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Video: U.S. Under-20s ready for quarterfinal match vs. Serbia

USU20USAFlagStartingXI (Getty)


  1. did they really move the game from FS1 to FS2??? just saw it on Twitter. if so, it is absolutely stupid considering they’re currently showing trucks going in circles

      • He plays to his audience. To wit, he throws a little U.K. twang on his American English when he gives interviews for Arsenal. But his natural accent is most assuredly American.

        Interview after Champions League appearance with Arsenal

        I don’t think he’s faking it, though. I come from the American south, and a lot of my friends speak with southern accents, but my family are all transplants from the northeast. At school and on sports teams, my friends and classmates spoke a certain way, so I kind of adapted to their manner of speaking to fit in. I still do it to this day. When I’m around someone who speaks with a southern accent, certain aspects of the southern dialect creep into my speech. Otherwise, I speak in my natural accent. I don’t do this on purpose, though I am conscious of it.

  2. Very proud of OUR boys. They are playing collective football, it’s beautiful to see.
    The last game vs. Colombia was a battle, yet they came through it. Colombia had much more of a physical presence in their team, and they were excellent in possession, but OUR boys held their own, and IMHO, was better around the goal.

    The recent U-23 match v. Costa Rica (Toulon) and the match vs. Colombia thought me something. We will get no help from the officials, those two games were battles. If WE are to win anything in this, THE BEAUTIFUL GAME, we will have to earn it … WE will get there in the there in the end … World Championship that is; I can only hope it happens during my lifetime … IT WILL happen.


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