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Gold Cup: USA vs. Haiti (SBI Live Commentary)



FOXBOROUGH, Mass – After securing three points from the Gold Cup opener, the U.S. Men’s National Team returns to action Friday night with a spot in the knockout rounds up for grabs (8:30pm, Fox Sports 1).

The USMNT slipped by Honduras, 2-1, in Tuesday’s opener, earning a distinct advantage in group play heading into Friday’s clash with underdogs Haiti. With that being said, Friday’s clash gives USMNT head coach Jurgen Klinsmann the chance to rotate some new players into the mix, especially given the grueling heat of Tuesday’s opener.

Join SBI as we provide live commentary on all of tonight’s action. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight’s SBI Live Commentary is after the jump):

Live Blog Gold Cup: USA vs. Haiti (SBI Live Commentary)



  1. last play of 1st half, a pass to Jozy to the top of the box and it gets a way from him… cameras cut to US bench, Jurgen sinking his head in his hands in disbelief.

    Antigoal couldnt trap a bag of cement… I give up, what a waste of space.

    • Zardes had a nice assist, but he’s terrible! Totally flat-footed, completely surprised by any ball into his feet. (With the very notable exception of the chip he brought down and cut back to Dempsey.) Maybe it’s being forced to play out on the wing, but Zardes is where possession goes to die.
      Altidore seems afraid to shoot. His holdup play, though, really is world class. Zardes is so easily bodied off the ball, as is Zusi. Oh, Zusi. Wow is he slow.
      Ream looked good, though. Dempsey is so fücken crafty, I will never complain about him again.

      Anyway, a win’s a win.

    • Zusi went 93+… he needs more minutes… however, Antigoal couldnt even give a decent 45″…. I saw him walking and ball watching most of the 1st half.

    • I still think Jozy is probblly the better goal scorer, but Zardes presses non-stop the way Klinsmann wants. A few more positive moments from Zardes and Klinsmann might have to really think about it.

  2. Lol at the Jozy hate. Name a plAyer outside of Aron that had a good first half? The lineup, tactics and formation are all wrong. Mix looks lost. Jurgen went on and on about Dempsey scoring goals, but he plays him in a spot where he comes all the way back to get the ball off of the CB. Pitiful first half all around. Haiti had the better of the chances, and we are lucky that they didn’t put one away.

    Then JK takes off Jozy. Ridiculous. He’s the best striker in the pool.

    • Sorry Jag… couldn’t be further from the truth… When JK went nuts after the latest ‘blew it” from Jozy, It was obvious he was done for the night.. Rightfully so. Hopefully the Jozy Altidore tryouts are finally history! Altidore is just too gunshy, timid and afraid to be an aggressive striker.. stick a fork in him, he’s done!

  3. Can someone please explain with some reasonable clarity why every pitch we play on is worse than my U-16 practice field decades ago?

  4. On a serious note, it seems that for CONCACAF referees USMNT has to do everything, including scoring goals, beyond any reasonable doubt.

  5. Welcome to Le Cirque De Klinsiee!

    Between Klinsie’s crazy Line-ups and CONCACAF refereeing we got the perfect ingredients for the best circus show in town.

  6. I used to be an antiscore apologizer, but can’t do it anymore. I can’t remember the last game he played well. I can no longer blindly pen him in to the starting line up or even 60th min sub. We need to keep giving others a chance.

      • Except Ream and Gonzales and Bradley. Duece has been ok, Johansson had a goal incorrectly called offside.

        Jozy is a presence these days and that’s about it. He’s occasionally good at flicking the ball to another teammate and playing a 1-2, but he relies too much on a ‘perfect’ ball being played directly to him. He looses control a lot. I’ve watched some Toronto games and he just looks tired most of the time and has no hustle. I wonder if he has too much muscle and gets tired too quick. He also bitches way too much for someone who hasn’t looked good in a long time.

      • The two who look comfortable are Ream and AJ. Deuce doesn’t look bad but if Mix and Zusi are invisible Deuce will be useless in that spot. Plus teams know to take him out every chance

  7. Bradley spraying some hopeful (and on occasion clumsy) balls in this formation without a true d-mid to cover the backline and support him roaming box-to-box.

    Whole team is out of sync. So far we have the highest consistency in turnovers over any other metric.

  8. For those of you who tuned into the CONCACAF refereeing clinic provided earlier, please stick around for another FREE, LIMITED TIME edition of our region’s refereeing.

    You’re welcome,

    • I agree, Panama should’ve had a couple more players sent off for touching, accosting and constantly protesting the ref’s decisions. What a dirty team that is. I hope the USMNT puts them out of their misery in the final group stage game. Good they got a dose of their own medicine.

  9. Ridiculous lineup. Dempsey at CAM? Not a fan of seeing Zusi in either. Bradley as a #6? He is best as a deep lying mid, but only when playing next to a D mid. Regardless, we should still easily prevail.


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