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Donovan to play in Beckham’s star-studded charity match

Landon Donovan David Beckham LA Galaxy 57
photo by Robert Hanashiro-USA Today Sports

David Beckham is having a charity game, and everyone, including Landon Donovan, is playing in it.

Beckham is set to host a “Match for Children” at Old Trafford on Nov. 14 to aid UNICEF, and Donovan, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho and Sir Alex Ferguson are just some of the notable names that will participate. The match will be set up in a Great Britain and Ireland vs. the Rest of the World format, and money raised from it will go towards UNICEF’s lifesaving care for vulnerable children around the world.

It’s a who’s who of former players that will play in the match. Several Manchester United legends are on the Great Britain and Ireland side, including Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Michael Owen. Beckham will captain this side, and Ferguson will manage it.

The Rest of the World squad will be led by Carlo Ancelotti and captained by Zidane, and includes several other greats as well. Among the biggest names are Donovan, Fabio Cannavaro, Luis Figo and Michael Ballack.

Here are the full squads:

Great Britain and Ireland
Manager: Sir Alex Ferguson

David Beckham
David Seaman
David James
Sol Campbell
John Terry
Phil Neville
Rio Ferdinand
Jamie Carragher
Ashley Cole
Nicky Butt
Paul Scholes
Ryan Giggs
Michael Owen
Andy Cole

Rest of the World
Manager: Carlo Ancelotti

Landon Donovan
Zinedine Zidane
Edwin van der Saar
Fabio Cannavaro
Alessandro Nesta
Luis Figo
Patrick Vieira
Michael Ballack
Massimo Ambrosini
Robert Pires
Dwight Yorke
Patrick Kluivert
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer


  1. Dempsey scored a ton of his goals without Landon…even as recently as this Gold Cup. Even if he had stuck around and actually tried consistently for USMNT instead of doing god knows what in Cambodia hes what? 34 now? ITS OVER PEOPLE! MOVE ON!! HAVE SOME DIGNITY!!

    • Why doesn’t Jurgen Klinsmann have some dignity and resign???!!!! This guy is an utter disgrace. The team has regressed so much in the past five years. We’re now to the point where we can’t even beat Mexico.

      Landon Donovan is the great American to ever play the sport and one of the greatest players of all time. It could be a hundred years before we see another American as good as him. And this was supposed to be his swansong and he was going to lead us to glory in Brazil just like he did in every other World Cup and that KRAUT ruined it for everyone. JK is on a massive ego trip and he can’t stand having Landon outshine him as a player and leader so he had to go and ruin what was supposed to be his moment, OUR moment. You are seriously mistaken if you think he was too old, he tore up the MLS after he was cut from the team. He was saving his energy for the World Cup and had he been given a chance he would have taken us as far as we’ve ever gone. The USNT is one of the hardest teams to beat in the world with Landon on the field and without him we’re just not the same. It never will be. Look at how far the program has regressed since Donovan retired it’s embarrassing. I’m never watching a USNT fan while the Fuerher is in charge.

  2. Regardless of what you think of LD, his U.S.-best 57 goals and 58 assists are a huge reason why the USMNT is playing the way they are. Funny how Dempsey and Altidore are not scoring like they did when Donovan was playing. No one on the team at this time has the vision to open the game up like he did. It’s no coincidence that the team began to struggle after he was no longer called up. Those goals and assists of his are a big reason why we did as well as we did during his time. I hope I am wrong, but, I think the USMNT will continue to flounder until we find someone who can do what he did. I an no longer a JK supporter, but, If you think getting rid of JK will change things, think again. There may be a small improvement, but, the team will continue to sputter as it is doing now. That’s how much I think LD meant to the team.

    • Mike I think you were distracted by Beachblum’s comments. Bryan and I were both pointing out that the Landon that you speak of doesn’t exist anymore. Although, yes it would be nice if we had a player with like skills as you say, Soccer Kyle’s point that Landon can still do that, was the issue. Yes, Landon was capable of making intelligent runs that stretched the defense that opened up the game for himself and others, but that speed had left Landon. Its like saying Michael Jordan was the same player with the Wizards as he was with the Bulls. Pulisic for U-17 looks promising, although I don’t think he has the speed of LD, but his ability to pick out passes is pretty good for a young player. Hopefully, he’ll get some time with BDIIs once he turns 18 and then to the full team.

