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SBI Question of the Day: Is Glasgow Rangers a good move for Gedion Zelalem?

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As he begins to evolve from prodigy to professional, Gedion Zelalem looks set to earn himself some first team minutes this season, albeit at a level slightly lower than expected.

Reports revealed Tuesday that the U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team midfielder is nearing a move to Glasgow Rangers, a club that has proven to welcome several American players with open arms. However, now in a fight back up the Scottish league system due to financial issues, the Rangers Zelalem appears set to join now is one much different than that of the days of Maurice Edu, Carlos Bocanegra or DaMarcus Beasley.

Now in the Scottish second division, Zelalem joins a club that is highly favored to continue its climb through the country’s ranks. Facing off with competition well below the standard at Arsenal or even the English Championship, Zelalem may not be seeing the test neccesary to truly take that next step.

On the other hand, the level of play should afford Zelalem plenty of first team minutes. Playing for a club with a rabid fan base with passion and expectations to match, Zelalem will be expected to perform week in, week out for a team that is among the most historically significant in Europe.

What do you think of the potential loan deal? Have your say in the poll and state your reasoning in the comments below :

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Is a loan to Glasgow Rangers a good move for Gedion Zelalem?

What do you think of the potential loan move? Like it? hate it?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Some posters need to do some research before commenting on where gedion zelalem is going on loan . Glasgow rangers are a massive team with a massive support not just in scotland , worldwide! Yes they had money problems , nearly all teams in scotland do ! The eleven premiership teams decided to demote glasgow rangers down to the bottom league . There is a new manager and have a new ethic at the club . The manager has a squad of experienced players and young loan players he knows from his time managing in england . They missed out in the playoffs last season because of mediocre players and journeymen not playing for the jerseys . This season its different , a good start to the season , playing in front of 50,000 crowds every 2nd week , experienced and young players playing for each other ! Is it a good move for gedion zelalem and glasgow rangers ? I would say yes it is , playing in the scottish championship he will gain experience and will be challenged physically and be playing in front of a big and appreciative crowds every 2nd week . What people have to remember is glasgow rangers are the most successful team in scotland and are trying to get back to where they belong , in the scottish premiership, and hopefully gedion zelalem can help them to get there if he goes on loan to glasgow rangers !

  2. It appears the other teams involved are Fulham, Charlton, and Birmingham City, and that the deal would be until January with an option to renew for the remainder of the season.

  3. It’s obvious that Rangers is an excellent choice. 40K supporters week in and week out, a winning culture – they JUST missed out on promotion, and a young midfield that he is primed to earn minutes in. Yes, it is physical, yes the opponents are direct. But this is why you have players like Zelalem, who can dribble and see ridiculous passes – to unlock a defensive team. You rely on this type of player in that scenario. On the other side, opponent that comes at you with an attacking game plan is dealt with by good teamwork.

    Whether he is physically ready for first team ball ANYWHERE is yet to be seen, but this is a good opportunity.

    This survey is like a report card for posters on the site, LOL.

  4. I think the concept that the premier league is the only answer to young US players developing, is a little overhyped…IMO. The only reason we fall at the Brits feet’s is because of the language barrier. I think we need to look out of the box a bit. For example…that is why I am happy with Zardes getting looks from Belgium. Look at Bradley…developed his game in Germany and definitely fine tuned it in Italy, while he was thorn aside like trash at Aston Villa. Also, a young player coming to the MLS is not that bad, especially when you are young to prove yourself and to move to a bigger club across the pond…for example Sebastian Lletget he is only 22 and he is playing unreal for the Galaxy. I am just saying, we should open our horizons and not limit ourselves to the UK.

    • Killerinstinct,

      Whose horizons need to be opened? SBI fans or the players?

      My guess is the players go where they can find the best opportunity to develop and get paid.

      And that is different for each individual.

      It is easy for you to dismiss the language barrier. Have you ever tried to live abroad and learn a new language and culture and tried to excel in your new job at the same time? Easy for you to say.

      KIllerinstinct is not the guy who would have to learn how to speak or at least get around in Russian,Portuguese, French, Italian, German or Spanish etc., and then have to navigate the off field cultural issues all while trying to impress on the field..

