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U.S. Under-20s to face Colombia in World Cup Round of 16

Erik Palmer-Brown U.S. U-20s Ukraine 61



The U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team will not be the only side looking to bounce back from a bad performance in its upcoming World Cup Round of 16 match.

The U.S. learned on Friday night that it will face Colombia on Wednesday (3:30 am ET) in the opening round of the knockout stages. The match will take place at Wellington Regional Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand, and came to be after the Colombians suffered a 3-1 loss to Portugal on Friday to finish in second place of Group C.

Colombia managed four points out of its three group stage matches, beating Qatar, 1-0, and tying Senegal, 1-1, before losing to undefeated Portugal.

The Colombians have scored three goals and allowed four so far in New Zealand. Chelsea’s Joao Rodriguez, Alexis Zapata of Udinese, and Deportivo Cali’s Santos Borre each have one goal apiece in the tournament.

Like Colombia, the U.S. will be ready to move past a poor group-finale result. The Americans suffered their first loss of the competition on Friday after falling to Ukraine, 3-0, and will be aiming to rebound so as to reach the quarterfinals.

What do you think of the U.S. playing Colombia in the Round of 16? Feeling good about the Americans’ chances? Do you see this as a favorable match-up in terms of playing styles?

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  1. El Comandante, I’m unsure why you call them talent plauged?!? Some of these U20 players look like they have real solid talent to play in Europe (which the best ones already do) and play a bigger role with the senior team in 3/4 years. The USMNT is growing at a frenetic pace. MLS is growing, exposure to the game is growing, and love of soccer at not just the youth recreational is growing. Ya, we haven’t won anything more than a Gold Cup but we are making progress.

    Colombia is not a world power but a top level team that breeds top quality talent. Beating teams like Colombia at this level is the barometer to future success. Your lack of faith is lame and too negative.

    We need to support these young guys and hope that Tab can pick them up and get a result against Colombia. We can beat them. We have the talent. They need the drive and support from us that are watching here on US soil!

  2. “Good, this is our opportunity to close the gap by making it deep in this tourney”

    Close what gap? At the senior level we have a winning record over Mexico for the last 20 years

    • Hhhmmm, let me see. More Gold Cups, more Olympics, more Youth WC tourneys, more Confederations Cups, more Copa America finals, etc. In fact, outside of the perennial home soil Gold Cup we haven’t won jack.

      • I am not disagreeing with you, but head-to-head has to count for something. also, there IS 2002…

      • Dos A Cero.

        That win feels good every time it happens. Not quite as good as the first (2002 World Cup), but excellent nonetheless.

  3. Anyone who has watched this team in qualifying knows that they are not super talented. beyond the additions over the last month of Rubio and Gidion. this team is not a team of stars . They are young pros who have some promise that we just hope 4-5 make it to the full nats. I have no expectations but would love for them to play with joy like they did in the second game and get to play at least two more games.

    • So, that’s it. You beat Myanmar and New Zealand and are content to go home? With that kind of attitude we will never win crappola.

      • El Comandante: Can you read? He never said he was content, but he is right that this team is not made up of up and coming stars. They may be the most professional team that the US has produced, but that doesnt mean these kids are awaiting million dollar pay days after the cup. He also “specifically” said, “would love for them to play with joy like they did in the second game and get to play at least two more games.” That doesnt sound like content for only winning two games.

  4. I feel better about our matchup than Mexico’s…..

    Seriously though, Colombia looked absolutely dreadful last night. They committed a ton of fouls and were just overrun. I think if we play well we can have some success against them.

    • Colombia hasn’t looked particularly good in any other their games. I live in Colombia and their games have been earlier/easier to watch. I like our chances in this game, but we’ll need to play better than we did vs Ukraine.

  5. It’s time to put up or shut up for this talented and future star plagued team. We want a result; we don’t care how you get it, but we want a result. Colombia is not a world power, so that excuse will not fly.


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