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Under-20 World Cup: U.S. U-20s vs. Myanmar (SBI Live Commentary)

U-20 USMNT starting XI vs. El Salvador (Mexsport)



The United States Under-20 Men’s National Team keeps opening day action going at the U-20 World Cup against Myanmar.

Momentum is there to be seized in Group A after hosts New Zealand drew Ukraine 0-0 in the tournament’s opening match. The U.S. U-20s enter the tournament with big expectations and will look to get off on the right foot (Midnight ET, Fox Sports 1).

Myanmar is not to be underestimated, coming out of the Asian bloc as hosts of their region’s qualification tournament.

After just managing to qualify out of CONCACAF, the U.S. U-20s can look to make a statement in its opening game.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight’s match, so please feel free to follow the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (live commentary after the jump):

Live Blog Under-20 World Cup: USA vs. Myanmar (SBI Live Commentary)



  1. Zelalem did show he is a class above and he should play in the middle.
    Acosta, Moore, Delgado were the weak links.

    I’d like to see a 4-2-3-1
    Rubin on the right. Tall up top.
    Zelalem in the center with Emerson and Acosta? Behind him. Emerson making runs thru the middle

  2. Can we get off Zelalem’s sack already? Dude didn’t really show anything in his limited minutes. Sure he had a few nice sequences in areas of the field where it made little difference but he had some horrendous balls to nobody when he was down on the left side in a dangerous position. And he was dispossessed several times when he hung onto the ball too long just dribbling around. Not saying he was terrible, but it isn’t like he showed another level of class or lifted the team’s level of play.

  3. Zelalem, Rubin, Hyndman, Thompson, Carter-Vickers, and Tall looked good to me. But a lot of guys didn’t show up.

  4. Struggling to beat Myanmar. They even look better than us. These boys are coming home early. Look at how these guys play exciting football, unfortunately they can’t finish.

  5. Zelalem’s skill is evident, to say the least. He looks like he comes from a different planet compared to our other players.

    • decent US performance. a few thoughts:
      Our size/athleticism alone will bag us a few goals on set pieces
      Hyndman is really really good. good vision. good passing. reminded me a little of michael bradley as he was EVERYWHERE.
      Our defense is good at defending, but not so much controlling the ball and playing forward. they don’t have the skill to hold on to the ball nor the vision to see forward passes. Not that it’s surprising at this age group, but something I noticed.
      And finally, Zelalem clearly needs to start if his fitness allows it. His skill is evident. His vision and ability to move the ball around with short passes was excellent. Knows when to pass back and when he can turn into space and create some offense; that’s what separates him from the other midfielders besides maybe Hyndman.

  6. To be fair, Myanmar has not looked nearly as hopeless as I expected.

    But we could learn a lot about completing simple passes from them.

  7. Low soccer IQ. Starts at the top with Ramos and his lineup. Delgado should not be on the pitch. Acosta out of position. No clear strategy. Poor tactics.

    • Ben,

      I couldn’t agree more. Delgado has not progressed as a player and has nothing to deserve being on the pitch. Acosta needs to be at the base of the diamond or nowhere. Sonora is a legend in someone’s mind I don’t see it. Rubin looks unsure.

      We got better late in the half when Hyndman took control. He could be special.

  8. We’ve looked a lot better the last 15-20 minutes. If we can keep that up for the second half the go ahead goal shouldn’t take too long.

  9. Actually not electing Spencer specifically to play against this group of midgets shows a oak of thought.

  10. The narrow diamond works even worse for this team than it does for the senior team. Ramos is a puppet…or maybe a muppet. We have no apparent plan or method.

      • Well then we’ve already failed because this team doesn’t look big or particularly fast aside from not so Tall.

  11. Seriously, why does the other team always has to have the better technical skills? Who’s training our players?


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