      Complain to the players not the fans who have no control over these issues.

      • Jraz,

        Meaning what? Juan had a chance to join Stoke a move that would have increased his revenue dramatically and, by all accounts Hughes really wanted him. Had the red tape been worked out I think Juan could have done well at Stoke.

      • GW,

        Where did I say it was its easy to live abroad? Secondly, that is my observation and opinion and not for you to get your panties in a bind and act like soccer snob. You act like all players in the world stay in countries that speak there language. If that were the case, half of the premier league would have left already (the part of league that we watch it for and certainty not for the quality of the English players)…which is why I mentioned Bradley…he was able to adapt…and the job you are referencing to “excel” in, is playing a sport for God sake, not the corporate world!

      • KillerInstinct

        “Where did I say it was its easy to live abroad?”

        In this sentence:

        “I think the concept that the premier league is the only answer to young US players developing, is a little overhyped…IMO. The only reason we fall at the Brits feet’s is because of the language barrier. I think we need to look out of the box a bit.”

        You imply here that players “ fall at the brits feet because of the language barrier” and I point out there is a very good reason for that.

        “Secondly, that is my observation and opinion and not for you to get your panties in a bind and act like soccer snob.”

        “ I am just saying, we should open our horizons and not limit ourselves to the UK.”

        Yes that is your opinion and my observation and opinion of your opinion and how you revealed it to everyone is that you are being snobbish when you accuse everyone else of not as open minded as you.

        “You act like all players in the world stay in countries that speak there language. If that were the case, half of the premier league would have left already ”

        That is false. What I said was players go where they think they have the best overall deal for themselves. That could be England ,China ,India, Qatar, Finland or even Missouri.

        “which is why I mentioned Bradley…he was able to adapt…and the job you are referencing to “excel” in, is playing a sport for God sake, not the corporate world!”

        Are you saying professional soccer is not big business? Are you saying Mikey does not make a ton of money, more than a lot of people in the “corporate world”? And that they don’t have all the pressure that goes with that? I guess I did not realize that American soccer players were amateur sportsmen just out there playing for the love of the game.

      • Don’t tell me what I implied…that’s more like your interpretation, and how you twisted my words to prove your point…the word “easy to live abroad” were never posted from me. What I did mention is that sometimes the general concept that the English Premier is somehow the only answer for young US players, is limiting the their opportunities to develop else where, but that they go their out of comfort instead (same language).

        As for the “corporate world” you completely missed my point… I was comparing the example of an ex-pat in the corporate world in where it is much different than being a professional athlete abroad. Yes the pressure is there , but one requires more mental capabilities than the other (i.e. corporate rules, reading documents, interacting daily with business people, etc..) as an athlete yes you have the pressure to perform, but to display your talent on a field for a sport …All I am saying is that Bradley did it, why can’t others? A bunch of players around the world deal with culture shocks and language barriers and they deal with it (translators, etc.)…not to take away from the sport, but ultimately you are getting paid to stay fit, train a couple hours a day, and play the one sport you have played all your life, every weekend, this is not like dealing in international Business.

    • KI- No MLS team is going to make that move at this point in the season. Look at the other U-20 players that are on MLS rosters with the exception of Miazga at NYRB they see little playing time. They won’t use an allocation on a kid that won’t add too many fans to the seats for only 10 games. The fans that know who he is are already at the games, they want European names that casual fans know and will make a trip for like Pirlo, Lampard, Gerard, and Dos Santos.

  5. The Transatlantic Cup.

    MLS Top Team not in CCL

    2nd Canadian Team from Canada Cup

    Highest finishing team in Championship not promoted

    Scottish PL 4th Place Team

    Spanish 2nd Division 4th Place

    French Ligue 2 4th Place

    Dutch League 8th Place

    Portugal League (Highest Finisher not in European Cups)

    Two Groups of 4, home and away series to be held in March – April. Semis and Final held at neutral site first week in June when European Leagues are concluded.

    If only we hadn’t indicted all the corrupt officials and organizers that could make this happen.

      • One of my criteria is that everyone should take the games seriously.

        If this tournament is not popular and does, not make a lot of money it is hard to believe everyone would give it their all. Second tier teams like the Championship and would rather prioritize promotion and the French Dutch and Portuguese teams would focus on higher table finishes and possibly getting into Europe.

