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Video: Steven Gerrard’s move from Liverpool to Los Angeles (Episode 1)


  1. Funny how there was absolutely nothing in this about the actual signing…just a lot of different people saying how great Stevie is. I don’t disagree, but don’t call the episode “The Signing” if you don’t talking about the club signing him…call it something else like “Looming Arrival” or “A Star Joins The Galaxy” or some such…

    When I saw the title I got excited thinking that there was a camera crew documenting the nuts and bolts of the negotiations…tsk tsk GalaxyTV.

    • I suppose “The Negotiations” would more suit your story, yeah? Switch from a literal to a more symbolic context where “The Signing” is a title for the man, Steven Gerrard and it kind of works. I might have gone with “Preamble”.

      Minutia aside….. I’m really looking forward to seeing how he fits into the suddenly resurgent, healthy team. Occurs that Zardes in particular will benefit greatly and perhaps his place with the Nats.


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