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Report: Atlanta United FC chosen as team name for expansion club

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, MLS Commissioner Don Garber, Atlanta Falcons/Atlanta MLS Owner Arthur Blank, and Georgia World Congress Center Executive Director Frank Poe

Photo by Kevin Liles/USA Today Sports


Major League Soccer’s expansion franchise in Atlanta has reportedly chosen their team name.

According to, the club’s front office has settled on the name Atlanta United FC. The name will reportedly be officially introduced on July 7, along with the debut of a team logo. The team’s colors are expected to be red, black, and gold.

On June 22, MLS Atlanta announced on their website that they would be holding a launch event on July 7 at an undisclosed location. MLS Atlanta founding members were invited to RSVP for the event.

After the franchise was announced in April 2014, the team considered numerous potential nicknames for their future team. Among the choices were Terminus, Black Harts, Empire, Resurgents and Firebirds.

The chosen name will be the 20th United team name across all levels of North American soccer (MLS, USL, NASL and PDL/NPSL). Atlanta United FC is expected take the field in 2017 inside the $1.4 billion, 71-000 seat, retractable roof stadium now under construction across the street from the Georgia Dome that will also host the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons. Falcons owner Arthur Blank is also the owner of Atlanta United FC.


What do you think of this report? Like the name? Hate it? What would you like the team’s name to be?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. The fact that an NFL ownership group has bought an MLS club is more interesting to me than the name. A new investment trend?

  2. United is a solid name despite all the young kids complaining it’s not American enough. Soccer didn’t start once you started playing it 10 or less years ago. It’s much better than all the other suggestions listed a few months back. Wildcats or Knights that was mentioned is god awful!!! That is something used by a minor league Lacrosse team in Vermont. I do wish they get rid of FC and replace it with SC, due to the fact we are actually part of a American Football franchise. Garber also doesn’t make the team names the club does. Man Utd isn’t the only United in the EPL, if you look at team names just about every 5th team has United associated with it. How many teams are called Bulldogs in College Football or Cowboys or Tigers? That list is endless. Are you complaining about that? Are you mad when Clemson Tigers play Auburn Tigers? I doubt it, so move on.

  3. I know this name may not be that popular. But don’t forget lots of teams have a temporary name. Then, the name gets changed 3 – 10 years into the team’s history, as the team develops some personality.

    The name can be changed in a few years. Sometimes changes of ownership, changes the name. Especially if there’s isn’t much resistance. In fact, it may be welcomed by the fans.

    • That is about the best thing that could be said about the overused name United.
      It could be changed. DC didn’t though, so now they are stuck with it.
      Just boring. Not sure why so many fans want boring. So now we have three Uniteds? And a bunch of FCs.

      I blame the fans, when they tried to stick Seattle with a dumb name like Empire or Terminus, we protested and had it changed to Sounders.

  4. If mls teams were to be smart, they would make a unique logo with the mascot/animal/object they want as a nickname,if they don’t included in their name.
    For example Atlanta united is not that bad but cheesy,but their logo might and could be the best if they learn fron all mls team logos mistakes.
    Imagine Atlanta empire with a logo including a deer or a bird.
    Hopefully other MLS teams rebrand and learn from their mistakes.
    Teams like sounders and dynamo need a better logo but others need a better name like red bull and rapids.
    If nba,mlb,nfl teams modify their logos,why not mls.

  5. Well, my original suggestion was to call them the Blank Checks, since that’s what Artie gave Garber to get his team into the league

    But if we’re going to be more accurate:

    The Atlanta Empty Seats
    The Atlanta Relocators
    The Atlanta 11th-priority-in-a-7-team-town
    The Atlanta Huh?

    Any of which are more accurate than something called “Atlanta United” in a sprawling metro area where every nook and cranny fiercely defends their individual neighborhood names

    The ONLY smart move here was to steal UGA’s red/black color scheme in a blatant attempt to fool the locals into accidentally cheering for them by pretending they’re connected to the university.

  6. You know what we don’t have in MLS….a team with the name “county” or “town” like Derby County FC or Luton Town FC. How about Atlanta Town FC or Fullton County FC.

  7. Another abomination of a franchise to butcher the beautiful game at a fake turf stadium. Barf!

    Football must never be played on fake turf!

    • It does mean something. It means everybody at the club is terrified of saying anything creative or risky in front of the boss. I’m sure Arthur Blank just wanted something that “sounded like soccer” and didn’t have any overt connections to dogfighting.

  8. Just when you think MLS will do better with their naming games, they screw up again and again and again.
    There’s no need to name Atlanta, Atlanta united fc. There’s no need garber, no need.
    Atlanta nor Minnesota should carry the united name.
    MLS meeds to be more created and look at the city,region and state history when choosing a name.
    Look at the silly names of fc Dallas, Houston dynamo, red bull, crew, fire (but fire fans love their name), earthquakes, revolution.
    I can’t believe the Australian and Asian leagues have better names than MLS.

