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Gold Cup: USA vs. Panama (SBI Live Commentary)



KANSAS CITY, KS — The U.S. Men’s National Team takes on Panama in a match that has more more riding on it for the underdogs than the Americans (9:30pm Fox Sports 1).

The U.S. already clinched first place in Group A, but Panama needs a win to ensure a place in the quarterfinals. A loss would leave the ‘Canaleros’ on tenuous ground, and even a draw would leave Panama on shaky ground with just three points in third place in the group.

The U.S. will be trotting out a strong lineup tonight, with Clint Dempsey the only regular sitting out the action. Gyasi Zardes will get the nod up top, while Alejandro Bedoya and Alfredo Morales will be making their first appearances of the Gold Cup.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight’s action so please feel free to follow the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight’s SBI Live Commentary is after the jump):

Live Blog Gold Cup: USA vs. Panama (SBI Live Commentary)



  1. Ives start banning trolls like El Comandante, the inappropriate comments and rude remarks are out of control and completely uncalled for. I come here for soccer news and banter, but if doesn’t change soon you will start losing followers starting with me.

    • Like I said before, I was reacting to insults, only thing mine were a lil harcher. If you don’t like negative reinforcement for USMNT, then skip my post. For every action there’s a reaction. And you, stop using different names to post, and stop trying to gang me up. That’s low.

  2. Well after that bloodbath… it’s looking like we get El Sal or Guatemala in the Quarters.
    Good enuf for me, but losing Brooks was a dumb @$$ move by JK, especially knowing that we got handed an incredibly inept referee for this match.

    • I’m not sure that it’s a safe assumption to say that Brooks will be sticking around for the KO stage, so it might not really matter. He could easily get dropped in favor of Besler.

      • On a serious not, I hope you are not serious about what you just said. Brooks is our most solid defender right now. Not perfect, but the best we have. If anything, drop Avocado Alvarado.

      • Mason………… Brooks is JK’s favorite CD. He isn’t going anywhere because his potential upside is astounding. Similarly with Alvarado. Their growing pains are worth the risk. Those two will be our defensive anchors for the next two WC cycles. JK plans to pair them together until something totally uncontrollable or unexpected occurs. I believe that similarly but to a lesser degree, that Ream and Omar are in line to back that tandem up, into the future.

  3. I love this site and sometimes the comments. But there are certain new commenters who reek of attention-seeking tweens, and it’s getting unbearable. I second the motion of ridding this site of trolls.

  4. Ives, can we get this El Comandante banned already? He trolls constantly and makes inappropriate comments all the time. Think we’ve all had enough

    • If you attack El Comandante, you get back fire. Last time I check I’ve only reacted to certain insults. I understand, some don’t like my negativity when it comes to the USMNT, but that doesn’t mean you can insult me and get away with it.

      • It’s not your negativity. Everyone is negative sometimes. You are ONLY negative ALWAYS. You literally never have anything to say ever that isn’t isn’t negative. You had a lot to say in the first half, but once the USMNT picked up it’s play in the second half, you literally shut down.

        Like I said: your philosophy is, “I kvetch, therefore I am.” Eventually, people with that philosophy are rightfully shunned. You can see it as an attack if you wish, but most people just wish you’d go away. I’m just dumb enough to say it to you.

      • See? Is that so hard?

        You want to complain about finishing 2-1-0 with 7 points? When two of those matches were called by a clown-shoes official in his second and third senior internationals, and the only reason the US caught him again was because the PAN federation complained to the referee assigners about their assigned referee? I can’t imagine an 11th hour switch occurring like that in Europe or SA or at FIFA-event.

        So if you want to complain: forget it, Jake. It’s CONCACAF.

  5. Great awareness by Dempsey to keep that attempt alive.

    Bedoya is having a great game; should have 2 assists to Bradley though…..

      • Hmm… That insult doesn’t even make any sense. I don’t need think you need a degree to be a homosexual. I’m pretty sure being attracted to the same sex is enough.

        You must be so mad that Bradley scored and, well… that the entire second half happened. It kinda put the kibosh on your kvetching. And your entire philosophy in life is, “I kvetch, therefore I am.”

      • Hmm… I think I see your problem.

        You’re impotent. That’s it, isn’t it? That’s why you keep talking about ejaculation – because you can’t, saving what you do here.

