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Giovani Dos Santos out of CONCACAF Cup


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When Mexico takes the field against the U.S. Men’s National Team on Saturday night, they will do so without one of the team’s more potent forward options.

Mexico head coach Ricardo ‘Tuca’ Ferretti announced Monday that Dos Santos will miss the upcoming CONCACAF Cup due to injury.The LA Galaxy forward was taken off in the 87th minute of the team’s 1-1 draw with the Seattle Sounders on Saturday.

“Gio has a muscular problem and can’t be with us,” Ferretti said during a press conference Monday. “We are looking into who will be on the squad.”

Dos Santos is a part of the 23-man squad named by Ferretti Monday. Despite Dos Santos’ absence, Mexico has been boosted by the health of Andres Guardado and Rafael Marquez, both of whom are healthy for the upcoming clash.

What do you think of Dos Santos’ injury? How will Mexico fare without the forward?

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  1. “Mexico has been boosted by the health of Andres Guardado and Rafael Marquez, both of whom are healthy for the upcoming clash.”

    healthy? guardado reportedly had ligament damage.
    i am skeptical to believe ligaments repair so quickly.

    simply the fact of being on the 23 man roster doesn’t make torn ligaments suddenly heal.

    • If we had any real pace up front, you may be right.

      The last friendly vs Mexico where Marquez played, he contained Donovan like it was nothing. If Morris were going up against him, i’d be licking my chops.

      • First, lol…winning 1 1v1 battle is not “contained”.

        Secondly, speed alone is not indicative of a quality defender. To imply that Morris would have his way with Marquez simply because he is faster (much faster, I will concede) I think that you are mistaken. If pace (speed) was an overwhelming skill that determined the quality of a defender then Yedlin would be a world class defender, yet he is far from it.

        Give Marquez his due. He is still a quality defender with the experience, knowledge, and craftiness to lead a back line. It won’t be a matter of getting someone to just run past him. I wish that it would be that easy.

    • Marquez started in 2011 and Mexico won 4-2…
      Also as John said last time Marquez made Donovan look like an amateur in the friendly before the WC.

  2. HHAA!!!! Dos Santos got injured by getting reamed in his cornhole by R. Jolly Rogers in LA LLOOLLL El fuitcake El Comandante was in the trio as well.Dos Santos sucks. The whole Mexican team sucks. LLOLLLLLL!!!!!!

  3. I don’t like Gio as a forward which is his preferred position ,he is fairly good as a winger on the right. I do love him in the middle behind the forwards but he doesn’t like the position. He has played some of his best games in the middle by distributing the ball or coming in behind the forwards. Corona plays very well as a winger. Mexico doesn’t have many of those types of players that can make their own space through their dribbling and they always help against defensive minded teams. Vela with his speed is not as effective in that scenario and besides he looks fat/big right now, doesn’t seem to take care of himself. Either way, Mexico may have better technical and individual players overall but they are succeptible to the counters and plays in the air. Altidore plays like a statue but he has hurt Mexico plenty.

  4. Gio’s not that good anymore, there’s a reason why he’s in MLS. Corona will be starting on that wing, and will probably be a headache for our defenders. 4 years ago we lost because nobody could plug up the right side (lol. Jonathan Bornstein) — hoping history doesn’t repeat itself.

      • He is in MLS because they were willing to overspend for him and throw a huge contract at him, not because he isn’t good anymore.

        Gio’s European prospects were and would still be higher than any current USMNT player, with POSSIBLE exceptions being Fabian Johnson and Michael Bradley. Although I would argue that La Liga teams specifically would highly value Gio, maybe more than say Serie A/Bundesliga/EPL/La Liga teams would value Bradley. That is debatable though and there is no way for us to find out the answer right now. Since both Bradley and Gio are currently overpaid, there won’t be many offers coming in for them from Europe.

      • The thing about Gio is that he has no work ethic, the guy is incredibly lazy and doesn’t take care of his body, MLS offers him the chance of being a “superstar” without training hard and gives him a lot of freedom he wouldn’t find in any other league in the planet. You could say he is the total opposite of Chicharito, Chicha isn’t as talented as Gio but the guy’s work ethic is simply amazing, he is the first to arrive at training, the last to leave and always gives 110% at every game, that’s why he was able to be part of two of the best clubs in the planet and was a top signing for the Bundesliga. Gio has all the talent in the world but doesn’t like to work hard, that’s why he went from Barcelona to Tottenham to Villarreal and now he is in MLS at 26, talent isn’t the only thing that matters.

  5. if anything all mexican fans south of the border are celebrating right now, Gio is only liked by the fans north of the border and reallistically he was their weakest forward next to Peralta.

  6. Perhaps they’ll start Jesus Corona now? Not a lot of drop off in talent there, although it gives them one less bench weapon

    • I think that was always Tuca’s plan. GdS was probably going to off the bench.

      Mexico’s attack will be: —–Vela——Hernandez—-Corona—–

    • If I were the US I’d be more afraid of Tecatito instead of GDS. Tecatito was a force at the Gold Cup and is tearing it up in Europe. The loss of GDS reduces a bench option.

  7. If it was Guardado that was out, it’d be more advantageous to the USMNT. GDS is good, don’t get me wrong, but he’s not the engine that Guardado is. One less weapon, I guess. I’m more concerned with Vela’s pace (against fill in the blank CB).

    • Good news for the USMNT, although Mexico has plenty of depth to cover for the Dos Santos injury.

      Klinsmann will be on the spot with his centerback pairing on Saturday. With Brooks not available and Ventura not in form (why was Ventura selected for the squad?) looks like Klinsmann will have to go with his #2’s in both centerback spots. Maybe not a bad thing…

      • Okay. You tell me it’s Cameron and Orozco, then maybe….

        But, Klinsi will play Besler. And, we will get burned.

      • Chances are with Mexico’s speed up top, our center backs will get burned at some point on Saturday, regardless of who they are. How well we cover and how well Guzan plays will play a huge factor in the match.

        I think that Cameron has to be one of the center backs and I would go with Ream as the other. I’m OK with Orozco. Hope that we don’t need to depend on Ventura. Ventura is the one I have the least confidence in right now.

      • You might be right.

        I like Ream, but I’ll take Orozco over Ream in this game – for two purposes: (1) speed (as you say); and (2) bite/grit.

        I can’t see Ventura playing. If he does, I will be officially on the anti-Klinsi wagon. (which I’ve been avoiding)

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