    • Minnesota United is actually the result of a series of collaborations, mergers, sales, etc that resulted in both the Minnesota Stars and Minnesota Thunder names being left behind in favor of Minnesota United. Given that there was staff, supporters, and even players that went through multiple incarnations of the team, it’s not an unreasonable thing for them to adopt that name. DC, though – and especially Atlanta – just grabbed it because it sounded cool and “European”…

    • as an Atlantan, my first that was AU FC —-> Gold FC —–> Gold Gang ——> Trinidad James. lol

      I’m about to make some t shirts…

      Don’t believe me? Just watch.

  9. Pathetic name……..typical MLS.
    I was expecting Atlanta empire,and since I’m a fan of red bull but not our team name, I’m kinda pleased the empire name was not chosen.
    I was really expecting Atlanta empire but now we know, maybe garber is saving the empire name for red bull rebrand.
    Any other theories why Atlanta didn’t pick the empire name, I just think it’s obvious it’s being saved for red bull rebrand.

    • Wait…
      We got people saying it’s boring and generic like all English team names
      And people saying it’s boring and generic and “typical MLS.”
      It can’t be both.

  10. I find it hard to express how much I loathe the use of “United” and “FC” in the MLS names. It is beyond awful. For the love of God stop using “FC”. In the United States, the F refers to a completely different sport.

    Ah screw it. When I buy into MLS (it will be New York franchise #7), I intend to name the franchise Celta de Inter New York 01 02 03 04 Hotspur FC ABC baseball club General Electic.

  11. In fairness, United will be easy to tack on to whatever city this franchise moves to in 5 years. Winnipeg United FC? St. Louis United FC?

    • LOL – exactly what I was thinking. Might as well just cram a few more soccer club cliches into the name…

      It took them that long to come up with that crap?

  12. Initial typo in the title threw me way off. Original article had it named Atlantic United FC. I really thought the ownership group was crazy.

    Makes Atlanta United FC sound much better.

    • Yes, United is already being used. By like 3,000 teams and there was like 2,999 before DC United acted like they invented the name in 1996

      • You seem to be harping on the point that other teams in other countries use the term “United” — you’re right. In a non franchise-based system and one in which team names arose organically, “United” has a specific meaning based on the prevalence of club mergers in a team’s distant past; in the United States, whose capital city is the District of Columbia, “United” has a thematic meaning that seems quite relevant to the team’s location and is not a generic term as fitting for newly contrived franchise branding.

        From the outset DCU acknowledged the link to European club name conventions and simultaneously pointed out the relevance to DC; Atlanta is calling its choice “authentic,” which rings hollow considering the league-long history of DC United’s name and following so quickly behind the the recently announced choice for the Minnesota team.

      • Now that would be cool and would give them a reason to use united but NASL owns them and is trying this whole battle to the death with MLS (lol) so I doubt they would sell them even though they’ll probably shut the team down.

  13. All the names that they had mentioned were lame anyway. Why do we have to name our teams like Europe? Call them the Atlanta Wildcats or Atlanta Knights. Name them American and not united, fc, or anything lame like that. We are Americans. not Europeans.,

  14. I still haven’t heard the press release if Sweetwater will be the Official Beer of the newest cathedral of soccer, any news on that front

  15. Atlanta United, with colors black and red. That sounds somewhat familiar.

    Apparently soon to come: Minnesota United, who will be using an Eagle in their badge emblem/as their mascot. Which also sounds familiar.

    As a friend put it: I can’t wait for Garber to take over from Goodell as head of the NFL, and we have an AFC East with four teams named the Jets.

  16. Some of those alternative names are shudderingly bad. I’m happy with the no frills decision for Atlanta United FC.

      • Terminus was the original name for Atlanta. It was named that for basically being the “end” destination for a lot of southern rail routes.

        It was unique name that reflected the city’s history. I am kinda disappointed they didn’t pick that.

      • i believe the unofficial official fan group for the team is called the Terminus Legion

    • completely.

      “Are the colors black & red already being used?”
      “Is the name United already being used?”
      “yup, twice.”
      “OK, we are then going with the name United, and the colors black & red.”

      • Actually I am glad for this.
        I am tired of DC united acting like they have some sort of intellectual trademark on the most common soccer team name in the world.

        So hurray, no more calling DC just by name “United.”

      • I am officially announcing a rebrand for my posts. I will now be officially known as ‘Rory’. Please ensure that when you are referring to the previous poster, do not call them just by the name ‘Rory’.

      • more like “Ok, so lets announce the new name next Weds. They’ll love Confederate Football Club.” Two days later, “uh, that word is being scratched from all things Southern. How about something about uniting or the union. That offends no one. Lets go with it.”

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