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Beasley, Gordon looking forward to contributing to USMNT in wake of recent call-ups


Photo by Winslow Townson/ USA Today Sports


When Jurgen Klinsmann announced his preliminary 35-man roster ahead of the Gold Cup, two of the more surprising inclusions were the names of DaMarcus Beasley and Alan Gordon.

Now, the duo is expected to help push the U.S. Men’s National Team to the next level as the Gold Cup knockout stages begin.

Beasley and Gordon were joined by Joe Corona as Klinsmann’s mid-tournament call-ups, replacing Jozy Altidore, Greg Garza and Alfredo Morales on the team’s 23-man roster ahead of Saturday’s quarterfinals clash with Cuba at Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium.

For Beasley, the decision to rejoin the national team comes less than a year after the Houston Dynamo fullback announced his international retirement, citing a choice to focus further on his club career and family life.

Now given the opportunity to once again represent his country, Beasley admits that he couldn’t refuse Klinsmann’s call-up and once again fulfill his boyhood dream of wearing the colors of the U.S.

“I was very emotional getting the call-up from Jurgen,” Beasley said. “I feel like a kid again returning to the national team, but right now I’m ready to win. I expect us to win the Gold Cup.

“For me, it’s another opportunity to play for the national team. My experiences can help the youngsters that are playing for the first time, but the only thing that matters is that we win. I hope we can go to the Confederations Cup in 2017.”

Like Beasley, Gordon also finds himself in a bit of an unlikely position, one that sees the LA Galaxy forward join the U.S. Men’s National Team to replace the out-of-form Altidore.

Absent from the USMNT since being called in for the 2013 Gold Cup, Gordon is far from a regular under Klinsmann. However, the striker offers Klinsmann something that the U.S. has struggled to find so far in the current tournament: a threat in front of goal.

Generally used as an energy boost off the bench, Gordon has cemented his status as one of MLS’s premier super-subs, a role he will likely occupy with the U.S. One of the more physical forwards in the pool, Gordon has the ability to offer the U.S. a different look than the current crop of forwards that rely mainly on tactical savvy and technical ability.

Gordon is looking forward to the opportunity to once again represent his national team and contribute in any way Klinsmann sees fit heading into the knockout stages.

“I got the call shortly after the last group game,” Gordon said. “(Klinsmann) was excited and wanted me to come in and he asked me to help the team in any way I can. I’m thrilled to do that. I was really excited to get the call and I’m ready to go.

“That’s kind of what’s expected when you get put on the preliminary roster. It’s our job to be ready and I was hoping I’d get the call. It’s here and I’m just excited to be around the guys and to get involved.”

Now tasked with getting into the rhythm of the tournament, both Gordon and Beasley feel ready to be thrown right into the fray in Saturday’s game.

Familiar with Gold Cup play, the duo understands exactly what it takes to win a tournament of this magnitude, making the transition a simple one for them ahead of a do-or-die showdown against Cuba.

“I think if you play in this region you play against a lot of those players from these various countries,” Gordon said. “I have a familiarity with it and I’ve played in this tournament before so I’d say I’m quite comfortable.”

Added Beasley: “All the teams are strong, all the teams are good, and we have to be ready. That’s it. Obviously, we’ll watch film on Cuba and see how they play, what they do well, what they don’t, and I expect us to be able to do a good job against Cuba.”


  1. JK def made the right move with changes.

    Morales had no place being there in the first place.
    Corona gives us another attacking wing option which we needed. He can be very dangerous against CONCACAF opponents. Will be interested to see if he sees time.
    But, I really hope this does not mean that we will see Zardes up front. i really like him on the wing.

    Gordon for Jozy. Whether it was the recovery from injury or just overall fitness, Jozy looked very bad and I think it serves as a statement. I am typically not a Jozy hater but he made me throw things watching him. And that was magnified seeing Dempsey and Ice Man improving their chemistry. Makes me feel like Jozy’s form was a hindrance to the team.
    Gordon will be interesting. Personally, I would have liked to have seen Agudelo. But why not bring on a super sub from MLS that is used to that role, knowing that you needed a guy off the bench.
    My problem with that is – is that redundant with Wondo’s role?

