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Kaka draws controversial red card as Orlando City ties RSL

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When Orlando City star Kaka scored a beautiful goal on Saturday night, it didn’t exactly come as a surprise. It was the red card that ended his night that was the far more surprising development in Orlando City’s visit to Utah.

Orlando City and Real Salt Lake played to a 1-1 draw at Rio Tinto Stadium, but it was Kaka’s controversial ejection that drew more headlines than either of the actual goals scored.

Referee Storin Stoica sent Kaka to an early shower in the 45th minute after a hard challenge on RSL midfielder Javier Morales that sent Morales crashing to the turf. Kaka’s momentum forced him to step on Morales as he stumbled, which Stoica apparently deemed worthy of a red card, the second straight red card of Kaka’s professional club career, and first in a dozen years.

Orlando City managed to avoid defeat despite playing down a man for the entire second half, earning a previous road point that keeps the club with just one loss in eight matches.

RSL nearly opened the scoring just four minutes in when Olmes Garcia sent a low shot from close range toward goal only to have Orlando City’s Tally Hall stretch low to tip it away from danger.

Orlando City responded just 30 seconds later after a quality passing sequence concluded with Pedro Ribeiro slipping a pass to Kaka, who sent his curling shot past Jeff Attinella for the opening goal, his ninth of the season.

RSL equalized in the 28th minute when Sebastian Jaime forced a powerful header past Hall. He elevated to finish off a perfect cross from Tony Beltran to give him goals in four straight matches.

Both teams had their chances in the second half, but couldn’t find the net. Sean St. Ledger had a header saved well by Attinella, while Sebastian Saucedo saw his far-post blast from distance tipped away by Hall in the 84h minute.

The draw leaves RSL winless in three straight matches, with a trip to Colorado up next on Saturday. Orlando City returns to action on Saturday, at home against FC Dallas.


  1. John, not only are you not impartial, you are blind. Yes he tripped him but he didn’t even step on him, his foot rolled off the ball and his toes landed on the turf between the legs. Where is the cleat marks where is the bruise? Where was the player rolling around grabbing his leg? The ref made a bad call, took a star off the field & ruined a good game. The MLS needs to rein in this moron, he’s hurting the sport….

  2. Fairly impartial Chicago Fire fan (yes, there is still one left). That was a red card. Morales baited kaka and he got mad and fouled him, and then stepped on him. Red card no doubt.

  3. Jpack, with Kakas long legs and for his size he’s very agile it is hard to believe that he couldn’t step over morales completely instead of putting a foot down between the legs. He certainly didn’t act surprised by the card.

  4. Sad you need someone else’s view when watching the replays it’s very obvious. I don’t care about a commentator who may or may not have an agenda. There was no stomp just a foul for knocking the player over plain and simple. If you can’t see that for yourself, your just a homer….

    • Kaka stepped on the player and he didn’t try to avoid it. He also stepped right on him after going through him. He’s a professional player, he’s in better control of his body than that.

      I don’t care about Orlando, I can SEE though, and I SEE him step on the player. You’re blind, period.

  5. What a collection of RSL homers. You might be able to make a call for a yellow, but this is so far from a red it’s not even funny. Apparently you people think players can run without their feet ever touching the ground. His foot adjusted so he wouldn’t step on the ball and he scuffs the leg. Their was no stomping so just stop….

    • I’ll take Dunny’s (Brian Dunseth) word for it. He’s a well respected commentator and very balanced even though he calls a lot of RSL games.

  6. I just watched the replay and there is one thing that is driving me and many MLS fans nuts and it’s the mass confrontation. A few Orlando players practically lose their mind after the red card is given and almost get close enough to shove the ref. It’s so tired and MLS doesn’t do enough yet to stamp it out.

    RSL defense without Schuler and Olave is way too suspect. Also Bofo Saucedo is a youngster to watch for RSL. Love his energy the few times I’ve seen him play.

    • Agreed. MLS refs suck, but MLS has no balls and wont stand up for its officials. I am so tired of it. SKC has always been the worst but it seems to be spreading around the league.

      • SKC doesnt really do it anymore, red cards and confrontations were shipped to Orlando (they are part of A. Collin’s luggage/baggage)

  7. Javier Morales is an MLS legend and knows this league better then Kaka (a world legend) and he baited the Brazilian into the foul but it was Kaka that earned himself the red.

    Javi got position on Kaka and does his hesitation waiting for Kaka to clatter into the back of him. Morales goes down for the foul which wasn’t anything hard but it was a foul near the edge of the box. Kaka must have been pissed because it did appear he could have avoided stepping on Morales after the foul occurred. The stomp was too enticing though.

    I agree with Dunseth that Kaka could have easily stepped clear of the prone Morales. The ref looked to his assistant a few times for confirmation of the card Kaka should get and it looked as if he was first going to get a yellow only. The AR must have indicated it was red card worthy since he was very close to the play.

  8. That was a red card. No doubt.

    Look, I love Kaka. He has more integrity than dozens of players combined. But if you look at his body language leading up to that red card, that dude wanted to fight. He was pissed.

    He just messed up. But the red card was warranted.


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