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David Beckham “getting closer” to MLS Miami stadium announcement

David Beckham 6

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David Beckham’s quest for a Miami stadium may finally have an end in sight.

After months of reports and rumors, Beckham says he and his ownership group are nearing an announcement regarding a soccer-specific stadium in Miami. Beckham has been looking to finalize stadium plans for the past year-and-a-half to officially be awarded an expansion MLS franchise, and is apparently nearing that goal at long last.

“We are getting closer,” Beckham told Sky Sports. “There’s a lot of positivity around the city and I’ve always said that Miami is a place that will love a team. They need a team. They want a team. Hopefully in the next couple of months we’ll be able to make an announcement.”

In July, city of Miami commissioners voted in favor of allowing discussions to begin between local officials and Beckham’s group regarding a site near Marlins Park. The news is just the latest in the MLS Miami stadium saga, which Beckham has labeled as a frustrating process.

Beckham and MLS officially announced the league’s plans to have an expansion franchise in Miami in February 2014, but the project has faced considerable issues with regards to securing a stadium site. Potential locations in PortMiami and Downtown Miami were both shot down, but it looks like the group is nailing down a concrete stadium plan.

What do you think of the latest Beckham news? What are your expectations? Expect definitive news by the end of this year?

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  1. Ooops typo on Delay…delay!!!! jajaja … we long suffering die hard fans have champagne on ice chilling ready to go
    …had mine since 2009 over here!

  2. Am I the only one who bothered to actually listen to him? He stated things differently… Here is what he said exactly…the press edits him out and it loses his charm!….Plus the league is promoting all the other new teams first to capture the media, then will have him swoop in as the final jewel piece in the MLS crown for the International press. The headline should have been “Beckham explains New MLS Stadium Delay delay….”

    “It’s been frustrating over the last year and a half. Obviously we had the announcement at first, then you know, we had a couple of difficult times, which you know we kind of knew would happen at some point, because you know you can’t have everything smooth sailing, but everybody in Miami I think, is excited about us bringing a team there, we are getting closer. There is a lot of positivity around the city, and I’ve always said Miami is a place that is going to love a team, and they need a team, and they want a team! I think the fans, the people are excited and hopefully in the next couple of months we will be able to make an announcement.” David Beckham.

    Vamos Marcelo Claure, Bring it Simon Fuller and Becks ! Vamos Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez Vamos Major League Soccer (MLS) !!! Vamos Julio Caballero, Ed Serrano, Brian Corey, Mitchell Torres of the Southern Legion who were aFUSIONados in MLS… #WeWantOurTeamBack #MiamiNext

  3. yeoman’s work, mr. beckham. i am sure that these stadium negotiations are a kind of test of personal, inner strength, rather like walking on hot coals…

  4. I don’t get the impression Beckham made an announcement, I believe he replied to questions in an interview. I mean, it makes the news when he takes a dump, doesn’t he?

    This will be an extraordinary success, sooner or later.

  5. We all know Miami will have a fancy stadium,fancy name,fancy dps and they should be in the league latest 2018 right.
    LA2 is coming 2018 with Miami right,but I think Garber wants LA2 or Miami by 2017 in order to get cr7 or rooney or zlatan.
    As for Sacramento I feel bad,the only way they get in if it’s they make a gorgeous stadium.
    It’s not rocket science,if Garber let’s in Sacramento then how many mid size markets will be crying to get into mls,look at austin,Louisville,tucson,okc,tulsa,Tampa bay,raleigh,Pittsburgh.
    If Garber let’s in Sacramento, it might be the last mid size market to get into mls and the others might end up in nasl, and that might be mls worst nightmare.
    Midsize Markets with crazy soccer fans and proper stadium plans will make mls think twice about having an mls 2.

  6. Ok I am assuming some of you here must be in the official US Soccer supporters group or know someone that is. If so, you probably got an email today with a presale code for tickets to the Concacaf Cup. If you aren’t planning to go to the game (you don’t live in the L.A. area), perhaps you can send me your code?

  7. “Expect definitive news by the end of this year?” Nope.

    But I did hear that recently reclaimed land from a closed cell of the Miami-Dade County’s South Dade Landfill is available. Not as much of a downtown view, but it overlooks the Black Point Marina.

  8. Now that I have made an announcement about a future announcement, I will schedule a meet to discuss scheduling meetings!

    I am Don!

    I am Lord!

    Sunil – Bring me a cold drink and massage my feet!

  9. Oh cool – the monthly announcement about an announcement. I so look forward to these. When do they start the FC vs. SC discussion? I can’t wait for the next one of those!

  10. Hopefully, the announcement will be: “we realized Miami is arguably the worst sports town in America so we’re going to build the stadium in some other city.”

  11. “I’ve always said that Miami is a place that will love a team. They need a team. They want a team.”

    And now they have one…while this club is still in the theoretical phases.

  12. DB, you don’t need to prep us, anyone reading this information, we all have been waiting for quite a while now. We ready, not holding our breath anymore, but waiting.


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