        If on the other hand , there was big money involved, that would change things.

  6. If anything, Scotland is even more physical than the EPL. Of course there’s a risk of injury, but there is also the possibility for Gediom to find his feet. He will most likely get plenty of playing time and experience.

    In short, I like the move for him. It’s a chane to grow as a physical player, something he needs to do to succeed at the next level.

  7. I’m happy for the guy. The last thing we need is anothed Julian Green debacle. Rather than being loaned out & finding a new setting quite unsettling he will have an opportunity to work his way into the first team. Arsenal & Rangers have a relationship that goes way back & I feel this is a great move for all parties involved.

  8. I think such a loan is too soon when you remember his age. At Arsenal, with the COC as well as the Under 21’s, he will now have plenty of game time to develop into the player we all hope he will be in a couple of season’s time. No point in rushing.

    The more important point is the reason why he is blossoming now. I believe that in the absence of Dan Crowley, who is a different type of player, he is getting the full responsibility as the creative midfielder, and it suits him. Any move now and he will be back competing for space on the pitch from senior colleagues and it will hurt his confidence as much as his development.

    In another year, if there are no openings for him in the Arsenal team, subbing for Ozil would be the obvious role? then a loan might work well for him. Personally I would rather him be allowed to grow his game a little more, before adding unnecessary pressures on him.

    • Did you watch the U-20 world cup, he cannot regularly sub in for Ozil. He’s not ready for that. Patience people, patience.

  9. If it’s a step up from the Arsenal U21s then it’s a worthwhile loan. All he needs to do is impress and when he returns next preseason show his growth. He’ll probably be loaned again for the 16/17 season as well…hopefully in England tho…ie another step up in competition. The kid will be alright, because merica.

  10. Ives, you nailed it. I am a rabid Arsenal fan, and the other day Arsene Wenger said if he had his way the English premier league U-21 teams would do like in other countries and play in the 3rd division in order for the players primarily to experience the build-up before a professional game. Exactly what Gedion will get at a huge club like Rangers who due to circumstances are playing in a lower league. I think it is safe to say that Gedion’s choice of loan club was hand-picked by Arsene, especially since he could have loaned him to a Premier League team according to reports. Arsene doesn’t send his players to the weight room until they are fully grown, and I am sure Gedion will do that when the time comes. At Rangers he will experience an professional atmosphere and learn to compete for his place against men, play against powerful players all far enough away from the cushy Arsenal training ground the same as other star Arsenal youngsters Arsene grooms for the first team. Gedion will have lots of opportunity to make the Arsenal first team, now it is up to him to begin proving to Arsene he has what it takes.

    • Being an Arsenal fan as well I agree. Wenger is very particular about where he sends his players. He almost always starts them off at a lower level league and let them get playing time there and grow. After a year he’ll see how they have progressed and move them up (or keep them there). Look at Chuba Akpom. 3 years ago he went to a League 1 team, then 2 years ago a more accomplished League 1 team, then last year he went to a Champions league team, this summer he worked out and played in many of the pre-season games and is almost ready to break into Arsenal, so he sent him Hull City (who is essentially a low level EPL team, high level Championship team). If he performs well there and continues to progress then next year he will either be with Arsenal or be loaned to an EPL team. (Like Gnabry).

      So for the non-Arsenal fans, Here is how the progression should hopefully go. Scottish 2nd division, League 1, Championship, Then start getting looked at for Arsenal’s first team. That should be the normal progression for Zelalem. If you see that then you can expect the Summer of 2018 for him to be on the level and ready for the Premier League (meaning he should be a member of the WC team). I’d only start worrying if by 2017-18 he still is being loaned to League 1 teams (which if that is the case by the summer of 2018 he will likely be transfered out…see Benik Afobe). Still doesn’t mean he won’t be good, just means he won’t be World Class material, but still probably one of the better USMNT players. If he is playing in Championship next year, then he is progressing FASTER and it will be a VERY good sign.

  11. My only concern is that the leagues in Scotland are pretty physical. The move could help toughen him up or lead to injury. Unsure on this one…

  12. The correct answer is: As Long As He Plays.

    The best answer is: As Long As He Starts.