      • Johhny, you miss my point which is, Donovan made a huge impact in the game’s he played in. Without his impact, the US team is unable to even look cohesive. No player on the team at this time can do what he did. Whether you think he should still be playing or not, he was the difference for all those years. To sum it up, the team is having issues because he is not there and no one has been able to replace what we lost when he left.

    • Dignity eh? Look in the mirror dude. I’m right here, facts on my side, called this fiasco with others while the likes of you parroted the talking heads and told us everything was fine. it’s on you if you think it’s only LDs mom that knows this

      and so what if we discuss what has already happened??? we discuss things here, it’s not your board. Yes, we’ll discuss the ridiculousness of JKs decision to leave LD off the team whenever someone tries to pretend and revise history that somehow that decision was a good one instead of the the pile of BS is always was.

      and quit shouting at me from behind your keyboard, makes you look even smaller

  3. Landon’s mom…wow you’re so funny
    Same BS we’ve endured from the know nothings on this site now for too long now. Of course you want to allow the ineptitude of the decision not to take him to the WC to go away but instead it is simply the most egregious example of the mismanagement of our current regime so Unfortunately the anger over it remains…soccer is passion after all, and the reality of that decision debacle seems here to stay, along with all the other mounting evidence of poor leadership currently engulfing all things USMNT

  4. Hey Johnny, Who said anything about 2108???

    Stay on point if you can which you did not do above. Further LD was always strong wing defender. Further still who said anyone would have to play every game in The WC??? Like Green for example, or Davis, or the striker position like Wondo?

    • Soccer Kyle mentioned 2018 in the post you came flying to the defense of. Always does not mean 2014 and beyond, he was a great all around player for many years, but the gas was out of the tank to play there in the International game, but I would agree not MLS. Finally, do you really think Landon retired because JK hurt his feelings? As Soccer Kyle seems to think in the post above which Bryan and I responded to, that you seemed so offended by.

      • hurt his feelings??? what a joke


        LD lived to express himself in that USMNT uniform…that was the pinnacle for him as a US player. If you know anything about the man you know that. And he did it better than anyone

        you think he couldn’t do it at the international level anymore? look at his season in 2013 for JK…sick season. evidence is against you, as was his season’s performance for the Galaxy in 2014, which of course you write off! how convenient when the evidence says you are wrong

  5. Hey Anthony you mean he was done after going off last year right? After the World Cup happened that is right? Not before…no way. History disagrees with your dismissive perspective. No need to be on or off anyone’s jock. Just look at what he did last year, as a winger, after we were told he couldn’t play that position. As for major problems just check us out without the 34 year old winger who was only considered for the forward position on the USMNT, not winger

    • Being able to defend from the wing in MLS when playing once a week is different than being able to defend against the guys in our group at the World Cup playing 3 games in just over a week in intense heat like the Amazon rain forest. No one is saying LD wasn’t a great player but we don’t have to be delusional that he could still play in Russia in 2018 as Kyle suggested.

  6. If it wasn’t for the Fuerher Landon Donovan would still be playing soccer. If we would’ve fired Klinsmann after the Gold Cup LD could have come back but now he’s gone forever because of that kraut. It doesn’t matter if he was training hard or not it’s Landon Donovan people he’s the only American who could walk onto any team in the world. My only hope is we fire Klinsmann in the next year or two and Donovan comes back to soccer and then we can make a serious run at the 2018 World Cup. We deserve better as USMNT fans I want Klinsmann OUT and Donovan BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LD was done. With or without JK, he was done. You need to get off his jock. If your national team is relying on a 34 yr winger to qualify, you have MAJOR problems.

    • Sorry Kyle, greatest American field player ever, but your belief that LD could still play anywhere besides MLS level or below is misguided. I’m not sure he would even start at Galaxy anymore, although they might not have made some of those moves. And no scoring goals in MLS after the World Cup does not mean he could still play internationally against the top teams in the world.

    • Landon probably would’ve retired at the time of his sabbatical that upset so many JK fanboys and their hero. But he continued in order to play in one more world cup. Guess he didn’t realize that others like Davis, Wondo and Green would be “a little bit ahead” of him come June 2014. Too bad that last minute chance against Belgium didn’t fall to LD instead of Wondo – we would have had a second QF place to celebrate.

    • Nope, nobody was and nobody has ever been better in US Soccer history. Well deserved for Landon to be there where he belongs amongst all those superstars. Hah!


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