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SBI Question of the Day: Is Gerrard or Dos Santos the bigger signing for the LA Galaxy?


Steven Gerrard is set to make his Major League Soccer debut for the LA Galaxy in Friday’s California Clasico vs. the San Jose Earthquakes (11 p.m., UniMas), but another star may prove to be more important to the team’s success and brand.

Giovani Dos Santos has reportedly completed his move from Spanish club Villarreal to join the Galaxy and will suit up for the five-time MLS Cup winners after the conclusion of Mexico’s 2015 Gold Cup run.

Each player will be expected to make an impact for the Galaxy, albeit in different ways. In the Galaxy’s defeat to Real Salt Lake in the U.S. Open Cup Tuesday, Gerrard stayed central and helped distribute forward from the midfield. The 35-year-old star will most likely not be used as a box-to-box midfielder, but as shown in Tuesday’s match, Gerrard can still turn on the jets and cause havoc.

Dos Santos will likely either be used up front with Robbie Keane, pushing Gyasi Zardes out wide, or vice versa. His role in the Galaxy attack should be more noticeable, and chances will come, as they have all year for the Galaxy.

Both Gerrard and Dos Santos also have extensive resumes with club and country, but each also appeals to a separate market, making both signings valuable in the grand scheme of things.

The question we have for SBI readers today is this: Which signing is bigger for the Galaxy? Dos Santos or Gerrard?

Gerrard has numerous accolades, including being Liverpool’s longest-serving captain while making 696 appearances and scoring 182 goals across all competitions. He is a UEFA Champions League winner and led Liverpool to nine more trophies during his tenure with the English club.

Internationally, Gerrard most recently captained the England National Team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and in total, he’s made 114 appearances while scoring 21 goals for country.

Meanwhile, since his stints with Barcelona, Mallorca, Tottenham, Racing Santander, Galatasaray and Ipswich Town, Dos Santos has been with Villarreal for its two previous campaigns, and while he netted 11 goals and assisted 8 times in 26 starts for the club in the 2013-14 season, his form dipped in the 2014-15 season.

However, Dos Santos has remained a key member of the Mexico National Team, racking up 88 caps and scoring 20 goals for El Tri, while also currently helping his country in the Gold Cup.

When it comes to brand recognition, Gerrard’s name may be more recognized around the world, due to Liverpool’s status as one of the most well-known and supported from the most-watched soccer league — the English Primer League.

However, a Mexican international playing week in, week out in Los Angeles will undoubtedly attract the attention of Mexican national team supporters to the team and league. And while pockets of Liverpool fans across the country will turn up to see a club legend when the Galaxy travels, a similar Mexican contingent will surely do the same to catch a glimpse of one of their stars.

With that in mind, we pose the question to SBI readers: Do you think Gerrard or Dos Santos is the bigger Galaxy signing in 2015? Cast your vote here:

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Who do you think will help the Galaxy the most? Think one signing is more important for brand recognition over the other?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Impact is a … subjective term.

    Which will have the impact of more butts in seats around MLS? Gio

    Which will do more to make LAG a better, more successful team? Gerrard

  2. I would have to say Dos Santos has a higher potential ceiling in terms of impact for the Galaxy, on age alone. Hopefully he settles in, stays content, etc. If he doesn’t, the signing could backfire.

  3. If MLS can grab the attention and loyalty of Mexican American fans there will be another huge shift in the popularity of MLS. LA is the second largest Mexican city in the world. That is a lot of potential fans who already know and love the game. Gio might be able to deliver some of those fans to the Galaxy, and lead subsequent Mexican stars the way Becks helped attract Gerrard and Keane. That would be a huge impact on the club and the league. I don’t think the Gerrard signing has that potential.

    Plus having a Mexican international on the Galaxy might be the edge they need to finally win the CCL. That is taking the team to the next level.

    • Someone can be deserving of credit where due and blame where due. They aren’t mutually exclusive and Garber has done his fair share to merit both.

  4. As a soccer fan this is sooooooooo exciting:

    Lletget———Gerrard——-Dos Santos——-Juninho

    Rogers———-DeLa Garza——Gonzo———-Gargan


    Ok, now that I got that out I think its going to be awesome for the league

    • Why is everyone making moves to bring in exciting players but not D.C. United?

