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Gold Cup: USA vs. Honduras (SBI Live Commentary)




FRISCO, Texas — The U.S. Men’s National Team’s quest to defend its Gold Cup title begin tonight with a showdown with Honduras (9:15pm, Fox Sports 1).

The Americans enter the match as favorites to win Group A, but will face what is, arguably, their toughest test of the group against a tough and physical Honduras side coached by former Costa Rica boss Jorge Luis Pinto.

U.S. captain Michael Bradley will secure his 100th cap today, becoming the 16th player to reach the milestone, and fourth youngest.

Defender Ventura Alvarado has been handed a start, an appearance which will cap-tie him to the United States.

Join SBI as we provide live commentary on all of tonight’s action. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight’s SBI Live Commentary is after the jump):


Live Blog Gold Cup: USA vs. Honduras (SBI Live Commentary)




  1. What is the difference between Klinsmann and Jill Ellis? – Ans – Ellis finally made necessary changes in personnel and formation that allowed the USA to win. JK will not do the same. He continues to mismanage this team

    We looked like crap most of the game and this was only Honduras. We were outplayed for much of the game.

    • I disagree that JK won’t change anything going forward but I strongly agree that Honduras outplayed us and I blame it primarily on JK’s tactics and substitutions.

      • It could be argued Brad Evans played better than Chandler tonight. I didnt mind the Wondo sub though I’d rather have seen AJ (commentator mentioned JK planned to rotate more during the group stage to keep fresh). And Zusi came on and definitely worked hard. So i don’t think the subs were a big problem in this game. tactically JK is looking big picture and trying to achieve a tactical goal so he most likely won’t change his style any time soon but it’s more that we haven’t gotten great at that style than it is the style being a poor choice.

        where i asses the blame for an overall weak performance is the heat (90 degrees is no joke–and honduras naturally being more adept at dealing with it) as well as just poor decision making and simple execution of the players in general. there were just too many sloppy passes and a lack of proper supporting runs. sure a coach practices that stuff but that’s where a player has to actually make a good pass and/or get open for a pass. we had stretches but for most of the game we just looked sloppy… and that’s all on the players

    • JK had the team beat Mexico, Netherlands, and Germany just recently before struggling this one game while Ellis’s team was struggling most of the year as well as the first 3 games of the WWC. She didn’t change until suspensions forced it.

      Beyond that when your players are standing around and can’t hit players at their feet or in stride from 5 yards away consistently then its really a more fundamental problem with the players not tactics. The players were crap last night.

  2. looks like the humidity got to the US players unlike Honduras who loves jungle-like weather… who’s idea to play in Texas… in JULY????

  3. Well, what I wrote at the half was correct. They were lucky. Honduras played so much better the US really didn’t deserve this victory. At least this game should be their toughest until the semi-finals, but they need to do better or they won’t win this tournament.

    • more like we almost gave up 2 points…Honduras didn’t look brilliant, its was kinda just an ugly foul-fest of a game. I was totally shocked to hear the first yellow for either team came in the 86th minute. dirty dirty fouls all night

  4. Our midfield passing is CRAP! We can’t string 3 passes together. As I type this, Dempsey lazily turns his back on the play is responsible for the give away. He doesn’t even chase after it.

  5. Bradley’s dead ball service is truly becoming world class. What’s odd is that he almost never goes for goal (well, except from corners).

  6. This team keeps going back to looking its normal awesome self, then doing something stupid like back pass in their own half straight to a Honduran. Cripes. No one in particular is at fault. They just are not firing on all cylinders yet. Set pieces have been our saving grace.

  7. the Jozy detractors will certainly have a field day with the Wondo for Jozy sub in the 60’… lol

    • for perspective, in his first 5 minutes Wondo has lost the ball 3 or 4 times… there’s still time

    • Neither was good but Wondo was so much worse than Jozy. Wondo offers so much less than Jozy does from the run of play.

      Really poor substitution–not what the game needed. A defensive minded winger, like Bedoya or Zusi, who could get up and down the field was desperately needed, as evidenced by how useful Zusi was when finally subbed on.

      • +1, i just wanted to note a couple live observations since I truly believe on the game recap thread people will claim Wondo came on and looked good while Jozy was nothing but terrible and should be benched, etc…

  8. Jesus christ, Fox Sports Go makes me want to throw my computer off the balcony. It sucks. Not to mention the few minutes I could get it working im equally as frustrated.