    An acceptable answer is: Arsenal is keeping a close eye him. This is his chance to prove he can be a 90-minute player.

    A bad answer is: He would be better off in MLS.

  13. Why does everyone automatically assume mls is better than most European leagues? If mls was in Europe with its current players it wouldn’t even make a dent in champions league. I’m a mls fan but to say that rangers is worse than mls teams is just not right, Rangers is a world known club any teen player would love to play there. Clubs around the world will see him play there vs u21 team or mls so let’s just wait and see before we criticize the move.

    • It’s also not right to just say any European team is better then MLS. Truth is no one really knows. There is no way at all to directly compare MLS to the second division in Scotland. Scotland’s Country coefficient is below Cyrus and Israel at this point. doesn’t even have Rangers in the top 1000. I’m not say they are better or worse just that no one really knows.

    • A case in point is Bob Bradley and Staebaek landed Cole Grossman from RSL where Grossman was not a sure starter in midfield. For Staebaek Grossman has played in 19 out of 20 games and has 3 goals, more playing time and goals than he could manage at RSL or Columbus. So at least for this one midfield player now in Norway, MLS was tougher to break into than the 2nd place team in the Norwegian first league was. I am so confident that Rangers is presently better than MLS and I would argue that MLS is equal or better than nearly all 2nd division teams in europe and better than the first divsion teams in nearly all the smaller countries.

      • Norway is your example of European soccer? Not even a Top 10 league in Europe.

        2nd MLS makes it hard for loans from European clubs because they want the right to buy the player,.

        3rd an MLS team isn’t going to take on an 18 year old thats unproven at the full team level, at this point in their season with a month and a half left. What would happen to GZ when the Chicago Fire season ends in October, he wouldn’t be eligible until January for another team and that team would have its lineup fully entrenched.

        Finally, Bob Bradley is not a great manager, don’t like Klinsman fine but don’t invent that Bradley is did anything great.

      • Dennis,

        Why did Cole Grossman not make RSL‘s roster? Was it about talent? Or was it about money ? Or maybe it was a numbers game? Like maybe RSL already too many guys as good or better at his position? Maybe Cole wanted to use his skill to travel and see the world? I’d be careful about drawing too many conclusions on comparing leagues based on one player. For what it is worth, Norway is ranked something like #26 in the UEFA coefficient of leagues while Scotland is ranked at #23.

        What do you mean when you say Rangers is better ( or worse) than MLS ?

        On the field? On the financial side? As a place for a young player to develop?

        The only way to really determine which league is “better” than another on the field is to have them play their best teams against your best teams in a serious competition where the teams are all at the same stage of readiness or form and where all teams take it seriously.

        The only competition I know of that fits that description is the UEFA Champions League.

        So these arguments that MLS is better or worse than League X will not likely ever be tested.

        Perhaps you mean that man for man the Rangers team would not stack up against certain MLS rosters? The Galaxy have an arguably more talented roster than Rangers. They might even cost more.

        If you want to play the game of going down a roster and comparing players one on one then I’m sure there will be a number of MLS teams that, on paper, have better players than Rangers.

        But that doesn’t mean they play better or that they would be a better place to send a teenager to develop his game.

        For example where could GZ go where the players he will play against are on average, better than the guys he trains against? I believe he trains with the Arsenal first team.

        It seems clear that Wenger values GZ and has some sort of progression in mind for him and his other young Arsenal players. Apparently the present Rangers manager is planning liven up his team with a bunch of promising young loanees from elsewhere to chase promotion. My guess is Wenger is familiar with the manager and is in agreement with how Rangers plan on using GZ. A promotion chase at a big club should be good practice for GZ . It will give him skills and experience he can’t get in the reserves. A few years ago Harry Redknapp pulled his Spurs teams out of their reserve leagues and found loans for his most promising players. I don’t know how it all turned out but his argument at the time was that the competition and motivation in the reserves was too uneven.

        A few months at Rangers isn’t going to take GZ’s skills away and it should add new ones to them. As long as he doesn’t get involved with anything like assaulting an Elvis impersonator he should be okay.