      Answer: D.C.’s current squad is working quite well.

    • Gerrard is playing more and more like a holding midfielder and picks up the ball from the backline often. This will allow GDS to push forward from an attacking midfielder role.

      Keeping with the Starting XI you selected, I would simply convert that to a diamond formation and I think that’s exactly what we’ll see.

  5. Apples and oranges,…and with that said they are equally important. Doubt GDS will have the career Gerard has had,….Stevie G is a superstar. Gio brings the whole Mexican demographic into play. Bottom line is that the Galaxy are a good club and BOTH of them better deliver. Robbie Keane and LD have set the bar pretty high in MLS.

    • These are my general thoughts as well — equally important for different reasons.

      I also expect each to perform well in the 2015 season, as well as one can in a few months time. Gerrard could have had two goals by now if not for a great save in each of the Galaxy’s previous two matches.

      I do expect a little turbulence, as Bruce Arena and the players try to mesh, but as of now, the Galaxy are my favorites for the MLS Cup this season.

  6. Time will tell. Gio has never had a consistent club career and he’s basically coming in off another questionable season for his seventh club. That’s not exactly a sterling resume. He’s also been very inconsistent for Mexico, though his flashes of pure brillance are well documented. His upside is that of a top-tier CONCACAF player, which is fine, but I also doubt he’d been seen as an unusually special player if he weren’t such a well known CONCACAF player (for good reason). His age is a plus — but only if he is consistently good. LA was so good already that its tough to see how GDS suffers playign with Gerrard, Keane, Zardes, etc. But will GDS ever be enough of a player to take the reins for himself when Keane and Gerrard retire and Zardes moves on? Or will he remain a complement to fresh DPs with better resumes?

    • Gerrard for the footballing, his passing will benefit Zardes, Keane, and now,Dos Santos. GDS for the $$ he’ll bring into the Galaxy.and the MLS

      Zardes is in his 3rd year homegrown contract with a 4th year add-on with a slight $$ increase in salary, So he’ll be around next year. As a homegrown, the Galaxy would keep all money received from a transfer

  7. No question: Dos Santos.

    I’ve said countless times, the way for this league to grow, gain traction and become relevant is to seize, capture and secure ALL the top regional talent it can. Sprinkling in the Pirlo’s and Gerrards has it’s purpose but it’s short-sighted. Retaining our top regional talent is long-term.

  8. Gio, easily. Gerrard brings name recognition in the short term, but just like his 18 month contract, it’s short term. He’s old and on his way down and out sooner rather than later. Gio may not have the same level of name recognition worldwide, but all US fans certainly know him, the talent level is there, and he’s here for through 2019 and the prime of his career. When all is said and done, I’d expect Gio to have a much larger impact for Galaxy.

    • +1

      Gio is really good, too, and plays some really beautiful, combining, creative soccer when he’s on. He doesn’t seem to be a punk or a diva – maybe I’m off on that – but it does seem like he’ll bring a bunch of quality and mesh well with the Galaxy.

      Especially with Gerard on board, I’d expect to see the Galaxy shift to a 4-3-3, with Keane in the hole and Zardes and Gio at outside forward. Put Lletget, Gerard, and Juninho behind them and they’re truly cooking with gas. When Gerard retires, you know the Galaxy will just replace him with Jermaine Jones (if he’s still got another year or two in his legs by then) or somebody similar.

      I don’t see anybody really stopping that crew, when they’re all present and healthy, anyhow, which, between age and International call-ups will admittedly almost certainly be an issue. That’s as imposing an attacking six as any team in MLS has ever fielded.

  9. I am a die hard Red Bulls fan. Die hard! But now that I live in California I only get to go see the Galaxy. What a second team to have to root for!! They just make all the right moves, play attractive soccer, and win!

  10. Have to like youth, length of contract, cultural impact of GDS but….. I don’t think you get him without the ambition, star power/cache of Gerrard signing first.

    • FYP

      Have to like youth, length of contract, cultural impact of GDS but….. I don’t think you get him without the ambition, star power/cache of Beckham signing first.

      • well… question was comparing Gerrard/GDS signing. But, yeah. Certainly. Gerrard likely wouldn’t have been here w/o Becks. And so on… has been a process of steady growth, progression, ambition…. hardware, signings.

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