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MLS Ticker: Kaka day-to-day with injury; Garber hopes for players like Rooney in MLS; and more

KakaOrlandoCityTraining2015 (OrlandoCity)


It seems that the injury that kept Kaká out of action during Brazil’s friendly against the U.S. on Tuesday may linger for some time.

Orlando City SC announced Thursday that the star midfielder sustained a muscle strain injury during his international call-up and will be evaluated by club physicians from Orlando Health while being listed as day-to-day.

“We are incredibly disappointed with this recent development for Kaká and for our fans,” said Orlando City general manager Paul McDonough.  “He has played 25 games for us so far this season, over 2,100 minutes, without any major issues or concerns. To the contrary, he undergoes one training session and match with the Brazilian National Team and he is injured.”

Orlando, who is standing in eighth place in the Eastern Conference and two points out of sixth, returns to action this Sunday at the Citrus Bowl to host Sporting Kansas City.

Here are some other news and notes around the league:


MLS commissioner Don Garber wants Wayne Rooney to become the latest English star to join the league, but he is willing to wait until the time is right.

Garber, speaking with the Manchester Evening News, revealed that he hopes the new all-time leading scorer for England would make a move to the United States when his contract expires with Manchester United.

“He’s under contract at Man U. … To be even be talking about it while he’s under contract I guess speaks to the way we operate. We don’t do that. We wouldn’t do it,” Garber said. “We would love players like Wayne Rooney, and those who have been able to be really successful at the highest level, to be thinking about Major League Soccer. Today, that’s perhaps in their-30s and maybe, sometime in the future, that’s in their mid-20s.”

Rooney, 29, scored his 50th goal for England on Tuesday to surpass Sir Bobby Charlton as the top scorer for his country. His current deal with United does not expire until the summer of 2019.

During United’s preseason tour in the U.S., Rooney said MLS is not something that is out of question for him down the road.

“I’m obviously concentrating on Manchester United. When that time comes, that (MLS), that will be something that I will think about,” Rooney said according to Manchester Evening News. “I’ll sit down with my wife and children and decide if it would be right for me.


The third and final clash between New York City FC and Toronto FC this regular season will be aired on national television.

The schedule page on NYCFC’s website changed the broadcast for the Wednesday, Sept. 16 game between the two clubs to ESPN2, moving from the regional coverage of the YES Network within the United States.

Barring any late injuries or changes, players such as Sebastian Giovinco, Michael Bradley, Jozy Altidore, Frank Lampard, Andrea Pirlo and David Villa are all expected to take the pitch for that contest.

The two sides were previously featured on ESPN during their July 12 clash that resulted in a wild 4-4 draw, with Giovinco notching a hat trick and Villa recording a brace.


Pace and speed have been an integral part of many FIFA video gamers’ gameplay experience over the recent years and EA Sports revealed the top 20 fastest players in this year’s edition — which drops in two weeks — with three MLS players featured on the list.

Dominic Oduro of the Montreal Impact topped that trio by claiming the No. 8 spot on the list, with the Vancouver Whitecaps’ Kekuta Manneh following at No. 9 and  San Jose Earthquakes’ Innocent Emeghara coming in at No. 11. All three possess a pace rating of 94.

Arsenal’s Theo Walcott topped the list with a pace of 96, followed by Matthis Bolly, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Ernest Asante, Jürgen Damm, Gareth Bale and Jonathan Biabiany before Oduro’s appearance on the list.


LA Galaxy forward and Mexican national team member Giovani dos Santos is getting festive this weekend.

According to the Galaxy, dos Santos has been named Grand Marshall of the 69th edition of the East LA Mexican Independence Parade that is set to be held this Sunday.

The annual parade, which is billed as “the biggest and most unique” of its type in the country, is being organized by the Comité Mexicano Cívico Patriótico, a nonprofit organization devoted to maintaining Mexican traditions, and the Mexican Consulate of Los Angeles. The parade will be broadcast live on Univision beginning at 1:30 p.m. Eastern.

Dos Santos signed with the Galaxy on July 15 this season, coming over from La Liga side Villarreal. In five appearances across all competition for LA, dos Santos has notched a total of three goals and five assists, with two goals and three assists coming in MLS play.

The night prior to the parade, dos Santos and the Galaxy will take on Didier Drogba and the Montreal Impact at the StubHub Center.


  1. Increae the salary cap by 2020 to at least 5 million if not 10 million. MLS is secure enough for such a vast jump

    And i really approve with what an earlier poster mentioned about promotion for DPs moving to smaller markets like Columbus or Salt Lake

    Honestly we need to be collecting more talented latino and african players on the cheap

  2. …and of course, Opening direct African scouting pipelines too is a longer term goal, but in meantime, we should be grabbing any Pokus out there who are already in residence in U.S. Or Canada and thus unknown to existing networks in Europe

  3. Garner is nothing if not an uncompromising visionary regarding his league’s potential to compete globally. Great example of executive leadership, despite his penchant for unilateral manipulation of strategy, personnel moves. MLS should be aggressive in pursuing the best international talent available. His statement is overly ambitious now, but if the league can offer both competitive wages and sufficiency aligning exposure for international call ups, world class talent will come.