      • Wow! I was merely pointing out that MLS is likely better than SOME European Leagues, Norway, Scottish 2nd division, probably Austria, maybe Belgium. My comment said nothing about Bradley’s quality as a manager, just that he was the coach who helped get Grossman to Norway. And I never said this proved anything, it is what it is, an example of how one player found it easier in Norway than in MLS (you could argue that Mix Diskerud is finding MLS tougher than Norway as well). Right now, I would say Jozy is finding it tougher in MLS than he found it in the Eerdivisie, but I don’t really think MLS is better than the Dutch league.(a counter example if you will)

      • Dennis,

        I prefer the FourFourTwo article on Bob.

        If you read my reply to you carefully it says nothing about BB who I hold in the highest regard. If you care to look back at SBI you will find that he was criticized just as savagely as JK is being criticized now. .

        My reply to you was more about the futility of comparing MLS to League XYZ.

        MLS is a very unique league in the history of the game and comparing it to other leagues is a pointless p++sing contest.

        It is doing well, is getting better and that is good enough for me.

        GZ won’t be loaned to an MLS team because to do so does not suit Arsenal’s plan for GZ right now.

        If they did one would think he would have been loaned to the Rapids who have a relationship with Arsenal through Stan Arsenal shareholder.

        Also Ivan Gazidis , Arsenal’s chief executive was on the founding management team of M LS, and at one point, its deputy commissioner.

        Based on those relationships I am making the wild assumption that Arsenal are more that a little familiar with MLS and have decided to look elsewhere to school up their kids.

  14. Based on the recent encounters between Scottish and Kazakh teams in the Euro preliminaries, (Celtic barely got through, Aberdeen were knocked out by opposition from Kazakhstan), it is safe to say that Scottish football is no better than Kazakhstani football.

    Scottish football is still dominated by kicking, running, huffing and puffing, and zero talent on the pitch.

    And here we are talking about a second tier club in Scotland…this is one of the few instances in which I would say: stay State-side, son!

    • But he doesn’t belong to a stateside team. I am not directing this at Ivan but some of you seem to think this is Fifa for XBox and you can just pick whatever team you want to go to.

  15. He needs technically sound players around him to be fully effective. He clearly thrives in arsenals system. Should be interesting, hopefully he muscles up.

  16. He should go to a 2. Bundesliga team. Maybe St. Pauli in Hamburg. Zelalem has a similar situation as did Julian Green. The difference is that he is a little more mature. He needs to first grow up. He needs to avoid injuries and in Germany you don’t have these horrendous fouls. MLS would not be good for him for the same reason. There are people in MLS who try to put people out of commission. Sorry to say, the BPL and more so MLS have often refereeing that indicates too much experience with American Football. Injuries are not supposed to be included in the package, but in MLS it’s kind of understood that they will happen.

  17. Rangers are great. Look what it did for Beasley’s career. Scottish football is just not the best option for some players. I think Zelalem may be one of those who won’t come out right in a blood and guts league.

  18. This move does not feel like a good one to me. Heightened injury risk and a tactical sink hole that exists amidst the pot holes on pitches dug from meaty challenges . I suppose one could infer that Zelalem wants the physical challenge. And US players are lucky that MLS still serves as a backstop, so if he can’t break through the mauling and sleet in Scotland he probably still can find a job.

    If US players want or need to target second division clubs in order to develop in Europe, I would think Germany or France would be better options. Wood moving but staying in the 2 Bundesliga at St. Pauli feels good, for example.

    Next US nat dice shooter on the career move craps table: Yedlin. Coming soon: Zardes, Down the road: Morris, along with a few other U20/23s, like Jameson and maybe Villareal, etc.

    • There’s something about UK soccer that seems less than ideal for developing players. I suppose stats verifying that hunch would be good, if anyone has seen anything done on the question.

      • I could think of some. If we were to look at the, say, top fifty players in the world, hardly any of them were really developed in the Premier League. The ones that play there were bought by English clubs after they became well-established talents. Or look at how awful the English and Scottish national teams are despite the strength of the Premier League. The English style of play is outdated and not conducive to technical development even if billionaire clubs like Chelsea are successful in the Champions League.

