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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Mexico Costa Rica Gold Cup Preview


Sunday provides the most exciting matchup of the Gold Cup quarterfinals when Mexico facess Costa Rica in the evening, with day’s lone MLS match kicking off beforehand.

The Columbus Crew will host the Chicago Fire at MAPFRE Stadium. The Crew defeated the Fire on Wednesday and will be looking for the sweep. The Crew secured a 1-0 result against the Fire on Wednesday in Illinois, thanks to yet another combination from two of the league’s most underrated attacking stars in Ethan Finlay and Kei Kamara.

Gold Cup action will cap off the night, with Mexico taking on Costa Rica in what is the most exciting matchup of the round. Neither team lived up to expectations in the group stages, and now one of these 2014 World Cup participants will be eliminated from the Gold Cup before the semifinals.

If you will be watching today’s action, feel free to leave your thoughts, opinions, and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s Soccer TV schedule is after jump):

3 p.m. – WatchESPN- Indy Eleven vs. Ottawa Fury FC

4:30 p.m. – FOX Sports 1 – Trinidad and Tobago vs. Panama

5 p.m. – ESPN2 – Columbus Crew vs. Chicago Fire

7:30 p.m. – FOX Sports 1 – Mexico vs. Costa Rica



  1. It doesn’t matter what country the ref was from. The problem with concacaf is that it’s a continuous problem. Mexico may have been the better team, but but they failed to score. To the comment earlier about Mexican fans. I have been to 6 U.S. Mexico games in this country and have met some incredible people who support Mexico. I have a two year old son and would never even consider taking him too a game between the two. the bad out way the good!

  2. Wow.. Mexico, longer lives than cockroaches! Betting the referees in their Panama semi-final will be sitting on their whistles for all of those Mexicans sitting on yellow.. Also wouldn’t be surprised if the US get ANOTHER Mexican ref to destroy the Jamaica game. Although I love this game, the fraud and corruption has turned it into an ugly cesspool!

  3. I think Panama has a chance, but they will have to bring their A game (including Blas Perez). We just found out CONCACAF wants Mexico in the Gold Cup final to create that play off game.

  4. Are all of you saying that C.R played better than Mexico? Mex had 16 shots a target and 7 on target while C.R 6 on goal and 2 on target. Possession was devided 54-46 for Mexico. There should have been 3 pk awarded to mex and none got called. I am a football fan and don’t wear a jersey other than the mighty CHIVAS. If I see a b.s call for U.S then I’ll call b.s same for Iran, Japan, egypt, Germany ect.

  5. Sorry but the argument that “well Mexico deserved the win because they controlled play” is completely wrong. You don’t get win’s because you “deserve them.” The best team doesn’t always win, because often times the result comes down to one split-second play over the course of 90 minutes or more. The referee made a horrendous call that could have been challenged by the two sideline referee’s. How in the world do you make that call, at that point in the game? There is no way the ref could have been 100% confident in the PK decision.

    This just points to more dirty dealings within CONCACAF. There is more money and ratings with Mexico moving on than Costa Rica. Can’t wait for the US to put up another dos-a-cero in the final.

    • The referee didn’t make the call. The Assistant Referee (what you call a “sideline” referee – and what used to be called a linesman) did. The center absolutely wasn’t certain in the call, but his AR was.

      That said… I can’t for the life of me see what the AR saw that made him certain that a foul had been committed, and play was really at the edge of his area of control. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher…

      • Thanks for taking the time to try to correct my terminology. A simple Google search shows how common it is to refer to these ref’s as sideline referee’s.

        Anyway – I didn’t catch that it was the AR’s initial decision. It’s time for replay in major tournaments.

      • You could tell it was an AR’s call because of the delay between the play and the indication of a PK. An AR making a PK call there will raise his flag in his right hand, wiggle it, make eye contact after the CR blows the whistle and then run down the goal line to his PK position while the CR points to the spot. A CR making a PK call will simply blow his whistle and point. The latter is much quicker whereas the former takes a bit more time and is always a bit disjointed looking. Headset communication helps, but it still doesn’t entirely eliminate the delay from an AR calling a PK and the CR stopping play to award it.

        Additionally, there was a mass confrontation around the AR and none of the CRC players were really paying any attention to the CR, but they all seemed livid with the AR.

      • Thanks. I saw how the CR players were livid with the AR, but assumed it was because the AR had the best view of the play and didn’t question it. Clearly I was wrong about that. I honestly had to put it on mute after the call because of someone talking to me in the room. Thanks for the breakdown.

