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Video: A look back at the USMNT win vs. Netherlands

Michael Bradley USMNT Netherlands 27



    • Bradley has been excellent. He bossed both the Dutch and German midfields. His quality is evident and I believe he is good enough to be a starter on a champions league team

  1. I always enjoy behind the scenes looks into how a team gets ready. I would like to see/hear what Klinsmann’s pre game talks are like, how training is run and so on. A lot of times games are won in practice. About UCLA basketball coach John Wooden they said his teams won their games because Wooden was a genius in setting up and executing team practices so they won even though the coach wasn’t really very good at game management.

  2. Excellently shot. Though it may have seemed a bit sappy to sports fans, the interview with Klinsman in the Dutch countryside is brilliant as a documentary guy.

    (And so happy for D-Will!)


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