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Report: USMNT to host Brazil friendly at Gillette Stadium in September

photo by Rafael Suanes/USA TODAY Sports


It appears lightning does strike twice. At least at Gillette Stadium.

The Boston Globe reported on Thursday that the U.S. Men’s National Team will host its rumored friendly with Brazil on Sept. 8 at Gillette Stadium. The match will be the second the Americans play at the venue in Foxboro, Massachusetts, in two months, as they are currently preparing to face Haiti in a CONCACAF Gold Cup group stage game on Friday.

The showdown with Brazil has not yet been made official, but has been reported for months now by several outlets. The game – which falls during a FIFA international window and could feature the likes of Neymar and Willian – would be the Americans’ second in September. They are scheduled to play Peru in a friendly on Sept. 4 at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C.

Brazil, which will begin its World Cup qualifying campaign in October, most recently finished the 2015 Copa America in disappointing fashion. The Brazilians were eliminated from the competition in the quarterfinals after falling on penalty kicks to Paraguay.

The U.S. last played Brazil in May 2012, suffering a 4-1 defeat at FedExField in Landover, Maryland.

The last time the Americans played a friendly at Gillette Stadium was in a 2011 Gold Cup tuneup vs. Spain that they lost, 4-0.


What do you think about Gillette Stadium reportedly being selected as the venue for USMNT-Brazil? Should it have been held elsewhere given that the Americans are playing a Gold Cup game there? Which venue would you have like to have seen the friendly at?

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  1. Gillette stadium again? WHY??? Gulati needs to be investigated for corruption, he seems to favor his boss, Mr. Krat’s sports arena way too often. More Concacaf, USSF irregularities, specially after reading the USSF-Nike scandal.

    • What USSF-Nike Scandal? The one that was talked about when the whole FIFA-gate thing broke out was Nike and Brazil not USSF


        I can recognize Nike being there for the early beginnings of US soccer, and that is still appreciated but they dont own the USSF nor individual players.

        Adidas makes Germany’s kits, it would be unthinkable to have other sports merchandise making german kits.

        Nike makes uniforms for the US team, as it should be, I like that but they need to find a balance and focus more on tradition and less about making profit in wrong pattern/color uniforms for all US teams.

      • Um, Nike only makes a profit if people actually buy their shirts. If you don’t like the shirts then don’t buy them.

    • I’m trying to finish the article, kind of long, but one thing I wanted to ask you is what do you mean “Again? When was the last time the US played at Foxborough? And I hope you’re not insinuating that because they are playing there tonight that it should somehow exclude them from playing there in a USSF organized home friendly… First of all Concacaf picks the venues for the Gold Cup, NOT USSF…2nd Brazil most likely wants the game there, as mentioned before there’s a significant Brazilian fanbase relatively close by… I think if anybody gets games way too often is RFK, mainly I say this because that place is freaking DUMP….they should just play in Landover, Maryland which is where they played Brazil in 2012 I might add, and fit a good 60-80K…..

  2. Was hoping for something in the Midwest. No matter how many US fans show up tomorrow a USA – Brazil game on the east coast will always be overwhelmingly away fans. The national team is a at a point where they can fill up just about any Stadium vs a good opponent why not try somewhere else like Indy or St Louis? Or somewhere without turf like Nashville, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Arizona or Denver? It’s been a while since a Chicago game too..

    On the plus side, should be a money maker

      • Yeah…I’m torn given my links to Brazil, but you are right because Brazil probably had a say as to where they would play in order to agree to the match (Miami/NY/Boston are metro areas with large Brazilian populations).

        That being said, while it is lusophone (Portuguese speaking), it is more Portuguese (especially Azorean) and Cape Verdan up there. That is a place that would draw more Portuguese supporters than Brazilian.

      • Framingham has a pretty big collection of Brazilian-oriented businesses in the town center. No idea what the demos look like there and in the surrounding towns, but if they’re advertising phone cards and cell plans by highlighting the cost to call Brazil, someone’s buying…

  3. Klinsmann is a sub-par coach (not the worst, just mediocre), everybody knows that, even the members his Fanboy Club. However, he is extremely lucky. So, I hope that we can finally beat Brazil in an international game, especially now that the South American power house is transiting through its most uninspiring moment in their futebol history.

    • Well, I think your quote applies equally to you.

      I played a lot of racquet sports. It took me a long time to come to grips with the fact that the best players were almost always the luckiest players as well. Maybe there is a correlation.

      • You are just lucky is the excuse making loser’s lament. Often thrown out by the jealous, resentful or those too lazy to examine why it is someone else might be successful. As they say… luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Consider that perhaps the lucky always seem to be in the right place at the right time because… through hard work and persistence, they put themselves there.

    • care to explain how he is extremely lucky???? Don’t make moronic statements without providing a basis for such lame ass comments please smdh

      • Lookie here Ronny, when you was born your father told your mom and the doctors, “this ain’t my child.” Your mom ashamed told him, “I only did it once with Papi, the mail man.” I accept that is moronic, and I hope you do too. Now, since you decided to post on my comment and I did not put a gun to your head to do so, you tell me how Klinsie is not an average coach and how he isn’t lucky.

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