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U.S. Open Cup: New York Cosmos vs. NYCFC (SBI Live Commentary)

Raul David Villa US Open Cup Preview


HEMPSTEAD, N.Y.– For the second time in the club’s young history, New York City are set to take the field against a local rival.

The New York Cosmos host their city rivals, NYCFC, Tuesday night in the fourth round of the U.S. Open Cup. The matchup, the first between the two clubs in the young rivalry, gives NYCFC the club’s second chance at claiming Big Apple bragging rights after an earlier loss to the New York Red Bulls.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight’s match so please feel free to follow the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight’s live commentary is after the jump):


Live Blog U.S. Open Cup: New York Cosmos vs. NYCFC (SBI Live Commentary)



  1. MLS must let te Cosmos into the league. I see a much better rivalry brewing between the Cosmos and NYCFC than NYCFC v Red Bulls.

    • Cosmos doesn’t need MLS…
      if anything MLS teams can join NASL anytime!!!
      Be independent club!! Real soccer club!! Join NASL…
      Btw. U don’t need to wear adidas.. but if u want? U r more than welcome!


    • As in EVERY SINGLE Open Cup MLS v NASL game so far, I told my refs to give MLS a free PK late in the game if it was close.

      It worked last year in 3 or 4 different games, so how was I to know the guy would miss it?

      The refs are employed by USSF. And we’re biz partners with MLS in that whole shady Soccer United Marketing thing.
      Hell, we won’t even let NASL have a seat on the USSF Board of Directors, like MLS and USL do.

      You think we’re gonna let them win the Open Cup?

      The bad mouthing will commence again, soon enough…

  2. 1 – game was televised on One World Sports
    2 – Cosmos were missing three (3) starters – Senna, Roversio, Caceres – and their sixth man – Flores. But otherwise it was their first team – yeah sure.
    3 – Chirisian should have been given a pk. ManCity’s “DP” fouled him in the box.
    Some side notes
    – interesting to see a 6’7″ goalie. Seems to have taken Cosmos a while to adjust.
    – MLS is bush league
    – MLS is home for EPL reserve teams and retirees
    – still can’t understand why residents of the greatest city in the U.S. are supporters of the reserve team of a second rate English city. Just don’t get it. No offense to Manchester City, but I can’t acknowledge you as NYC’s overlord in any capacity, ever.
    – why are people allowing MLS to feed them an East Coast version of Chivas?
    – was it mentioned that MLS is bush league? Can’t be said enough.
    Support independent club soccer!!!

    • Nooo!!!! MLS was Bush league?!?!? Now I understand why…

      Anyways… Let’s Go Cosmos!!!
      Support your REAL Local Team!!!
      Kids don’t be like: “uh I like Henry! That’s why I like Arsenal… lol

  3. I’m in tears…
    I love my Cosmos!!! What a game!!!

    Who is the King of NY?!?!?! COSMOS!!!!
    Who’s your daddy?!?! COSMOS!!!!

    Learn that guys!!! NY Cosmos never give up!!!!
    Let’s Go Cosmos!!!


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