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LA Galaxy officially announce Dos Santos as team’s third Designated Player



Giovani Dos Santos will remain stateside once his Mexico national team duty is over, as his long-rumored move to Los Angeles has finally been completed.

The LA Galaxy officially announced Dos Santos as its third Designated Player, made possible after LA used its Target Allocation Money to buy down Omar Gonzalez’s contract — effectively removing the defender’s DP tag for salary cap purposes.

“I think our first conversations with the Dos Santos camp was around 2011,” head coach and general manager Bruce Arena said in a statement. “And we thought that he was a exciting personality and could give us an added dimension in attack, as he is today, so he’s much more mature now as a player and a person.

“We think at this age, at 26 years old, he’s not yet hit his prime, and we want to position him playing on a regular basis for the LA Galaxy. We’ll improve him as a player, help him secure a position with the Mexican national team and really be an important part of our franchise for a number of years.”

Late Tuesday evening, the Los Angeles Times reported that Dos Santos’ transfer fee was worth $7 million and that he had signed a contract worth nearly $6 million per year through the end of the 2019 MLS season.

Mexico kicks off in its final Gold Cup group match against Trinidad and Tobago tonight (8:30 p.m., FOX Sports 2/UniMas), and highly likely to reach the quarterfinals, El Tri and Dos Santos will suit up for its first knockout game on July 19.

What do you think about Giovani Dos Santos’ signing with the Galaxy? How do you think he will perform in the league?

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  1. “…We’ll improve him as a player, help him secure a position with the Mexican national team and really be an important part of our franchise for a number of years.”

    And i totally believe BA will keep his word.

    Soccer relations between the us and mex becoming friendlier. Its exciting watch.

  2. As an MLS fan, Im excited for the league. As a Quakes fan, I feel like John Snow watching the Whitewalkers stand up.

  3. This is huge people. A DP who is in his prime comes to MLS. Giovinco was one thing but now this player from El Tri. Just effing huge.

    • Don’t waste your time with his comment. Listen folks,…MLS has huge momentum. Beautiful new stadiums,…USA markets, infrastructure, etc., etc. The Mexican League is already in the rear view mirror.

      • Not yet. Be awhile before MLS trumps Liga MX on the field just because of the cap. MLS teams still struggle for genuine depth and that comes out every time there’s an International call-up or an injury – witness the way LA and Seattle struggle at those times – and it definitely comes out in CCL. Mexican teams spend three times more on average than MLS teams and it shows.

        MLS will get there…but it’s going to take time.

    • Don’t waste your time. There are guys that want MLS to stink. If a MLS team signs a Gio type signing, they will rip on the player with a money grabbing lazy comment, then they will rip on MLS too.

      Nothing to see here except the same ole same ole.

    • And, in an absolutely insane finish with 3 goals in about 5 minutes (2 for Mexico), T&T tied Mexico on the last play of the game to win their group. Group winners are T&T, Jamaica, and the US. What a crazy tournament so far.

      • Not really. There are a lot of better players in Europe making less than what Gio will in MLS and they ain’t coming anytime soon. At least not in their prime. Top players want to be in top leagues.

      • He picked money over football.

        This isn’t charity – it’s professional sports. He’s a professional. That’s what he should do.

        Top players want to play in a top league.

        Since when is he considered a “top player” and by what standards have you come to that conclusion?

        Don’t get me wrong, I like him as a signing based on both; ability and because he’s a notable CONCACAF player, but let’s not go silly and start throwing around top player descriptions with him. GDS adequately suited for MLS and MLS is adequately suited for GDS.

    • What it says is money talks and BS walks. These soccer players are pros and go where the money is. For Gio squared that is MLS clearly.

  4. Next MLS should add teams in San Diego and San Antonio and sign top players directly from LigaMX. Start purging both LigaMX fans and CCL titles…what a coup that would be!

  5. MLS needs more these types (Dos Santos & Giovinco): young and still in their prime above average or slightly above players in the World’s best leagues with national team experience.

  6. I have no doubt the MLS will add more money to the TAM and an increase to the cap is already approved.But I think LA will do some dealing this winter

    • The TAM buydown of OG’s salary was not that hard, The Galaxy has to spend 50K to buy LLetget, but the Galaxy got allocation money for the CCL qualification, from previous trades and transfers and the TAM.Dont’ forget the salary savings from Ishizaki’s departure, and more importantly, the roster Salary Cap exemptions of Zardes and Villareal who are Homegrown players/

  7. The article doesn’t mention LA trading for more allocation money to buy Omar’s contract down. I understand how they made his salary fit this year with the targeted allocation money and the allocation they traded for, but how will all four of their DPs fit next season??

    • Yes well that is the million dollar question (or more precisely the 1M less DP value question) for next year. It’s a pity that journalists just reprint press releases instead of asking questions this day and age.

      • I can’t find the answer anywhere. I’ve seen speculation that they expect MLS will go all MLS and just make an official fourth DP spot.

      • Maybe Gonzalez finally makes a move somewhere? It has been rumored for ages but never come to fruition.

