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Report: Red Bulls looking to sell stadium naming rights

Red Bull Arena 93
Photo by Danny Wild/USA Today Sports

There is a contingent of New York Red Bulls fans that would love to see the club change its name.

Well, those fans might just have to settle for a new stadium name instead.

The Red Bulls have begun looking into the possibility of landing a naming-rights deal for their home, Red Bull Arena, according to a report from The club reportedly wants an agreement that runs over the course of a decade, and is worth seven figures per year.

New York has considered contracting agencies to aid in the pursuit of such a deal for the soccer-specific venue, but has yet to come to terms with anyone. The Red Bulls may still go that route, but could also lean on parent company Red Bull to try and find an interested party.

Located in Harrison, New Jersey, the 25,000-seat Red Bull Arena has never sold its naming rights. The stadium opened up to much fanfare in 2010, and continuously receives glowing reviews from clubs and supporters alike.

What do you think about the Red Bulls reportedly wanting to sell the naming rights for Red Bull Arena? Think they can get the type of deal they are after? Any fun names come to mind right off the bat?

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  1. Red Bull is not going anywhere. Just my opinion. 2015 has been a resounding success for the stable of soccer teams and it’s not done yet.

  2. Could easily be a precursor to selling the team. Boost revenue by cutting expenses on salaries, get a long-term stadium naming contract seem to go along with that strategy.

    The whole purpose of naming the Red Bulls after the corporate entity was the advertising that comes with it. Selling the stadium name just lines up a sale. If you’re goal is to elevate the brand, why would you take away a tool for that purpose?

    Just think. NY Cosmos play in Emirates Arena with Red Bulls as their shirt sponsor…

    Just playing but who knows?

  3. When this loaded on my phone, all it showed was “Red Bulls looking to sell…” and I got super happy!

    But selling the stadium name? ho hum. Everyone does.

    Roy Miller Memorial and Rapid Advance Loans Amphitheater.

    • Exactly……..but can garber say, u rename your stadium for money but we also need you to rename your team for league growth and new sponsors.
      If garber takes action, I say red bull would cry and run away. No way their owner rebrands,he’s a whiner and would rather pocket $500 million and sell the team.
      C’mon garber, if they can rename their stadium, why not rebrand the team and keep red bull as a sponsor.
      New York empire sc, Gotham fc, New York Gotham fc, or should I say cosmos.

  4. Whats more New Jersey than selling your soul for the money necessary for success.

    As long as its more revenue (that is reinvested in development), go for it.

    Someday I hope they are financially secure enough to rename this team!

  5. Whoever they sell the naming right to I’m sure would negotiate in the contract for a certain number of international matches held at the stadium each year, perhaps even get Red Bull to push for more USMNT matches. Anything to get the stadium name out beyond just Red Bulls/MLS fans.

  6. Had a nice discussion with Degrandpre. Although I can’t give out the details, i’m convinced Red Bulls aren’t selling. There will be a major announcement next year around April or May.

  7. Don’t know and don’t care. They lost me as a fan this year and the idea that this club is somehow doing better is a bit laughable. They can inflate and manipulate things all they want. NYRB articles have maybe the fewest comments in the league this year, demonstrating that few people care about this team after Ali Curtis did what he did. No Conference win, Supporters’ Shield, or MLS Cup could win me back.

    My only hope is that Curtis leaves and Red Bull sells. Maybe then I could come back. Red Bull is ok as a sponsor and stadium name but not a team name.

    • That’s what makes this so intriguing, why rename the stadium when everything is going fine and your owner is a billionaire.
      It would make more sense to rename the team and keep red bull as stadium and jersey sponsor.
      The more I think of this, the more I think red bull will sell for the right price.

      • 1) Dump all large and long term contracts. Check!
        2) Sell stadium rights to generate annual revenue out of nothing.
        3) Sell stadium and team.

    • Obviously you do care otherwise you would’t have posted here and I am not really sure you were ever a fRBNY an to begin with. The Red Bulls have done great this season. They are fun to watch as they now play attractive soccer and I like the moneyball approach which obviously has worked. So please go root for the Smurfs and get outtahere.

    • Yeah, the team lost Henry, Cahill, Olave all at the same time and in the first after these guys left and Ali arrived, they play a far more exciting style, won the East and can wrap up the Supporters Shield Sunday. What a failure! Ali has to go! Bring back my homeboy Mike Petke!

    • So . . . NO amount of success could win you back, because Curtis fired Mike Petke. The team plays an exciting style, has won the conference regular-season title, is on the cusp of winning the Supporters Shield, and you’re still stuck on Petke’s firing. News flash: Petke returned to the stadium to accept an award as one of the club’s best players. He seems to have gotten over it.

  8. Anybody out there know how many New York team names MLS has copyright up to now.
    We all know Atlanta couldn’t get the empire name due to New York, but is there other names.
    How about Gotham, black knights, any others,

  9. I always tend to prefer .com names. They roll off the tongue so naturally. Why don’t they go with Arena or Arena. Those would be awesomely obnoxious! Maybe we could throw in some hashtags for extra effect.

    • My initial thought as well, definitely intriguing! I wonder if they would go back to being the MetroStars or all new team names from here on out are required to be “United.” Somewhere in the midst of this dreadful fad United Airlines really needs to get in on the action!

  10. This sounds very interesting and mysterious. It seems like red bull FO was waiting to see how red bull would do this year and make a decision.
    Red bull has gained fans and attention due to nycfc and made the playoffs but like I said before, it looks like red bull was waiting to see if the team gain fans, made the playoffs, gain more season tickets holders and sold jerseys.
    But let’s say a big money group says, screw the naming rights, I’ll buy everything for $400 and I’ll keep red bull as a jersey sponsor or something, or cosmos ownership buys red bull and keeps red bull as stadium and jersey sponsor.
    You know what they say, if there’s smoke then you got fire.
    Imagine red bull would not have made the playoffs and saw no increase in season tickets this season and had no help from nycfc, I would have seen red bull ny for sale.


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