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CONCACAF announces ticket lottery process for USMNT-Mexico clash in October

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Fans hoping to attend the CONCACAF Cup between the United States and Mexico on Oct. 10 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., will take their first step toward securing the tickets in two weeks.

The confederation announced Thursday that fans will be able to apply online at on Wednesday, Sept. 9 for the right to purchase tickets through a lottery system, though no specific time for when the application will begin was given.

CONCACAF will notify the winning applicants on Sept. 18 and provide them with the opportunity to select specific seating preferences with the limit capped at six tickets per applicant and one entry per household.

As for the supporters groups of both the U.S. and Mexico, an additional ticketing process will be conducted independently through each federation.

The limited, remaining tickets will be made available to the general public on Sept. 29, with more information on that process to be release in the coming weeks.

“One of our goals for this game was to make the Rose Bowl a representation of both passionate fan bases,” CONCACAF Acting General Secretary Ted Howard said. “The interest and demand for an event of this magnitude requires a process that allows for an opportunity for a fair and equitable distribution of tickets.”

The winner of CONCACAF Cup clash will earn a berth in the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia.

This year marks the first occasion in which CONCACAF is conducting a split for the region’s berth in the FIFA Confederations Cup. CONCACAF announced in 2013 that it will undergo with this format moving forward, at the same time giving equal importance to both of the CONCACAF Gold Cup competitions within the four-year cycle.

Mexico qualified for its berth by winning the 2015 Gold Cup, while the U.S. were crowned winners of the tournament in 2013.


  1. If U.S. fans don’t want to be outnumbered, then they should buy tickets and not resell them. But knowing my state, many will probably resell them and you can guess who the buyers might be.

  2. I was wondering if USA fans could buy the tickets and only sell them to USA fans. But in Cali you might go to jail for something like that. They would call it hateful and racist despite the fake that Mexican is not a race and that there are plenty of Mexican American USA fans. Although they are much fewer in Cali. I would bet Texas has the most Mexican American USA fans.

  3. If JK sends out another bizarre lineup on October 10, with an inexperienced back four ready to get chewed up by Mexico’s attack, my TV may not survive.

    • I’m a fan of JK even if I don’t agree with everything he does but he needs to be less stubborn about certain things. He needs to have Gonzalez and Besler starting.

  4. Of course the key, which they dont tell us is the percent of tickets split between the federations and the lottery. The federation allotment is probably lip service, with 75K in the lottery, which will mean 60 of the 75K is mexican fans

  5. This lottery may well be an attempt by CONCACAF – under pressure from US Soccer – to try to make this game NOT a home game for Mexico, as games at the Rose Bowl usually are. Try to figure out a way to get as many US supporters in the stadium as El Tri supporters.

    • It’s all window dressing. I’ve been to enough soccer games at the Rose Bowl to know what to expect on Oct 10. It’ll be the same as Gold Cup 2011 as far as support goes (I was seated in a “US Supporters” section back then and it was anything but).

      Whatever. Our boys just need to find a way to win in spite of it.

  6. Hoping the classy Mexican fans bring plenty of trash to throw on the field………and their laser pointers. Got to have those too.

    • Watch out, I’ve been told comments like this mean you are racist. Or maybe that only applies when I say them. Maybe Rob the Mexico fan can help us out?

      • I’m as much of a Mexico fan as you’re a tolerant, unbiased person.
        You seem to conveniently forget your “Mexican pigs” and “low life Mexicans” posts.
        BTW, I love it when you think of me even when I’m not around.
        Now, tell us about your “Mexican wife and half-half kids”

      • I don’t recall those posts because they don’t exist. My wife is Mexican, not sure why you doubt that. Do you think because my wife is Mexican I can’t find the behavior of Mexico fans appalling?

        Now, please go back to hanging up your Chicharito posters in your bedroom. Thanks.

    • Actually, I read that they’re just going to require all the players on the pitch to wear protective eyewear. Oh BTW, they’ll be selling laser pointers in the concession stands … no point in missing a revenue stream, you know?

      Side point: Amazing how far US Soccer has come … just 30 years ago, the USSF CHOSE to play a crucial WCQ against Costa Rica in one of the most concentrated Costa Rican-American areas in the country (Torrance, CA) … simply to get a better crowd and thus more ticket revenue. The US only needed a draw to advance to the 3-team final group, but got beat 1-0.

  7. This is why a lot of people found all the dubious calls in Mexico’s favor at the Gold Cup pretty fishy. Now Concacaf gets to hold a playoff at the Rose Bowl, where there’s enough demand that, even with 100,000 seats they still need a lottery. To be fair, the 2013 Gold Cup was a bunch of B teams and it should have been the winner of this year’s Gold Cup that went to the Confederations Cup, as in the past. Instead, we have this silly money making scheme. A playoff to determine who gets to go to some meaningless tournament two years from now.

    • Slowleft, I agree with you, but at the same time, I don’t care anymore. Why? Because speaking for myself, who would I rather see: Mex vs USA, or Panama/Jamaica vs USA? Obviously the first option. Also, If I had to choose between having a USA vs Mex game that counts at the Rosebowl, or not having a game at all, which would I pick? Once again the first option. Just enjoy this gift we have been given, no matter how forced it was.

      • The willingness to ignore the minor detail of illegitimate results (until it effects ones own team) and a filthy dirty organization so entertainment will not be disrupted is exactly the sentiment that enables the status quo…. FIFA’s blatant, arrogant, can’t touch me corruption into perpetuity. We’re all no better than a bunch of crack-heads.

      • Speak for yourself buddy, I am much better than a crack-head. While I despise Concacaf’s/Fifa’s corruption, at the same time I know I (by myself) am powerless to do anything about it (especially on this SBI comment board). So I’m not going to get all worked up about it; And I will have me some fun on October 10th.

      • listen, I am friends with the head of the FIFA task force at the FBI… none of you are powerless. Literally, they have an email address, and they have a budget that would shock you.

        One Center Plaza, Suite 600
        Boston, MA 02108
        Phone: (617) 742-5533
        Fax: (617) 223-6327

        call em, or email em, when you see something fishy (but please don’t abuse it).

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