      • and by awful you mean they could beat usa any time with only their shoelaces tied together, not both shoelaces and with hands tied, yes?

        because england is one of the best teams in the world, “awful” only by their own high standards of excellence, yes?

  19. “Is nearing a move” how many times do we hear that only to find out it has collapsed or another team has offered?

    Also I haven’t seen other rumors of these Championship or other European first divisions offering loans so it seems silly to rant about how he should go here or there. Hyndman saw little playing time at Fulham after the first month of the season so there is little guarantee he would see time there.

    Finally MLS, really? How many MLS teams would give up allocation money for a loan of an 18 year old whose one footed. By the time he arrives and is match fit for a full professional game it would be a month and a half of the season left? Philadelphia Union, Chicago Fire sounds about right.

    • Can you hear the Rangers sing nooo nooo,

      Can you hear the Rangers sing nooo nooo,

      Can you hear the Rangers sing,

      I cannae hear a f*cking thing nooo noooooooooo…

  20. I like the move. Going somewhere like the Eredivisie would be kind of pointless. The vision and technical skill is nearly there for him. The next step is to do it with a grown man kicking at you.

  21. If Rangers was the only option then no, it was not a good decision.

    I just can’t see the upside of playing second division ball in Scotland.

  22. Rangers just was loaned 2 of Tottenham’s top prospects including one winger (Oduwa) that would definitely compete for Zelalem’s playing time. Oduwa was fantastic in the preseason and was just edged out of staying with the senior team. The guy freaking rainbow flicked over a defender in a game last weekend.

    I’d like to Zelalem in a better league, but preferably one with more guaranteed playing time.

  23. During U 20 WC, it seemed, at times, Zelalem was outmuscled and physically overmatched by defenders his age (re: Serbia/New Zealand). Perhaps a loan to Rangers allows for increased first team minutes while improving his physical development at the same time. He’s also close enough for Arsenal staff to closely monitor his development. Consideration of these factors makes the loan seem like a good move for him.

    • Zelalem was playing up in the U20 WC so he faced older players. As for the loan, Holland or even Belgioum would have been a much better destination. And the flights to Amsterdam and Brussels are shorter than a flight to Glasgow.

      • Exactly!!! Odds are he’ll be “playing up” @ Rangers.

        Not sure about flight schedules, so I’ll defer to your knowledge there. Where ever he lands, hopefully Zelalem gets what he needs to further his career on a positive trajectory.

    • “Zelalem was outmuscled and physically overmatched by defenders his age (re: Serbia/New Zealand)”

      I’m sure GZ has played against guys just as big and physical in England.

      With the UNder 20’s , GZ was the new guy having barely played with any of them.

      What that means is he was tentative about exactly where to go and what to do if only by a split second or so.

      A player like that is comparatively easy to “push around” because he is not exactly sure of what he is doing next. Once he gets more comfortable with the scheme and his teamates he can deal with physical play better because he will know how and where to move.

      Midfielders like Silva and Iniesta are not built like linebackers but they and their teammates know how and where to move to help each other out.

      A learning curve will be required wherever goes on loan as the new guy. But if Rangers play in the style that he is familiar with and aspiring to play in then it should get better in time.

  24. This article post might have been on of the most predictable ones in SBI history.

    “Hey look at all these posts and arguing between fans going on about this rumored Zelalem move. Hmm lets make a poll post for more clicks!”

    You can’t really answer this question unless if you know of the possible alternatives, if there were any. Since we don’t know of any alternatives, then right now we are comparing a move to Rangers vs no move at all (stay at Arsenal U-21). I guess the Rangers move wins out in that comparison.

    • I agree with you. If we are talking Rangers vs Arsenal u21s, yup, you are right.

      Zelalem is in that spot where he has out grown the reserves,however, not quite mature enough for the BPL (especially Arsenal) or a top league. If you saw his latest goal, he ran circles around that u21 defense.

      He is like a tomato on the vine that is turning slightly red but not quite there yet for picking. Sorry, yea, lame.

      He needs to be challenged by playing with men game in and game out. But at a manageable level so he does not drown, be benched and have the confidence sucked out. Wenger has a stated liking for him and sees his upside. I really hope they thought hard about this and think the circumstances at Rangers is a recipe for the kid’s development. And not just for the money that Rangers are willing to put out for an 18-19 year old loaner.