    Beasley – He is the man. I am leaning towards wanting to see him take over the LB spot and move FJ over to RB. Just watched the highlight of FJ’s goal vs Turkey last year. I think he is so dangerous from that side. I like the combination of FJ and Bedoya on one side.

    I believe the US form changes now. Cuba will be a nice warm up for the real knockout games.

    • One thing to add about Corona. He can be kind of a hot head so i do have a concern about him if we play a heated game vs let’s say Haiti in the Semis.

      Luckily, we would only see just one of a Mexico, Costa Rica, or Panama for this tourney.
      Mexico def got screwed in the bracket.

      • Not sure what you mean by “got screwed”. They were not the best team in their group and they got the “C2” slot. There’s no human decision about which specific team plays another, it goes according to pre-set slots based on how the group stages play out.

        Mexico made their own bed, and so did the Ticos, so now they can sleep in it together. Had everything come up chalk, this was set up to have USA play Costa Rica in the semis, while Mexico would have had an “easier” half of the bracket by avoiding the other major contenders until the final. No one should feel sorry that only one team out of the Mexico-Costa Rica tie will be appearing in the semis, because neither have looked like they are really in top form right now. I get that ratings may be down slightly and there will less trash thrown on the field if Mexico are not in the final, but that’s not a huge problem – certainly wasn’t in 2013.

      • “Mexico def got screwed in the bracket.”

        How did they get screwed?

        Because they couldn’t beat a Guatemalan team lead by a 50 year old forward slower than you?

    • “Gordon will be interesting. Personally, I would have liked to have seen Agudelo. But why not bring on a super sub from MLS that is used to that role, knowing that you needed a guy off the bench.
      My problem with that is – is that redundant with Wondo’s role?”

      Do you know who Kenwyne Jones is?

      Did you see him play vs Mexico?

    • given JK’s propensity to manage the USMNT like an SBI Commenter and continuously bring random players out of obscurity and then put them into unfamiliar roles on the field, it would not be shocking to see LD starting at right back when WCQ starts….

      or at least SBI can make it a Donovan call-up the April Fools 2016 joke

  2. I can’t stress enough how pumped I am to have. Easley back in the squad for the Gold Cup. I don’t think people realize how effective he was at the WC, probably one of the best LB’s there despite his age and his quality will surely be an upgrade over the like s of Garza!

    • And just think how he was completely off the radar screen and how ridiculous everyone thought when JK brought him back and put him at left back (me included)
      Then captained the GC team and exceeded expectations in Brazil.
      You gotta give it up for the guy… just awesome

      • DMB let Ronaldo cross the ball on the 94+ minute Portugal goal… DMB played it wrong as he should’ve known crossing the ball was what CR7 was gonna do..

      • DMB “let” Cristiano cross the ball?

        You don’t think think that, even with his injury, one of the greatest players of all time deserves no credit for somehow finding a way to get his cross in?

        For all the hype, the man makes all that money for a very good reason.

      • He “knew” what CR 7 was gonna do. Is he a mind reader? Clairvoyant? Hmmmm. So by that logic anyone who has ever been beaten by him messed up by “letting” him do something. Hmmmm.
        Let’s see, you’re one v one 35-40 yards from goal vs the best player in the world, and you’ve got nobody behind you to double him or close him down. You can try to contain him and trust that any of the 5 defenders and keeper in the box will do their jobs, you can lunge in and get beat with 20 yards of open space (which has NEVER happened with CR 7-EVER, or you can use your 130 lb frame to foul or grab him-allowing a free kick with the entire team, keeper included, crashing the box at the last second. Hmmmm.
        Like 6 things had to all go wrong in 30 seconds, and they all did, and then we advanced anyways.
        DMB exceeded expectations in Brazil, can’t you just be happy for what the guy has accomplished???

      • The guy makes his money doing exactly what defenders think he’s going to do…and doing it successfully.

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