.

      • I just want to clarify that sexual assault does not equate to rape. Sexual assault is the non-consensual sexual touching of an individual while rape is the non-consensual sexual penetration of an individual. Sexual touching can something like groping or forcing yourself onto a woman without actually having sex.

        From what I read, there isn’t any explicit statement that they had sex. I could proven wrong when more information comes out. Sexual assault is bad, no matter what, but rape is more serious.

        This might seem like semantics, but law is built on VERY specific language.

      • since both boxers are of the same sex, and neither are gay, no this would not count as sexual assault. It has to be the opposite sex unless the victim is gay. Hazing by a fraternity is not sexual assault, unless one of the initiates turns out to be gay.

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