        The good news, friend is that you don’t have to suffer. There are pills for that and Medicaid will even pay for them (because I know you can’t pay for your own health insurance).

  6. You know, sometimes I feel bad for what we did to panama in qualifying. Then blas Perez does anything and I realize I don’t.

  7. the best moment for the US in the first half was Bradley’s long distance shot that was goal bound… that’s about all.

    • Bedoya had a perfect opportunity as he came towards goal mid way through the half. he should have either:
      1. Landon-Donavoned it (against Slovenia 2010 WC)
      2. or found a wide open Bradley in front of goal

  8. Panama MLSers bossing Klinnsman’s European and Mexican based players. Klinnsman clueless about tactics and building chemistry.


  9. I’d rather lose to Mexico than to this nasty, dirty, classless Panama team, specially if it means to give them life in this tournament. You just don’t come out to lose games. That appears to be Klinsmann’s message for this team today.

      • I kinda feel bad almost at how terrible Chandler has played. He can’t even make a simple pass, and when he gets in an advanced position and draws in some defenders he almost looks like he has resigned himself to just kicking the ball and hoping it turns out to be a good cross so he doesn’t have to deal with the pressure of trying to create something.

    • I disagree with the good Doctor. PAN 5 was behind the play until US 11 was fouled by the other PAN defender. That has to be DOGSO.

    • And a missed offside. Looking at it again, it wasn’t that close. At the time of #7’s flick, #10 is fully behind the second-to-last man. Should have been a much easier call than the one that AR2 got right earlier.

    • When the US has the ball we shift into more of a 4-3-3 with Zardes drifting wide left and Bedoya transitioning to a winger. Morales is functioning as a LCM in the attack allowing Bradley to adopt a free role.

      To go deeper, when the US has the ball it looks like Bedoya is drifting back from his winger position to interchange with Timmy.

  10. “if you’re a CB and you come up for that corner, you’re NOT happy”
    ——Lalas, a CB… lol

    • Although I dissed Besler on another thread, as bad as Brooks, Alvarado and especially Chandler looked at times, I think Besler should be called in for the knockout games and go back to a Besler–Gonzalez pairing. At least they have a lot of experience with WC qualifiers and the intensity of play and the poor reffing you find with CONCACAF. Those two Germans seem really lost in this tournament.

  11. Anybody else very frustrated by how slow we were playing the first 15 minutes or so? That has been a theme so far this tournament. We look way too complacent, and that’s something that is both on the players and Klinsmann.

  12. ref tries to break it up places his hand on Blas Perez’ arm, Blas gets angry. that guy plays with a bad attitude that’s unnecessary, he pulls playground antics all the time on FCD

  13. Wondo? Why must we suffer thru more of Wondo?? Would have loved to see Zardes get paired with AJ. Seems like such a complimentary pairing.

    Morales should be at D mid. Beckerman should have the night off. Fabian should be at LM with Garza at LB. Don’t expect to get much from our wide play tonight with this lineup

    I wanted to see Yarbrough get cap tied.

  14. Congrats to all the SBI posters who campaigned so tirelessly for Altidore not to get a start. Pop open a bottle of your favorite adult beverage and enjoy. This day is yours.

      • Zardes losses possession in the 2′ and Wpndo plays a bad pass in the 3′. lets now all over analyze… lol

      • Whatever the outcome, let’s not blame it all on the refs. We look terrible AGAIN. I only wish our backline could quickly one-touch like the ‘inferior’ Panama. Instead, it’s hospital ball, three touches, walk slowly forward, than look to pass back and repeat, or kick a prayer long.

      • Yeah… But it still should be 0-0 playing against 10.

        This dude is on the take. Someone look at the betting patterns.

      • Hmmmm, Jozy has been horrible, but Wondo and Zardes not the answer – Dempsey and Johannson should be the A team.

    • Which commenters have been yelling about the US needing to play a false 9? I know there’s been a small but devoted group.

      • I think this game proved that there’s no savior waiting in the wings in our current forward pool. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. And I thought Wondo, AJ, and Zardes all played well tonight.

      • Pretty much. It seems to me that JK is rolling them through in search of form. If someone gets hot, he’ll probably just ride the hot hand (ok… foot) for as long as it stays hot. Right now, Dempsey is the best looking of all the forward candidates, so we need to find someone that pairs with him.

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