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Much-anticipated FIFA 16 release date arrives on Tuesday




The day that thousands upon thousands of soccer fans across the world have anxiously been waiting for has arrived. FIFA 16 is officially in stores.

EA Sports released the latest version of its popular soccer video game series on Tuesday, dropping FIFA 16 in stores across the United States and North America. This year’s installment of the annual title¬†marks a historic first, as women’s national teams have been made playable. The German Bundesliga also has a fully-licensed presentation package on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions.

Refinements to the gameplay were also made, new goal celebrations were included, a FIFA Ultimate Team Draft mode was implemented, and nine new stadiums were added for gamers to choose from. The Seattle Sounders’ CenturyLink Field is now the second MLS venue in the FIFA series, and others that are being introduced this year include Fratton Park and El Monumental.

FIFA 16, a demo of which was made playable two weeks ago, is available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. It will hit stores in Europe on Thursday.

You can see a preview of FIFA below:



What do you think about FIFA 16? Planning on buying it? For which system? Which modes are you most looking forward to playing?

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  1. Why is Morgan on the cover? She is more overhyped brand than footballer at this point, and she had a nothing year on the pitch individually. Riding on the coattails of true greats in the women’s game it seems, and Lloyd this year. Plenty women’s players who are more deserving.

    • she’s not overhyped imo, she’s been struggling with injuries, but I get that there are other better women in the game right now, but that’s not the lone criteria to making the cover

  2. I just played the demo on PS3 and wasn’t impressed. I think FIFA games are slowly starting to get away from me. I feel like they are getting more herky-jerky, but maybe it’s just me playing them less and not being as up to date with it’s evolution of game mechanics as I should be. I’m guessing the PS4 version runs a bit smoother. The player entrance and anthem was wooden and often choppy, and controlling players felt less responsive than they did on the PES demo.

    Whatever though, I don’t play video games enough anymore to warrant buying. I always get the World Cup version though.

  3. Why is it so difficult for them to add new stadiums? Is it a licensing thing? They have a League Two stadium, and two Saudi stadiums, but only two MLS stadiums, only one Eredivisie stadium…

    • I hear ya. My guess is that it comes down to how the developers manage their finite resources. Should they spend time and money on stadiums, faces, AI, licenses, etc.? Unfortunately we can’t have it all. I wish we had more in game shots of the stadium besides just the first few rows. Madden does a good job with this.

    • EA should be able to import any NFL stadiums being used in MLS from Madden and could even do NCAA stadiums which were all modeled for the long gone NCAA football game. Maybe a Rose Bowl Mexico vs USA game before the real thing?! I wish…

    • The eternal question. But when you consider how many teams are in the game, there are tons of stadiums you can argue should be added to the game (before MLS teams). And even with MLS’ recent big push, I’d have to imagine that adding the stadiums from a league that “no one cares about”, is not very high on the list of priorities. Let’s face it, us readers of SBI may play FIFA using our beloved MLS teams, but we represent a very small portion of the gaming public.

      • The game is also pretty biased towards English football from the dev team, so they do have that “no one cares about MLS” mentality. Only when mkt types request it they add American stuff.

        Heck, the game is produced in Canada and they just added the CanMNT this year!

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