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Thursday Ticker: FIFA paid Ireland hush money after Henry handball; Questions arise over Germany WC bid; and more

Thierry Henry Ireland


The Republic of Ireland’s FA has revealed and said that FIFA paid the federation off to not take legal action over the infamous Thierry Henry hand ball incident.

In 2009 during playoff qualifying for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Henry used his hand to subtly keep a ball from going out of bounds before assisting on a goal that sent France to the World Cup over the Republic of Ireland. The FAI and Republic of Ireland fans across the Emerald Isle were outraged by the result and the FAI were very close to bringing legal action against FIFA in the days following the match.

The chief executive of the Football Association of Ireland, John Delaney, has now come out to say that four days after the incident, the two sides came to an agreement for the payment of $5 million to Ireland’s federation. The money was appropriated for use to construct a stadium in the country.

The loan would have supposedly been reimbursed to FIFA had Ireland qualified for the 2014 World Cup, according to terms agreed between the two sides in January 2010, but because the Republic of Ireland failed to qualify for Brazil, the loan was taken off FIFA’s books.

The FAI released a statement on Thursday evening confirming that the €5 million payment from FIFA was to “avoid a long, costly, and protracted legal case.” The payment ended up going into the construction of Dublin’s Aviva Stadium.

Here are some more stories to catch you up around the world of soccer:


Contrary to popular opinion, Germany’s bid to host the 2006 World Cup may not have been as clean as people want to believe it was.

According to a report from German newspaper Die Zeit, German industry giants Daimler, Volkswagen, and Bayer invested in companies in countries of Executive Committee members and the German government even sold weapons to Saudi Arabia, home to another ExCo member, in order to ensure their votes.

Germany defeated South Africa by one vote, 12-11, with New Zealand’s delegate Charles Dempsey deciding to abstain in the 11th hour.


An Italian-American is interested in purchasing a stake in debt-ridden club Parma, only it’s a person that most didn’t expect to be involved with purchasing a club.

Noted soccer fan and former New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza is reportedly interested in buying Parma, a club who declared bankruptcy in March after many months without being able to deal with their debts or pay their employees. Parma was relegated to Serie B at the end of the 2014/2015 season.

“Yes, I was at Parma. And I’m interested, though I can’t say that it will go through,” Piazza told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Piazza could likely get Parma for a cut-rate price due to their bankruptcy, but he would still have to assume a large portion of the club’s debt, something the prior owners struggled with.


CONMEBOL has removed Jose Maria Marin, Rafael Esquivel, and Eugenio Figueiredo from their executive committee. (REPORT)

Canadian international Atiba Hutchinson has signed a new two-year contract to remain with Besiktas. (REPORT)

The English Premier League will be without a title sponsor for the 2016/2017 season. (REPORT)

Hoffenheim have announced the signing of FC Basel centerback Fabian Schär. (REPORT)


What do you think of these reports? What do you think of FIFA’s payment to the FAI? Do you see more payments from FIFA coming to light? What do you think of allegations against Germany’s World Cup bid?

Share your thoughts below.


    • Funny – when people rightly call you out as a anti-USMNT troll, you claim to be a US fan. Thanks for the clarification although it wasn’t really needed.

  1. Please know that bringing politics (Dem vs Repub) to soccer chat rooms is never a good idea. Nobody cares about your liberal or coservative political views. Stick to the soccer related material in the article.

  2. Ireland should commission a bronze casting of Henry’s hand and display it proudly at the Aviva Stadium Entrance. Just the hand, mind you.

  3. Ireland would have had zero chance of winning a lawsuit against FIFA. Still, defendants often pay settlements to avoid the nuisance and cost of defending themselves in court. The size of the settlement is what surprised me — until I remembered how FIFA routinely throws money around. Add that the “payment” was really forgiving a loan and it’s easy to see how FIFA might choose to do it. All that said, the arrangement shows just how slippery FIFA is. Can you imagine, for example, the NFL agreeing to pay one of its franchises millions of dollars to settle a claim about a bad call that cost them a big game?

    • The ‘deflategate” scandal from last years AFC Championship. Is the NFL paying the Colts “hush” money? What about the Saints “Bountygate”? Paying “hush” money makes FIFA look more clownish, if that is possible. Every league I’ve played in has an agreement in the rules that states that “all decisions of the referee are final”. Guess if I don’t like the result of my men’s league game I can threaten to sue the league. I’d bet money that FIFA, in it’s rules has language that forbids FA’s, teams, players from suing FIFA.