      • Refs over rule AR’s all the time. Considering the gravity of the situation he should have gone into consultation with the AR and then gone with what he thought was right. He must have been closer than the AR. This failure ultimately falls on the ref’s shoulders for accepting a bad decision that he should have seen.

      • Remember that these guys are working with headsets, so as soon as the foul was called, the AR was probably telling the C what he saw. No consult necessary. If you watch high-level referees (which is much more esoteric than watching the players, so I’ll excuse you for not doing so) you’ll very rarely actually see a C overrule an AR’s foul call. You might see a C wave off an offside offense because the play has removed the advantage of being offside, or you might see a referee decide to play advantage from a foul that is being indicated by an AR.

        Almost never will you actually see a C wave off an AR’s indication of a foul without advantage. You don’t see that because Centers are trained to trust ARs. ARs have a different angle and see aspects of the play that the C doesn’t and can’t see. I can say with certainty that the AR1 thought he saw a foul. The C didn’t see one, but even if the C was closer, if the AR says he saw something that the C didn’t, then the C has to trust the AR and point to the spot – unless the C is certain that there was not a foul.

        That – my friend – is a very tall ask of a C. If you see a player go to ground in the PA, and your AR is in your ear saying he saw a push/pull/trip/whatever, you point to the spot and let the assessor deal with it. If I’m assessing, I put that entirely on the AR, because any contact was screened from the C’s view by the players whereas the AR could see the space (or lack there of) between them.

      • TL;DR:

        If the C is uncertain on a call like that but the AR is certain, the C is procedurally correct to accept the AR’s call.

        It’s just really unfortunate that AR1 was wrong.

  6. Will CR protest this game? I wouldn’t be surprised and they do have a legit gripe with this call. This is why video replay is needed in a small part in soccer. These refs are going to be kicking themselves after seeing the replay and it is fishy that Mexico gets this miracle call at the end of a knockout game. Horrible error of a call.

    • You can only really protest a misapplication of the laws (like timing, ball size, or field size) of the game or rules of a competition. A match official’s judgement call like that is never going to be overturned even if you take it all the way to CAS.

      • I’m not saying they should but CR did try to protest the result of the snow game against the US. It was silly but they have a history of trying.

      • They tried to protest, but do you remember what FIFA’s response was?

        It was basically, “You’re mad cause it snowed and you happened to lose? LOL, no.”

  7. Yikes. What an awful call to finish a well called game. Feel bad for CR and their fans. But to be honest, i have tix for the final and want to see US v Mexico…. Don’t we all?

  8. Concacaf can’t have Mexico go out in the quarters. Somebody just got paid big time.

    Peralta effing jumped and fell down! Even kouman Coulibaly knows that’s not a penalty.

    As Didier Drogba would say, Concacaf is a disgrace!

  9. Costa Rica just got CONCACAF***ed.
    The Mexican commentators on Univision agreed it was a very weak penalty. Hristo Stoichkov who has learned Spanish and was doing color commentary said Peralta who drew the penalty should have been red carded out of the game 5 minutes earlier, but that, “that’s soccer for you.”
    Ramirez, one of the Mexican commentators referred to the refereeing as “MPP.” Malo, (mas bien malisimo), Pero Parejo!” Bad, but evenly bad.
    That was before that stupendous flop by Peralta in the 6 yard box area.
    That just means that Mexico is living on borrowed time, stolen karma.

    • Like I said Costa Ricas karma bill was coming due. Who can forget Joel Campbell collapsing in a heap to get Besler a yellow card. Still a bad bad call and epic acting job by Flopalta.

  10. Mexico was better from beginning to end and should’ve had at least two pk calls earlier in the game. One handball and one foul. The pk call was 100% correct. Just because it never gets called it doesn’t mean that’s not a pk.

  11. Well both teams on the otherside of thebracket played 120 minutes today. Hopefully the kickball game that the US played willbenefit them going forward. Should be fresh.

  12. Well, that’s tough luck for Costa Rica. Nevertheless, this is “mission accomplished”. 5 Mexican players sitting on yellow cards, playing an extra half hour of football after an intense group stage. Let’s see how far Panama can push them in the semifinals.

  13. Wow! What a disgrace of a call!!! PK? Well Mexico needs to win,…entitlements and all that.

    Here we go again with the projectiles,….grotesque. Animals.