  9. almost a nice sequence with CD, MB and Jozy in the 57′, I’m sure people will blame Jozy for not getting the ball albeit it was more of MB’s heavy pass.

    • haha, yea, any crest with a clipart soccer ball is both lame and redundant.

      “what should we put in the soccer crest?….. hmmmmmm…. i know! lets put a soccer ball in it so that soccer viewers will know they’re watching a soccer match!!!”………

      …………. -______-

  10. Wow, I hope the men’s team is like the women’s team and gets better as the tournament goes on. They are lucky to be ahead at the half and that first 15 to 20 minutes was atrocious. Could we even complete one forward pass? They got better after the goal, but they better pick it up the second half or they will be lucky to get a draw.

    • I totally agree. Klinsmann needs to replace Jozy ASAP. Bring in Wondo, please. I mean it!

      • and here we go again with the annoying, pointless ‘commenting under another person’s name’ nonsense…

        i just hope you don’t truly think that anyone thinks it’s me when you only say things I would never say… thus what’s the point? stick to your usual classless commenting

      • Don’t worry, we all know he’s an annoying troll. There’s a good chance he is an annoying 17 yr old. The more you feed him, the more he writes. Pathetic really.

      • fair enough, i mainly comment simply to reiterate that it’s not me. lol

        trollers gonna troll troll troll troll troll troll (in a Taylor Swift voice–had to use a reference a 17 year old would understand)

  11. I don’t think we are necessarily that bad, though I would say Beckerman has spent far too much time bailing out our defense. More than anything, it looks like a CONCACAF game.

    • yea he did well on his run to get a shot off but he should have taken one more touch to get a better angle an the charging keeper, especially considering his speed. that’s experience tho. hopefully he learns from that and puts the next one in.

    • perhaps mildly up n down 1st half for him in particular, but he also almost scored a double nutmeg after hustling to get back on the field to settle a loose ball in the box…

      what’s worse, a person that only sees the negative moments of a player or one that only sees the positive moments?

      • Both have flaws. How about a balanced assessment instead? Jozy did start slow, and played some poorly weighted balls in the early moments. Then his hold up play got better (especially when teammates moved into space), and he kept the ball in play leading to the sequence for Deuce’s goal. Also liked the intent behind the chip/cross to find Zardes near the end of the half (just wasn’t weighted adequately).

      • duh, lol, we all know this assessment is correct here at Davis, Lennon, Observer & Associates. we just wanted to point out the annoyance of the negative Nobertos of this blog. 🙂

    • In fairness to Francios, he made this comment in the first 10 minutes of the game before Jozy did any of that. Jozy picked up his game a lot midway through the half. His holdup play (there’s that term again) has been a bright spot for the US.

      • which only points out the fact that people are irrationally quick to judge.

    • imho that is the responsibility of both coach AND players… i feel your point but at the same time the coach isn’t to blame for A) terrible passes or B) terrible choices. strategy and fitness our usually on the coach but at the end of the day the players have to execute. today’s first half detriment seems associated with bad execution rather than lack of preparation.

  12. My son played a pick-up game against Najar once a few years back. Really played it up, too, taking on Najar every chance he got. At one point Andy decided it was time to put my son back in his place, which he did fairly easily.

    • cool story, sincerely, but for perspective at least 75% of pro soccer players (if not more) could be inserted in that statement and it would remain true. 🙂

      • True enough. I was still impressed he agreed to play. A group of U-15s see Najar and his younger brother, ask them to play and they said yes – when DC United was still in season. I knew what they were up to when they wandered over, and expected a polite no-thanks, maybe some explanation about how United doesn’t allow that, or something like that. Nope, he just played.

      • yea, for sure, i feel ya, def a cool story and experience. just saying it doesn’t necessarily mean too much in the grand picture of pro soccer players, but i don’t mean to sound as negative as i may come off. i probably shouldn’t have said anything lol…

    • as predicted, this ref is horrific. on 2 or 3 occasions the Honduran player forcibly pushed our player down and either no call or a foul against us.

  13. This is an exciting lineup.

    Speed on the wings.

    Two young, versatile centerbacks looking to make their mark.

    Beckerman holding it down.

      • One half of soccer + extra time and half time is what it takes for some poster to call Jozy… ‘Antigoal’. Guess the trolls (or those who call it like it is – whatever view works for ya) are slacking off a little tonite.

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