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Report: Mexico’s Guardado to be out six weeks, miss CONCACAF Cup

Andres Guardado Prays Mexico 09162015



The worst fears of Mexican fans, and perhaps the hopes of a good number of American fans, appear to have been realized as Mexican national team captain Andres Guardado is reportedly set to miss the CONCACAF Cup.

Dutch outlet Eindhovens Newspaper is reporting that Guardado will miss up to six weeks with an ankle injury suffered during PSV’s recent win against Manchester United. The report doesn’t offer much detail, only stating Guardado has been examined and will be sidelined six weeks.

The timetable isn’t a complete surprise given the graphic nature of the ankle injury, which saw Guardado’s left ankle twisted at a painful angle by a challenge from Manchester United defender Chris Smalling.

With the CONCACAF Cup just three weeks away, Guardado will miss out, and Mexico will have to play without its best player at the Gold Cup. Good news for a U.S. team that stands as an underdog heading into the Oct. 10 match at the Rose Bowl.

What do you think of this development? Think the U.S. can beat Mexico without Guardado? Still see Mexico as the favorite?

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    • JDS is a vital player for Mexico. But he doesn’t replace Guardado.

      Maybe Gio could but he’s not as consistent and as smart a player as Guardado is.

      Mexico is better with Guardado than without him.

      • Mexixo sucks with Guardado or without him. El Tuca does not like either Johnathan or Giovani Dos Santos at all and would not be suprised if they did not start.

  1. 1. What do you think of this development? Unfortunately for Guardado and Mexico, he is their glue.

    2. Think the U.S. can beat Mexico without Guardado? Our chances have gotten better (see answer to #1). Yes, we “can” beat them, but I don’t think we will.

    3. Still see Mexico as the favorite? Yes.

  2. did guardado get “jobbed”?
    is the concacaf cup match being “fixed” for usa victory?

    watch to see which referee is selected. for example, mark geiger.
    watch to see if the usa-mex game is decided by referee decisions.
    you know, pk for usa, non-pk call for mexico
    and/or red card to mexico and non-red card to usa (if applicable).

    • I would put nothing past CONCACAF. That being said, REALLY!
      1. As if the USA has never been CONCACAF’D.
      2. Whose TV rights will be worth more for the Confed Cup in 2017? If Mexico wins, then they can sell rights for much more because of the lucrative TV market in Mexico and the Mexican fanbase in the USA gives a strong secondary market for TV rights.
      3. If CONCACAF would’ve wanted to fix this, why not ignore the handball call on Guzan and get the USA to the final of Cold Cup vs Mex? It could’ve been fixed then.
      I’m OK with conspiracy theories in FIFA and CONCACAF. They are corrupt, polluted organizations prone to malfeasance. However, the economics have to add up.

      • motivation, electromotive force, automotive…

        Flagermunsen, well said, i agree with you. however, let me suggest that, perhaps, there is a “bigger picture” involved here? yes, of course, mexican tv contracts are worth more than usa tv contracts TODAY. but, suppose, hypothetically speaking, that usa WINS WC and (is this a stretch?) mls becomes big on tv like nfl, nba and other really big sports. THEN how much would usa tv rights be worth?

        just searching for the “motive” here, do you see?

    • Let’s see, an ankle sprain or a double leg fracture? 6 weeks out or 9 months? One was punished the other was not? Yup, you’re right! Totally the same

      • Moreno’s challenge was a ‘good challenge’ according to British reports. Look at Chris Smalling’s challenge it actually looked blatant.

      • The extent of someone’s injury does not determine whether or not a tackle is within the rules. You can tackle someone completely cleanly, and still break their leg. Illegal tackles simply raise the probability that injury will result, which is why they are illegal in the first place.

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