      • Just like the NCAA keeps players from being able to create unions or eat a bag of potato chips paid for them by their coach because of a piece of litigation they sign to play college sports, all the while, the NCAA makes billions and college tuition keeps rising.

      • The Irish FA and FIFA settling a potential lawsuit doesn’t have any relation to NCAA policies regarding student athletes which, btw, I agree are outdated and unfair.

      • And I agree, they don’t have anything to do with one another. I really just wanted to throw that out there.

        Also, I’m glad you agree it’s not fair

  4. This is a legal settlement – cases settle before they are even filed all the time. On the other hand, I don’t see why Ireland thought they had a case unless there is something that isn’t being reported. It was a refereeing error, the kind that happens every single weekend somewhere. If there’s evidence it was more than that, that’s a much bigger story.

    • Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have been taking bribes from despots and sponsors of terrorism and letting those bribes dictate US foreign and trade policies.

      We have that same disease in our government. These crony capitalists like the Clintons have been doing this garbage for years.

      • Liberals pretending to hate capitalists in the media? but in reality liberals are as crony capitalists like Oprah?

    • Chuck,

      Thank you. It sounds much more like a settlement. Ireland was wronged,…FIFA recognized it and realized they had nothing to gain from a court room brawl. Let’s settle,…

    • You can’t litigate a referee decision. FIFA paying off the FIA to keep quiet opens up a huge can of worms for all decisions of an independent referee. What is the point of having referees if one side doesn’t like the result and decides to file a lawsuit. This is exactly the kind of thing that is going to bring FIFA down.

      What other mysterious “loans” has FIFA paid to keep other FA’s quiet? Did they pay the Costa Rican’s off for the snow game? There are countless games that have been decided by controversial calls, cards or non calls, cards.

  5. Any comments about Politics having nothing to do with football now? FIFA is geo-politics in a nutshell. Dirty, scheming, old capitalists with nothing but their own interests in mind by any means necessary. The world needs a huge anal cleansing and FIFA is a great place to start. Non-profit my ass.

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      • Easy, man. Just like a dem, ready to throw around the partisan ad hominem insults without even thinking. Take a deep breath and drink some coffee before posting from now on.

      • Funny how you preceded the accusations of partisanship and being ad hominem with “just like a dem”.

        How about, just like an a*shole he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about?

    • In similar news….I wonder what we will be told to call the EPL after the new sponsor arrives instead of Barclays Premier League. Perhaps we should just call it the CPL – Corporate Premier League. I’m really over the plutocratic world we have allowed.

      • Lets. F*ck Hillary. If I wanted to pro-corporate, moderate, neo-liberal there are a lot of other options on the Republican side to choose from these days.

      • And speaking of that side of the aisle, I don’t know how people can still vote in that direction.

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        And if your a democrat and you settle or sell your vote your a cheap, good for nothing and you deserve to let your name be swallowed in the mud with the rest of the republicans.

      • Look, why can’t we keep politics out of this. Your views are also well outside the mainstream – Obama is pro-TTP, I suppose he’s anti-union too? So quick to insult and namecall anyone who disagrees with you. Same applies to your comments that are actually related to soccer.

      • Your soo dumb, you hurt my head. You have to be f*cking brain dead to not think any of the headlines about FIFA are politics.

        Remember when you told me you would comment where you pleased? Well the same freedom that gives you that right gives me the right to talk about whatever the hell I want. You can’t have both.

      • Not really, there is a difference. Politics generally have no place here. My response was when you asked me not to respond to your comments and I declined. I don’t make politically based comments though.

        Also, please tell me what about my comment was “dumb” other than the fact that (like most people) I don’t share your political views.

      • First Amendment. No difference.

        Asking me to keep politics out of the subject, when the subject itself is clearly a political one, I think generally, for even those who don’t share my political views, would agree is dumb

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      AJE bought Current TV for $600million and Al Gore tried to avoid to paid taxes from it.

      • Yeah and current TV used to have good programming before it became a platform for tedious documentaries and then finally went out of business.

  6. and Jurgen Klinsmann accepted a 2.5 million dollar a year bribe from US soccer to coach the national team!! I tell you all these Germans are dirty.


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