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Jack Warner claims he fears for his life and will unleash an “avalanche” on FIFA in raving video

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Jack Warner continues to claim to this day that he’s done nothing wrong, but if he’s going to go down, he’s going to take others with him.

In a nationally televised address, Warner addressed the nation to say that being indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice has made him fear for his life, and that he has information linking FIFA, and his former friend Sepp Blatter, to Trinidad and Tobago’s 2010 parliamentary elections.

“I will no longer keep secrets for them who actively seek to destroy the country,” Warner said, via the AP, adding later, “I reasonably actually fear for my life.”

Minutes after the address aired on TV, Warner appeared at a rally for his political party, the Independent Liberal Party, and told those in the audience that he was turning over documents to his lawyers, as well as revealing that he wrote to Blatter, urging him to leave FIFA immediately.

Here’s the video address:


  1. Jack Warner, Chuck Blazer, Sepp Blatter… if you wrote these guys into a movie script everyone would say “oh come on, these characters are far too unbelievable. But here they are, and probably the theater is only going to get better as the summer – not to mention the OTHER World Cup – rolls on.

    Men in Blazers have put up Julie Foudy for President of Fifa. Now THAT’S actually a really good idea. Stick a competent, fair-minded, hard-working woman on the throne, while sticking a finger in the eye of Blatter, Platini, and all the rest of these 19th century barons.

  2. He said he was going to do this when he was kicked out of FIFA.

    “I have worked for the interest of the people of Trinidad & Tobago.” Except of course for the players who qualified and played in the world cup for your country who had to sue to get paid the promised bonuses.

  3. It would be more credible if the last time he held something up, it hadn’t been an Onion article.

    Lord alone knows what that is in his hand. Some guys you WANT to roll over. This guy is going to confess to knowledge of Kennedy’s assassination and the alien landing at Roswell if you start squeezing him. Man is just certifiable.


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