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Fire trade Amarikwa to Earthquakes for Harden

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The Chicago Fire announced on Friday that the team traded Ty Harden, defender from the San Jose Earthquakes. Fire forward Quincy Amarikwa will go to the Earthquakes in exchange for the defender.

Harden has been in San Jose for the last three seasons, playing in 26 MLS matches during his time with the club.

The defender was the 23rd overall pick in the 2007 MLS SuperDraft, and has made over 100 appearances in his eight years in the league. In his 100th MLS appearance, Harden scored the winner against Chicago in San Jose.

Harden took a year off from soccer in 2008 to do charity work and finish college.

Amarikwa has been with the Fire since 2013, scoring 11 goals in 60 appearances. The striker started his MLS career in San Jose, playing 26 times for the club from 2009-2010.



  1. It’s a conspiracy! The consistently poor sentence structure (and other syntax errors) in the writing on this website is intentional. How many of us spend extra time on SBI while reading the articles and trying to figure out what the writer is intending to convey? Think about it; we wouldn’t be spending as much time on this site if all the reports were clearly written and easy to read.

    • They don’t make money based on how long people are on their site. If anything they would benefit from people enjoying the experience and therefor coming back.

  2. That first sentence is atrocious. I had to read it twice to follow it correctly.
    Otherwise this is frank yallop claiming one of his guys.
    Is this the first ever MLS transfer window trade?

  3. The first para is really poorly written such that one has to think a little bit about its meaning. Good prose should be like a window pane:

    “The Chicago Fire traded Quincy Amarikwa to the San Jose Earthquakes in exchange for Ty Harden.”

    • *for…makes a big difference in the meaning, The Chicago Fire announced on Friday that the team traded *FOR* Ty Harden

  4. All he is developing in Chicago is a continued knack for losing and
    an inability to inspire his players.
    He can develop players in the youth ranks not in the mls

  5. Quincy USA hardworking high charachter high energy guy. Good for bringing energy from the bench. Has skill set more suited for NASL or USL though. At the end of the year Quincy and Harden will end up with about the same amount of goals thou …yes I know harden is a defender

      • Not sure how much credit goes to dom, but Holden, Clark, and Cameron all came out of a very good Houston side.

      • Dom gets 3 pts 40% of the time? Please provide back up for this and if possible how that relates to the rest of the league. 3pts is 40% of games seems like a very high rate. I’d like to compare and contrast that stat with Bruce Arena and Sigi Schmidt for example.

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