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SBI Question of the Day: Should Freddy Adu play in NASL?

Freddy Adu Bahia (Bahia)



Freddy Adu has left another club without finding consistent playing time, and with Finnish club KuPS in the rear-view mirror, Adu is once again in search of a new home.

In my latest column, I made the case for Adu signing with an NASL team, with the American league offering him a chance to resurrect his career.

The big question at this point is whether Adu would seriously consider NASL. There is tangible skepticism about whether he would really make a move to the American second division, or prefer another run at a small European league. With MLS looking like it isn’t an option at the moment, Adu may have to finally give serious thought to NASL.

The SBI Question of the Day is this. Should Adu sign with the NASL? Cast your vote after the jump:

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Which option did you vote for? Think Adu can resurrect his career? See him struggling to ever be a factor again? Where would you like to see Adu play?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. The idiot should take any club willing to take him now and accept massive wage cuts. If he was smart he would go to an MLS team with a proven manager that nurtures players and prove himself all over again. I could see Bruce Arena doing a very good job with him if he lost the ego. Sigi or Kinnear as well.

  2. Adu lacks fitness, he lacks stamina and lacks discipline. If Adu had the work ethic as a Darlington Nagbe he would be an exceptional player. But I have met Adu at Cities and Eden in DC partying and hanging out with his entourage ……and he was going to shadow room too. How do you expect to succeed if you are out, throwing down shots, drinking mixed drinks etc without a club?!!! If he was thinking about soccer and his future he would be conditioning his body like an Olympic athlete, to make his body do what his mind wants it to do. To be a professional you need to watch what you eat, when you train, how you train, how you rest etc…..Freddy Koranteng Adu has no discipline, no work ethic, no sense of urgency or the know how to be a professional.

    ……Okay I’m done venting lol

    • agreed, but all the hype didn’t help this. in the end tho, how many times must he be shown that he is an absolute nobody now before he fixes his attitude and works hard. He almost looked like he learned this when he was brought back into the nats picture but then he fell out right away

    • Dang Cities. Takes me back 20 years to when Adams Morgan became the DC nightlife spot. Never a Cities fan but had some way fun times at Heaven and Hell, Blue Room and Pharmacy Bar. Felix was big too… I digress

  3. The answer is NO. As a matter of fact, he shouldn’t play anywhere. Why would any team, at any level, take a risk on this guy? Please retire and go to college. Your time is done.

  4. Hell yes he should. The problem is that it’s strictly marketing for NASL, but maybe it will benefit both of them in that way. The bigger problem is the way he’s jumping club to club, it doesn’t seem like he is very motivated. Every single club can’t be a stepping stone, there’s obviously something going on with him… doesn’t care, out of shape, already made his money, not aspiring for greater. It’s going to take a lot to change his attitude and get him motivated I think.

  5. Yes, as much as the fake NASL fans annoy me 1. He can get playing time if he works at it. 2. No worries about adjusting to some strange new country to slow him down 3. If he could some how manage to do well JK, MLS, and even Mexico (Ibarra) look to the league for recruits.
    But even in NASL or USL he can’t be bothered to make an effort it won’t work out for him

  6. What other legitimate options are out there? I mean, if he’s going to continue to be underwhelming on the field, and indifferent in practice, he can do it in the US as well as anywhere else, right?

    • The Antarctic Emperors are looking for a good mid in the all penguin second division. Adu is a little small for an emperor penguin but what he lacks in size he should make up for with increased mobility.

      • Freddy is probably a little taller than the average male Emperor Penguin but the average Male Emperor is tougher, meaner. and probably stronger.

    • I vote for this one. Who cares, and why would someone waste money or space on someone who has demonstrated no work ethic, and is on the downside of their career as well. He already has tried smaller Euro leagues (Serbia and Finland) and didn’t play at all. Why would a NASL team want him?

  7. Zzzzzzzzzzz…. yes, if offered because he should play wherever he can get a paycheck (as this is his chosen profession and while he can), and he must have a great agent simply for the fact he keeps getting signed to professional contracts).

    At this point Ives, is it really about resurrecting his career? He’s already had (regardless of what age he was when breaking into MLS/DCU) a full career as several SBI posters have indicated.

  8. He should definitely try Minnesota United that way Klinsie may see him and give him innumerable free plane rides to Europe.


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