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Kaka replaces Coutinho on Brazil roster for upcoming World Cup qualifiers


Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY Sports


Despite not being named to the original roster, Kaka is set to join Brazil for the team’s upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

Brazil announced Monday that Kaka has been called in to replace the injured Phillipe Coutinho for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. Brazil is set to take on Chile on Thursday in Santiago before facing Venezuela at home on Oct. 13.

The call-up will not see Kaka miss any games for Orlando City, although the midfielder is suspended for the team’s Oct. 16 clash with New York City FC due to yellow card accumulation.

Kaka last featured for Brazil in the team’s Sept. 5 clash with Costa Rica, a 1-0 Selecao win at MetLife Stadium.

What do you think of Kaka’s call-up? What do you expect from Brazil in World Cup qualifying?

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  1. Good for Him! It’s a good sign for other SR. Intl’s that coming to close your career in MLS is doesn’t mean your intl days are over.

    I’m looking at you Zlatan, Robinho and Rooney!

    • Does Robino still play pro football?

      Zlatan is so great that hes still the best striker in France even at age 34. And hes the best player Sweden has had for 5 years and could start until he was 40 if he wanted.

      Rooney though is interesting.

      • Like Kaka wasn’t on the decline (or Drogba, Keane, David Villa etc).

        That being said, can MLS finally move past expired stars and move towards towards high quality fringe national team players of powerhouse teams in their prime (like, you know, Giovinco) or next level down (Dos Santos)?

      • Given the fact that Cavani can still command a high 7 figure or 8 figure salary in Europe, I doubt that he is going to come here. He’s on roughly $10/11 million a season at PSG, and there’s a rumor that Arsene Wenger might be trying to swing for him in January.

        Having super stars is great, but you really want to improve the quality of the average starting player in MLS, which is currently not that high. It’s my pet peeve that MLS things it’s ok to throw 4-7 million at a star, but won’t improve the salary cap by 2-3 million so we could actually start getting quality players at 4/500k at every starting position except for designated players. At that level, you could really compete with Liga MX.

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