    For now the realistic model is late stage Euro stars and undervalued youngish talent from South/Cent Am & Caribbean. Goal should be to close the age/quality gaps on both ends of

  4. when does rooney’s contract expire? i totally agree with the commish on this one, i’d love to see rooney in mls. sure, build academies, let mls teams develop their own talent. at the same time, why not bring in rooney? work the problem from the top and the bottom, so to speak. i mean whether he’d succeed or fail, certainly, either way, he’d draw lots of fans and make things very interesting for a while, yes?

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  6. MLS should aim to bring in as many Italian and Spanish players as possible. Players that can play attractive football.

    Even though the team hasn’t had much success, how awesome has it been to see David Villa and Andrea Pilro in action!

  7. It would be better for all MLS teams to have an academy, top notch training facilities, above average stadium and specially a OWNER WHO SPENDS AND HAS A VISION FOR THEIR TEAM.
    Then players like Rooney will easily come earliest at 30 years old or even 29.
    Besides increasing the salary cap and dps.
    By the way, besides LA,NY,Miami which are markets that every DP wants to go, cities like Denver,Columbus, San Jose, Dallas, Houston, Montreal, Philly need to advertise their market more with future dps.
    If I was Xavi, I wouldn’t mind leaving in San Jose. More than likely I would have a mansion, have a condo in San Francisco, send my kids to the best charter schools and then to Stanford.
    Many of the European players don’t know if you’re rich in America, you will have a very good life.
    Good housing, good schools for your kids, safety, good universities, American sports like nfl or nba and best of all, we have pretty good holidays.
    Look at Mexico, they get good players and they say they love the safety in exist and schools, wtf……. Right.
    Imagine here in the U S A.

    • I think the lifestyle is what brings the European player to the US, but I think places like Columbus, San Jose, and Minnesota will always be tough sells and I think his kids could probably get into Stanford no matter where he lives as long as their reasonably intelligent. Denver doesn’t want to spend the money and Dallas focuses their international money on Hispanic players.

      I agree with you everyone focuses on the cap, but without spending on academies and training facilities, and scouting it won’t help to bring in aging DPs like a 35 year old Rooney. At this point players like Jon Obi Mikel more useful than Rooney. Mikel will only have one year left on his contract after this season so an MLS team maybe able to pick him up cheap or even free if Chelsea decides to let him go like Giovinco.

      • What I mean, is that every MLS team needs to have a STRONG front office.
        A very intelligent advertising and marketing group in order to pursue talent like Beckham or giovinco.
        If you ask me, all MLS cities are all equal, besides your typical LA or NY or Miami.
        It’s like recruiting an athlete to join your NCAA sport. They offer you everything they can and of course, good education.
        Most of European cities are boring, except for the the top tourist cities and soccer players do it for the money in Europe.
        If I was some unknown DP but very good player from planet earth, and MLS tells me, Columbus, Denver, want you and are giving you good $$$, I would definitely pick the team who advertise me more the city, from safety to education for my family and of course the vision of the team.

      • If you are trying to recruit African or South American players yes safety and education can sell, but Europe is pretty equal on those counts. And sorry look at all major sports in America if its not a big market they aren’t attracting free agents (DPs). Those teams have to build from within. Certainly other larger markets could spend more if they wanted such as Boston or Chicago, but as NYRB proved in the past just signing DPs is not always successful.

      • If say a kid is in the Sounders U-14 team how is it any different from say some other local soccer club team? How much time a week did Morris really spend at the Sounders facility? I’m just curious if anyone knows.

      • There will always be outliers like Morris, but the benefits of being on a Sounders academy team as opposed to Peugeot Sound FC or what have you, are numerous indeed…exposure, first and foremost…proximity to players of actual and proven quality, better coaching/training/facilities, etc.

    • Interesting numbers about MLS:

      “48.97 percent of the league is made up of foreign players (248 of 564). The nation with the most talent in the league after the US and Canada was Argentina with 28 players. England is second amongst foreign countries with 21, Brazil is next with 19, and Colombia and France round out the top five with 18 and 16, respectively.

      Now, filling your roster with foreign-based talent does not necessarily guarantee success or failure. The New England Revolution have just six foreign players per the survey, and are healthily in fourth place in the Eastern Conference. However, the leaders in foreign talent, the Vancouver Whitecaps, sit atop the league standings. The Whitecaps have 20 foreign players.”

  8. “MLS commissioner Don Garber wants Wayne Rooney to become the latest English star to join the league, but he is willing to wait until the time is right.”

    See you in 2022, Rooney!


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