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Queretaro manager expects club to move forward without Ronaldinho

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While rumors swirl about his next possible landing space, Ronaldinho’s current manager has spoken out about the Brazilian’s future.

Queretaro manager Manuel Vucetich said Tuesday that the club is expecting to move on without the 35-year-old Brazilian star, who joined the club just last September.

Vucetich went on to state that he believes the club should move away from the idea of signing aging stars. However, the manager considers the Ronaldinho deal a success due to the midfielder’s marketing appeal, despite some off-the-field issues that occurred throughout the season.

“It will depend on various factors and things,” Vucetich told reporters, “but the idea is that he no longer participates for us.

“Marketing-wise it was an enormous success, he’s got great quality, but we need players that contribute in all aspects,” he added. “Mexican soccer needs people that are on the up, not on the slide and that is very important for the league.”

Vucetich went on to say that there could be more definitive statements on the midfielder’s future in the near future. Most recently, Ronaldinho was linked with a move to the LA Galaxy.


What do you expect from Ronaldinho? What club would fit the Brazilian star?

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  1. Good decision but it’s just that he is old i feel bad for him and i know that i will be him in future

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if no other Mexican team gets hin or cosmos make a run at him. While in mls, its a no brainer.
    Galaxy have the experience and the coach and the attention he thrives on.
    Orlando would be good but too hot and humid.
    Houston would also be an option but sounds very odd for him to go there.
    Red bull would be good but their cheap as they come.
    He needs motivation and a star player next to him, so he could be pump up to play.
    In other news, ligamx.teams are after pirlo,drogba,eto.
    Would that make mls add a 4 dp spot?

    • I don’t think Matt Jordan would make this kind of deal. Houston seems ready to market the crap out of Cubo Torres and Will Bruin is hot right now.

      Unless he comes very cheap i can’t imagine why Houston would sign him.

  3. Orlando seems like an obvious destination. Brazilian owner and marketing strategy. Ronaldinho and Kaka get along. Orlando could use another punch on offense. They have the open DP slots. They have done enough to want to solidify a playoff spot. Florida is an attractive destination for Brazilians (and South Beach is close enough for Ronny). All signs point in the right direction there. But I still think he’s more likley to end up back in Brazil.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up in MLS, but where….? He would want to be in LA, I wonder if there’s any truth to this 4th DP thing that there’s been rumors going around… I don’t know if Arena would like this signing…..


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