      • Maybe, but Gonzo is more valuable than Gio to the LAG because his contributions are hard for the Galaxy to replace whereas Gio’s skills are found in others on the roster.

    • As I understand it, when you trade allocation money for international roster spot midseason its still good until the same day the following season or end of next season. At the very least they don’t have to worry about it at the beginning of the next season.
      There are tweaks to the system not made public prior to announcing major changes to help make requests from LA easier to complete. So much for transparency with the fan base.

    • Don’t worry, LA will be allocated a new rule granting them enough Garber-bucks to pay down another blind-draw sub-DP level player spot above a certain threshold that will not only let them keep all of the DP’s they have but add another to their roster…

    • I thought Gerrard is on an 18 month contract. So the Galaxy really only need to find Targeted Allocation Money to buy down Gonzalez through next season. After that Gerrad will be gone (and maybe Keane too? Not sure about his contract length) so they could potentially just have Gonzalez become a DP again.
      That’s one option…I think…

      • Yeah, there’s always a solution if you’re willing to juggle aggressively. You do it long enough, one thing you can count on, if you’re LA Galaxy, is that there will be more money available in a couple years – probably much more. By that point, there will be at least two and probably three more expansion franchises (LAFC and Atlanta United, for certain), and those clubs will raise MLS’s profile and revenue stream even further, and they will spend.

        Galaxy will be fine.

  8. Unbelievable, MLS just started a never ending war with ligamx.
    Beautiful, MLS just slapped ligamx in the face and said, im here to stay and take your players as well.
    Not only beautiful by MLS but galaxy just set their territory with LA2.
    What’s next for galaxy,messi,cr7, new stadium in 5 years or total upgrade of stubhub stadium.
    The only bad part of this, is that gio likes to party hard just like ronaldinho.
    I think pressure will eat him alive, he has no idea.
    Now go get chicharito and ocha the goalkeeper,both have no team.
    Chicharito is 27 years and ochoa is 30.

    • WHY is this a war with the LigaMX? GDB has NEVER played in the LigaMX, he has NO allegiance with the LigaMX. And, by the way, the LIGAMX has been declining in attendance and viewership in Mexico. It is gaining in the US as TV rights contracts have been handed out to more than just a single company. And as far as a competitive aspect? from top to the bottoms team, LigaMX has a vast disparity, MLS made it a part of the business plan to keep small market team competitive and relevant with policies designed for parity, but knowing that the BIG market teams in LA or NY will get special treatment to increase the marketability of the team and the League. It’s no wonder that the LAST place team in the MLS, almost beat one of the largest and richest teams in North Ameica and maybe even the Western Hemisphere in this years CCL.
      Dos Santos made a business decision and a footballing decision to play play for the Galaxy, the Champions of the MLS and the first SuoerTeam of the MLS and a business decision to be a lone standout Mexican football star in a City with several million of his fellow countrymen, or go to a team like Club America, where he still will be a star but one with many others.

      • “And as far as a competitive aspect? from top to the bottoms team, LigaMX has a vast disparity”

        I’ve seen this trotted out on here so many times by a few different posters and it simply isn’t true. LigaMX has had 14 different champions since switching to the Invierno/Verano format in 1996. LigaMX only has 18 teams in the first division. Club America has only won it four times since 1996 and Chivas twice. It’s not even a stretch to say that LigaMX has more parity and more competitive than MLS.

      • GDS also nearly tripled his salary and is getting paid more thanhe could eran anywhere else. I am fan of MLS, but there is no war with Liga MX. Liga MX teams have A LOT more money. They only way MLS beats MLS is that MLS pays it’s super stars more than 4 million (and Liga MX almost never does). The top 10 make more in MLS, but EVERYONE ELSE or them makes more. The average quality is higher.

        I am all for getting into a war with Liga MX, but MLS does not make NEARLY enough money to compete. The Liga MX boasts the fifth highest average attendance of any league in the world . Liga MX pulls 3’x MLS ratings in the US (and a lot more tv and merchandising money). They pull a ton more money in Mexico.

        If you say MLS has richer owners, we don’t. The richest man in the world, Carlos Slim, has stakes in 2 clubs: Pachuca & Leon. There’s more: America’s owner Televisa, Atlas’ TV Azteca, Tigres’ CEMEX, Tijuana’s Grupo Caliente, cement company Cruz Azul and Monterrey’s FEMSA are more just to name a few.

  9. Gio signs for the Gals, then it’s announced he regaining his starting spot for the Mex team….Makes me think this is marketing ploy by the FMF to gain more Mex nats fans in the US

    • This is a stretch. They would not do that at the expense of their domestic league. I’m sure they would rather have him in Liga MX; which already tops MLS ratings in the US and is arguably of better quality.

      • It is better and will be for a little while longer.

        That said, I’ll be sure to watch the Galaxy to see if they can break the glass ceiling that is the concacaf club champsionship cup. damn the name is escaping me right now.

    • Pure coincidence. Everyone knows he should’ve been starting already. Maybe just letting him lose for the knockouts now.


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