  14. What an absolute disgrace by the referees in the Mex/Costa Rica game! You’re lucky Mexico that the officials are willing to give you the game.

  15. Such as lousy call. Peralta throws his legs forward because he knows the ball is over hisheqd. Terrible CONCACAF call. I thought the ref was good all night. But the linesman screwed thewhole crew and Costa Rica with the lastcall. Reallynaive to believe the theatrics of another Mexican dive.

  16. Wow, the fix is in. That was just dirty. It’ll be a US Mexico final. More likely than not we’re not winning the Gold Cup as Concacaf wants that playoff. That was just dirty and embarrassing.

    • It’s all about the money. The scandal with FIFA makes that abundantly clear if anyone had doubts. A final of, say, CR and Jamaica wouldn’t put many butts in the seats. Anything with Mexico guarantees a sellout.

    • The referee was Walter Lopez, from Guatamala, but you’re probably right that it was one of the USA ARs that made the call. That’s why there was a delay on the call and cluster/mass confrontation around the AR before the kick.

      Heck of a snow job in July…

  17. Wow,….Mexico stinks. I don’t know what’s worse,…El Tri or the Mexican fans. Did you see them throwing hundreds of bottles at the T&T player during their group stage match. Maybe SBI could post the clip of the injury time disgrace by the Mexico fans. They are grotesque,….they act like animals. Donald Trump you big got,…what would possess you to say the things you do?

    • It’s a shame how people like you have only started watching this sport a couple of months yet your opinion is expressed like if you knew what you were talking about…… What a queer!

      • Wow! Chivas boy,….what is 40 years x 12? A few months? What is interesting is that you don’t address my points. El Tri are crap and Mexican fans act like animals. What do you have to say about that. Did you just see the referee gift Mexico the game? Did you see the T&T match with the animals throwing projectiles at the T&T players?

        Queer? What is that supposed to mean? Let me guess,…you are Mexican,…living I the USA, working, not paying taxes and your not a citizen but you want citizenship and free health benefits, etc., etc.? Anyway,…why don’t you go to a game, get drunk, throw bottles at players and then get up and bus tables with a hangover.

      • You may think I’m being p.c. on steroids, but I am a student of history and it bothers me when I see people objectify and stereotype a whole class of people. Yes, there behavior was deplorable and I complained about it the other day on this board and said the referee should have stopped the game until the debris stopped and threatened a forfeit. But, when you call people animals, implying they are less than human, and apply this broad brush to all Mexican fans, that can lead to not only attitudes, but behavior that is as bad as that you are complaining about. Depredations are committed against groups because others consider them less than human and all in that group as being that way.

      • Gary,

        Your not being PC on steroids. Fair point. But explain to me this abnormal behavior by Mexico fans (did you notice their encore after the Costa Rica game?). They are in the US,…at a beautiful stadium watching their national team,….and they act like that? Why? It wasn’t one bottle! It was raining bottles!! What is the underlying attitude, culture? Why do they do this?

      • You said it. I’m sure the family of that poor girl who was murdered on the pier in Sa Francisco is saying the same thing!

    • Calm down princess. I would be a terrible thing for you to get a busted lip over a sport you just started watching weeks ago.

      • Sorry to disapoint you,….bus boy. Cracks me up how you go off on this homophobic tangent out of no where. Maybe it’s that strange Latino machismo thing. What are you,…5’3″?

        Hurry,…your going to be late for standing out side the local Home Depot.

    • It has been ridiculously hot and humid for these games. Everyone looks very heavy legged. Maybe that has affected the sharpness required for good finishing.

  18. I’m stoked for this Mex/Costa game. Stoked it’s a quarter and not semi or final and that this should be two of three best our region

  19. Why the complaints about the Fox Sports app? It always works fine for me. Which I can’t say for the NBC Sports or ESPN apps.

    • most likely for the same reason you don’t like the NBC app or espy apps, presumably because they don’t work for you.

  20. Fox Soccer 2 Go or Fox Sports Go or whatever it’s called. The one you don’t pay for works really well, while the one you do pay for is normally crap. Great job Fox!

    • costa rica were robbed. If a CR fan, I would be on the field right now 5 minutes after whistle. I’ll let you decipher what I mean

      • No you wouldn’t you be in your mothers basement complaining on a blog comment section, like a true American.

      • when it works… cuts serve tried to say “MLS Live is having trouble finding your location.” although i used it with no problem for 2 months then for the last month it doesn’t work on my phone. only at home on my apple tv. defeats the point of being able to watch on the go.

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