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Aron Johannsson hopes to join MLS ‘at the peak of my career’


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Aron Johannsson has his eyes set on Major League Soccer, and he’s hoping to make the move sooner rather than later.

The U.S. Men’s National Team forward told ESPN that he hopes to play in MLS “at the peak of my career”. The 24-year-old forward, who has three goals in 10 international appearances for the USMNT, currently features for Dutch club AZ Alkmaar and has spent his entire career abroad.

“Most definitely,” Johannsson said when asked if he hopes to play in MLS. “I’ve said it a lot of times. I hope just the opportunity comes. I want to, when I’m at the peak of my career, then I want to be playing in the MLS, because I don’t want to go there when I’m getting too old and the expectations are too much and I can’t handle it.

“So when I’m playing at my best level, I want to be able to play in the U.S. and show people how good I am over there.”

A member of the World Cup roster last summer, Johannsson is currently preparing to join the USMNT for the upcoming Gold Cup, which begins on July 7.

Johannnsson struggled with injuries to start the 2014-15 season for AZ, but finished strong with four goals in five games to help the club reach the Europa League. Overall, the forward has scored 29 goals in 60 games for AZ while also previously featuring for Denmark’s Aarhus Gymnastikforening and Iceland’s Fjölnir.

How would Johannsson fare in MLS? What teams do you think could use the USMNT forward?

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  1. This is something that players usually always say. I apologize for not having any specific examples, which makes my argument open for debate, but I know that most Americans abroad in the past have always said they plan to play in the MLS in their prime, but rarely ever do. It’s just something to keep MLS fans hopes up and keep people talking about the league.

    I don’t believe Aron will come to the MLS to play, when he has such a promising career in Europe where the best teams and leagues are. No reason to go to the MLS and bring your game down to below average levels.

    • I never really understood people who were so insistent on great players only playing in Europe. I am completely fine if they choose to do so, but why would American fans be begging great players to stay away from the domestic league?

      If Johannsson goes to the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga or wherever, great. But if he does, he is likely a footnote. Barely a blip in long histories. If he comes to the MLS, he has an opportunity to not only raise the level of a team, but of an entire league. People keep wanting MLS to improve, but then want great players to stay away because they are too good for it. The only way the league gets better is if players like Giovinco and Johannsson take a chance.

      • Simple, he doesn’t want MLS to improve.
        He has a right to not care about MLS.
        Many, on this site, whine non-stop about MLS folding. A soccer heaven for them.

        I don’t get rYaN saying Americans always say they want to and rarely do.
        Maybe he just doesn’t follow soccer much?

        I would think that AJ will be here soon. Jose made the same move, but he showed AJ how NOT to do it. Don’t waste your career losing in England, just make the correct move sooner.

      • MLS is a bad league with players who aren’t as good man. Get over yourself and get over being a stubborn, ignorant fan. Watch more soccer

      • I don’t care about the MLS at all and don’t need it to improve. Would be an even better story to have USA win the World Cup without having a domestic league.

        Why would I pay a stupid price for a Galaxy ticket when I could watch an NASL team for free and see pretty much the same swarm ball. MLS is a joke and you need to get over yourself and start wishing for what’s best for the player and for the national team.

      • You saying that means you have ZERO confidence in their talent. And if that’s the case, then yeah I totally understand why you want every American to come to the MLS to play…It’s because you don’t think Americans are good. Have some more faith in the national team you support and the players coming from the country you’re from.

        Or pick a new sport that better fits your needs, soccer doesn’t need you as a fan

  2. Translation: after the 2018 World Cup I’ll go to MLS if I get an offer like Bradley or Jozy. If not, im still at my ‘peak’ after 2022 Qatar so that works too.

    He’d be a star on any MLS team IMHO. 12+ goals per season, maybe more at his peak if he avoids injury.

    Im glad to hear he wants to come here at some point.

  3. I think he’d be a BIG add to an MLS team. People really do not give him enough credit for his technical ability, clinical finishing, or his movement. He’s not an athlete like Altidore is but the guy is as polished a player as you’ll see.

    He’s quality all the way, and would be a really, really good mid-level DP buy for somebody, probably good for 20 goals a season or close. Not many of those guys out there…much less guys you don’t even have to spend an International spot on. He could be the finishing piece for a club like, say, Orlando City that could really use some cold-blooded finishing…especially with somebody like Kaka feeding him, he’d be absolutely lethal.

    • There’s a flip side to this as well, MLS could be good for him also.
      He could use some growth in a league that’s more physical. Even though Mixx has been inconsistent, you can see he has toughened up since he moved.
      AJ would be good to stay in Europe a little longer, then move when the right opportunity comes.
      It’s good for the league that some of our Dual Nationals want to come live and play here.

    • I would KILL to have him on Orlando City! KILL, seriously. OCSC lacks a true polished finisher. Good movement through midfield but as soon as it gets in the box the play breaks down. Larin is OK but inconsistent.


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