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Southampton parts ways with Cody Cropper



Cody Cropper is set to represent the U.S. internationally at the upcoming Toulon Tournament, but the goalkeeper is in need of a new setting on the club level.

Southampton announced Tuesday that the 22-year-old goalkeeper is one of six professional players who will not see their contracts with the club renewed.

Cropper, who signed initially signed with the club in 2012, had signed a one-year extension last summer. Primarily featuring for the club’s youth side, Cropper’s release will allow the goalkeeper to pursue first-team opportunities, a luxury not afforded to him during his time at Southampton.

The goalkeeper also holds UK citizenship, making Cropper a logical signing for European teams, though MLS teams have expressed interest in Cropper as well.

On the international level, the goalkeeper has made appearances on the Under-17, Under-20 and Under-23 level, while also earning recent call-ups to the U.S. Men’s National Team for friendlies against Denmark and Switzerland.

Cropper is set to start for the U.S. Under-23s at the upcoming Toulon Tournament, which kicks off Wednesday with the U.S. taking on France.

What do you think Cropper’s next move should be? Would you like to see him in MLS?

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  1. I can tell you right now he’s been wanting to leave the club since the injury to their number one, Fraser Forster. They didn’t give him a chance then so why would he stay? This was the end of his deal so it was more of a mutual parting of ways. Cody wanted a multi year deal in hopes of going out on loan but Saints didn’t want to give him that so he wanted to get some matches somewhere else to develop and get ready for the Olympics next summer. He will stay in England. He’s had interest from other clubs in the championship and League 1. people are also not factoring in his injury this past Feb. before the injury he was he number 3 behind Fraser and Davis, but during his injury Gazzinga took the top spot. If you’ve watched Southampton, you saw Gazzinga start two games with an injury to Fraser and Davis playing poor. That would’ve been Cody but he missed months of training. Unlucky on his standards, but look for him to be in league one or the championship with hopes of first team football.

    • Disagree….not with the idea that Hamid might leave, although I think the lure of being the sure-fire #1 is still big for him, and he did just re-contract.
      However, DCU has so many other needs right now, especially replacing the piece that EJ was suposed to become, and their back-ups are very solid. Dykstra was huge for Richmond last year, and their new #3 who’s name escapes me has shown solidly in his few appearances. DC can afford to let this one slide.

  2. In the youth matches I saw him, he was average. He’s okay and no club will release a player if he was not surplus to requirement. He is not a top goal keeper yet. He still has ways to go.

    • He’s 22. You said he still has a ways to go and that’s true…he still has a ways to go before he should be expected to be starting. If he’s locked down a starting job in a league like the EPL by the time he’s 28 that would be impressive.

  3. Probably for the best, in the long run, as it’s not too realistic to think he’d start anytime soon. They probably could have sent him out on loan but then you’re trying to get playing time at a club that’s not invested in you. Not too worried he’ll find somewhere soon, a good showing at this tournament will help.

  4. This is in no way, shape, or form a reflection of Cropper’s talents. Southampton is pretty loaded with quality keepers. Fraser Foster, Paulo Gazzaniga, and Kelvin Davis, who might retire soon, are all on the books. Southampton also released another GK, Artur Boruc, who is pretty darn good, too.On loan, he just helped Bournemouth earn promotion to the Premier League for the 1st time in their history. It was always going to be very tough for Cropper to break-in w/Southampton. Cropper is talented and should have no problem finding a new home. Hopefully, a home where he can earn some starts.

    • Ok but it is a reflection on his talents because if Southampton thought he was better, they wouldn’t be dumping him. But I know what you mean – it doesn’t mean he’s not a good GK or couldn’t start for a lesser team. Should be interesting to see where he signs. No one on here has any clue how he’s been playing unless they’ve been watching U21 PL matches (I know I haven’t).

      • He might also have been released after he said I want a raise to stay. He was out of contract.

      • A reflection on his talents? When he’s playing behind a club icon, a English international and legitimate future Football League no. 1, the only thing him being released brings to light is he’s not a world class prospect.

        Like the MMvann stated, they dumped Artur Boruc as well, a stalwart for Celtic, Fiorentina and Southampton before finally being benched. If anything this is only a reflection on how Southampton feels about their Goalkeeper situation, but certainly not on their respective talents.

        Also, one shouldn’t assume this decision was talent related. This release could’ve been mutual. Often times clubs release a player out of courtesy in order for him pursue his career. Perhaps it was purely financial, as the Southampton board is known to have a very cost effective player policy. Bottom line, unless theirs a press release or interview that states otherwise, nobody knows.

      • It might not mean he’s a bad player but it means they don’t think he can start for them any time soon which is a reflection on his talents. Come on man, this is Southampton, not Barcelona we are talking about.

      • Southampton has a lot of money. They may not be Barcelona, but their getting to be on the Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle level

        My guess, he’ll drop down a division and backup someone until he can prove he’s capable of starting or he’ll sign with another Premier club and get loaned out to a league 1 or championship team that’ll play him.

      • Southampton aren’t as big as any of those clubs, certainly not Arsenal. He should drop down to a level where he can actually get minutes. I have no idea what level that is though. 22 is still very young for a GK. They tend to bloom a bit later than field players.

  5. I wonder if this is a case of… We survived the BPL, now where can we upgrade our roster? Maybe they see him as a good prospect but not quite ready for prime time and want to have more competition at GK.

    Maybe he will land at another club in the Prem or he can shoot for a backup or starting gig in the Championship. Best of luck C2!


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