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Must-See Goal: Preston Kilwien


  1. Yes we must be choosy because ITS A WASTE OF TIME
    No context for the post only in the comments – poor writing
    Can see that on many rec fields each weekend.

    You must be or friends with the writer. PLEASE

  2. If this is must see then what about the Drogba first goal ?
    I mean come on. Happy for the guy to win but it is not that impressive of a shot. Looks like he mis hit it. Trying to chip a goalie who is at the 5 from 30 yards away?? Seriously come on. UNIMPRESSED

    • i’d pay money to see you hit that exact same shot on a GK…. Just saying. what’s the over/under on how many times it would take you? without even knowing the o/u i’d still take the over… sure this goal was no Riquelme especial but considering the context (explaining in an above comment) it’s still a cool goal.

      must we really nitpick over qualifying it as ‘must see’ or not?

    • you know what else was crap GKing? the GK on Zlatan’s 40 yard over bicycle kick; it’s still a cool goal.

      you know what else was crap GKing? the goals scored by Wayne Rooney and Tim Howard in the past two seasons from a loooooong distance out. just because the GK misplayed it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good goal.

      if a baseball player hits a fly ball to the corner and the outfielder mistimes his run and fails to catch it is it not a good hit by the batter? if this hit was in the bottom of the 21st inning by a rookie would it still not be a good hit since it was ‘crappy fielding’?

      you people need to get over yourselves and just enjoy life

  3. Tough crowd today.

    For context:

    Preston Kilwien is a freshman at Florida Gulf Coast, who made his collegiate debut in this game and struck a volley from well outside the penalty area into the upper-corner to win in the 89th minute. The goal was nominated No. 3 on SportCenter’s Top 10 plays for Thursday night (not to say that means much).

  4. This is the new gold standard for a “Must see goal” that is actually just a waste of time. Good to know #dunkcity has a soccer team I guess


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