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Controversy mars Chile win vs. Uruguay in Copa America

EdinsonCavaniUruguayRed1-Chile (AP)


Chile took one step closer to its hopes of capturing the Copa America on home soil thanks to a late strike from Mauricio Isla, but the win did not come without controversy, as the defending champion Uruguay was forced to finish the contest with nine men.

The lone goal of the match came in the 81st minute when Uruguay goalkeeper Fernando Muslera punched a cross out to the feet of Jorge Valdivia just outside the penalty box. Valdivia then fed the ball to an adjacent Isla, who sent it rolling past a diving Muslera and into the bottom right corner.

A red card — the second of the match to Uruguay — in the 88th minute to defender Jorge Fucile all but sealed the game for the host in Santiago.

Tension was high throughout the contest, but the interactions between Chile’s Gonzalo Jara and Uruguay’s Edinson Cavani spoiled what could have been a competitive and enjoyable match.

Cavani, who was already cautioned in the contest, received his second yellow in the 63rd minute for slapping Jara. However, videos have surfaced afterward that suggest Cavani’s action was a retaliation for a bizarre move by Jara earlier — with Jara allegedly touching Cavani’s extremities.

Jara was not disciplined by the officials for his actions during the contest, but rumors in South America are that Jara could be retroactively disciplined for the behavior and, like Brazilian star Neymar, be suspended for the rest of the tournament.

Chile returns to action on Monday and will face either Bolivia or Peru in the semifinals.


What did you think of this match? What did you think of the incident between Jara and Cavani? Did Cavani deserve to be sent off?

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  1. “and will face either Bolivia or Peru in the semifinals” is the most shocking phrase I’ve read in a while.

  2. Chile spent the better part of the game dominating the ball, moving it beautifully and imaginatively. Uruguay did an amazing, gutsy job of defending and minimizing the danger in spite of the dynamism on display. The rare times Uruguay had possession on the other end, they posed a threat and it reeked of a goal way against the run of play. Was a very exciting, intriguing match that looked like it could well end zeroes.

    The backdrop to this was a pretty awful, inconsistent game called by the ref. It was a predictably testy affair in which he was invisible the first half. Hard, dangerous challenges not even called let alone carded, others less so produced cards. then ultimately the coup de gras- a face slap witnessed by the ref and ignored… seconds later a tap with a pathetic dive carded. Pretty perplexing. Games of this magnitude and emotion need to be managed. A good ref sets a tone- inserts himself early and often. Not with silence straight to cards. By being extremely verbal, with warnings regarding his expectations, then follow through if disregarded. This dude was all over the place, inconsistent and went from zero to 100 in his discipline. Unseen groping aside- the exchange between Cavani and Jara with the ref witnessing from a few feet away slowly escalated…. it called for him to step in early, give a stern warning. Game would have carried on in all its glory and been decided untainted 11 v 11. I am sympathetic to Uruguay’s frustration but… I think the outcome would have been deservedly the same, with no drama or questions asked. Zara’s PATHETIC dive and groping aside, loved the way Chile played and look forward to their next.

  3. Copa America is a war. Paraguay: pride, blood and bones. Uruguayios: completely crazy. Argentines are bad ones, are also craks the ball and put their skills while they are winning, but are losing or the game is difficult then they show all his malice.

  4. I saw the link to the video and I don’t see what Cavani did to warrant a red. It wasn’t much of a slap and it was to Jara’s chest (who then clutches his face).

    Jara should get a double suspension
    – One for violating Cavni
    – The other for play acting and deceiving the ref

    • And arguably Cavani’s red card should be rescinded, but it probably won’t happen, because it was not a straight red card but rather resulted from a second yellow card.

    • +100
      Jara is a punk for not only trying to butt plug EC but to fall to the ground as if he was punch in the stomach is an embarrassment to the game and his fellow chilean teammates! Not one player would ever do something like that(well maybe dempsey smh) because we are known for being a tough, stand up and hard working team! I agree with you Eurosnob that Cavani’s red card should be rescinded because your right, he barely touched Jara but it looks like the ref had it out for Cavani and maybe more importantly Uruguay!

  5. Jara was just checking Cavani’s prostate mid-game. I don’t see what the big deal is. One guy helping another guy out.

    • Free medical exam.

      However, Jara deserved a card for his falling down simulation after Cavani gently brushed his cheek. It reminded me of what happened to Besler.

  6. Uruguay got a taste of their own medicine so don’t cry Ururguayans!!! I respect your tenacity and your history and how courageous you always are.Uruguay you are a nation that I have always deeply admired you have barely 3 million population and yet you always manage to kick a$$% in this sport. I’m not saying that Jara’s actions are justifiable, but how many times have you gotten away with these kinds of stuff?? Don’t cry Uruguay because aside from Jara’s “fingering”…. Chile won, and did so by playing in style. they have been so far the best team in the tournament by far, entertaining and scoring the most goals. Chile came out to attack and play beautifully and you guys came to wait for the penalties and to injure the players. You got what you deserve although I still love you Charruas

  7. This kind of stuff is happening more frequent. It’s time to fine and suspend these players that give this beautiful sport a black eye. Enough is enough.


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