      Despite Rangers financial situation, loaning is a lot cheaper than owning so that is not a bad strategy on their part – being aggressive with loan offers. Well, not like they have much of a choice anyway. Buying talent for the 2nd division has to be challenging.

      Bottom line, he has a nice game and talent but he is a kid and needs to mature. If you watched the u20’s this summer, you saw glimpses of talent but also glimpses of competitive passiveness.

      Talk about him on the full USMNT needs to stop for a while. And I really hope JK does not call him in anytime soon. Call him in for the u23’s and let him work for the Olympics which probably is the plan.

      The comments he made about him being ready for the full USMNT was counterproductive by setting unrealistic expectations.


      • Klinsmann is just so scared of not getting any possible dual national (except Ethan Finlay) that he’ll pretty much say or do anything. I think he doesn’t seem to even notice that in doing so he’s alienated parts of the National team. It’s kind of slap in the face when you pull out these 18 year old’s playing in reserve sides and say they are already better then anyone else playing on the National team. (even if its true)

      • I am not so sure he has “outgrown the reserves”.

        He had some moments in the recent youth WC, but he also showed some weaknesses that will be even more glaring when he is facing grown men. He still looks to me like a player who can play a role for a whole lot of teams, but his limitations with regard to physicality (here I mean ability to not be dominated by it rather than in the sense of dishing it out) that he will almost surely overcome if he is not pounded into submission first.

  25. I get the “level of competition” argument. But minutes and confidence seem to be overlooked these days. There is no point in having someone at a higher level of competition if they cant get minutes, and when they do, they are outclassed on the field. That type of situation does not do much in the way of improvement or confidence (see Ricardo Clarke for an example). He’s 18, getting him time at a big club against competition he can succeed against will do just fine for now.

    • He should get loaned to a real league. A real competition (hint: MLS)

      Running over weaker teams isn’t going to help him one bit, get him in a real competition where he can actually help win a championship, rather than just be another player almost guaranteed to win one with or without him.

      • Arsenal arent gonna allow a buy provision (which MLS requires on loans) and what good would playing a half dozen games do him compared to a full season at Rangers?

      • Mr. “quit whining” is an MLS snob. He thinks other leagues are pointless because they have relegation and not enough parity.

      • True.

        For a reason though. He is wasting his time there.

        When the outcome is already known, there is no pressure and less development.

        Very logical and very true.

        MLS isnt the only opportunity, but it is the best in almost every case. The players know it and they will flock to MLS and the biggest teams. And by will, I mean already do anytime MLS can put up enoigh money.

      • You’re preaching is ridiculous. Many small clubs mean a lot to a lot of people in the world whether they win or not. Clubs go down a division but keep their supporters. Clubs dissolve and go through hard times. It’s culture. It’s not about marketing. Crawl out of your hole.

      • MLS would be a lot more interesting if they were a better loan destination to prospects like GZ. The primary reason they are not a loan destination is the option to buy clause they insist on, inexperienced coaching, lack of player development track record, spring to fall schedule, etc further limit this idea… all of these could be easily changed if MLS was interested.

      • I think they should make a US /Canada nationals exception to the rule. Having Green in MLS certainly would be better then him on Bayern II again. His Dad is in Florida i think, a loan to Orlando would be pretty cool.

      • Going to a fall to spring schedule is not feasible in the least. Have you ever been to the northern half of the US in winter? Most places in Europe don’t have winters like we do and those that do generally are on the same schedule we are.

      • Have you been to the northern half of Europe in winter? There winters are more brutal. Can you say arctic circle?

      • Glasgow gets cold, yes, but it’s winters are not like most of northern Europe, The Gulf Stream dumps right onto Scotland and moderates the temps. Noe the highland can get cold, but Glasgow is not in the Scotish highlands.

        All in all it’s a good move. Glasgow will play him. At the U20’s I was dismayed on how much he was pushed off the ball and lost possession. He will be pushed around a lot in the Scottish second division and he will learn to stay on the ball, get a better first touch, and more importantly, pass the ball quickly before he’s gooned.

        Otherwise he will be injured in the first three weeks he’s there.

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