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U.S. officials expecting more arrests in ongoing FIFA investigation




U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch made waves last May when her investigation into FIFA corruption led to mass arrests and the shaking up of soccer’s governing body.

On Monday, Lynch made it clear she’s not done yet.

Speaking in Zurich, the home of FIFA headquarters, Lynch revealed that she expects more arrests to be made in the ongoing investigation into FIFA corruption.

“We do anticipate pursuing additional charges against individuals and entities,” Lynch said in a joint press conference held with Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber, who unveiled his own investigation into FIFA’s business practices.

Lynch did not comment whether FIFA president Sepp Blatter is targeted in this case, but the Swiss Attorney General’s Office plans to separately look into a contract from 2005 for the media rights to the 2010 and 2014 World Cups that was signed by the outgoing FIFA president.

According to a report from Reuters, FIFA is suspected to have sold the rights below market value to the Caribbean Football Union (CFU). The CFU’s leader, Jack Warner, then allegedly resold them at a higher price.

It was initially reported by Swiss broadcaster Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF) on Friday that CFU purchased the media rights for $600,000, and that Warner moved the rights to his own company before selling them for an estimated $15-20 million.

This development by Swiss officials marks yet another probe into FIFA, which has been reeling in the aftermath of the May scandal. Blatter has yet to be charged with anything, but Warner has been and has remained in Trinidad & Tobago to avoid facing charges.


  1. Let’s prosecute these crooks already. Unfortunately for Uncle Sepp he’s French. Expect full cooperation from the French government if significant proof is shown that involves him.

    • Sepp Blatter is Swiss born and a Swiss citizen. It might be confusing as he speaks French and German fluently, and also has a command of English and Italian. Some have said he can also speak limited Romansh, a Swiss language derived from Latin and heavily infused with German and is spoken in only two cantons.

      If he is to be prosecuted it will most likely be by the Swiss Federal authorities. Blatter still has considerable political cover and for this reason, prosecution may be difficult. If any of the crimes that Blatter may be charged with, involve US Banks or businesses,and/or within US legal jurisdiction I’m sure the Swiss Government would be more than happy to hand him over and avoid subpoenaing Swiss politicians.

  2. Too bad lynch can’t summon the strength to go after American financial institutions that rip off the American public hour after hour

      • sad thing is most Americans know nothing of Fifa but are being swindled and have no protections from the dubious white collar crooks that you admire

      • I do abhor petty politics being brought into soccer blogs. “Leftie or Neo-Con” polarized, parroted name calling that inevitably ends all mindful discourse and degenerates into more of the same. Divide and conquer as they say.

        Unfortunately- that FIFA has gone on for so long with blatant, widespread, universally recognized corruption with complete and total impunity…. and that they now are being taken down… is ALL about the dirty world of international politics and finance. FIFA and Blatter got arrogant, crossed the wrong people… didn’t play the dirty ball-game by the rules and are now having the bat shoved up the you know what.

  3. Jack Warner was defeated in the T&T Parliamentary election held last week. This means he can no longer hide behind any political shield to avoid extradition to the US. While Justices in T&T must look at the evidence presented for all extradition cases, they come under great pressure to delay or postpone extradition of sitting elected officials. These delays adds to the cost and sometimes can kill a case where extradition may be for a lesser crime. Mr. Warner will receive no such further consideration and should be treated as a normal citizen and an alleged criminal for extradition purposes


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