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International Preview: Africa, Asia World Cup qualifying headlines action


By the end of the November international window, several teams will be eliminated from FIFA 2018 World Cup contention.

Qualification for the World Cup kicks off once again this international window, and while the third round of CONCACAF action is just getting started, several teams in Africa and Asia will be shown the exit door.

The second round of World Cup qualifying in the Confederation of African Football will see 20 teams eliminated from contention. In one intriguing home-and-away series Ivory Coast does battle with Liberia. While the task of taking down The Elephants is no easy one, forward William Jebor and Liberia will attempt to do just that.

Jebor, 24, is currently playing for Spanish side SD Ponferradina, but in the last CAF qualifying round he scored all four of his team’s goals. He will need to recapture that form again if his nation has any chance of advancing past Ivory Coast. In more CAF qualifying action, Ghana faces off against Comoros, while Cameroon takes on Niger.

Across the world, the second round of World Cup qualifying in the Asian Football Confederation continues to move along. Groups are starting be decided, and some teams face elimination this window.

Australia is still not in control of Group B, as Jordan sits atop the Socceroos by a point after each has played five games. Both play against teams they should handle, but Jordan faces a stiffer encounter against Kyrgyzstan, which just lost to Australia, 3-0, on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, a bevy of not-so-friendly fixtures will also kick off this break. Germany-Netherlands, England-France, Turkey-Greece and Russia-Portugal are some of the must-see friendlies.

Here is a look at some of Thursday’s results and the upcoming international schedule:


  • Norway vs. Hungary (Thursday) (Second leg – Sunday)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Republic of Ireland (Friday) (Second leg – Monday)
  • Sweden vs. Denmark (Saturday) (Second leg – Tuesday)
  • Ukraine vs. Slovenia (Saturday) (Second leg – Tuesday)



  • Australia 3, Kyrgyzstan 0.
  • Tajikistan 5, Bangladesh 0.
  • Palestine 6, Malaysia 0.
  • United Arab Emirates 8, Timor-Leste 0.
  • Maldives 0, Hong Kong 1.
  • China PR 12, Bhutan 0.
  • Singapore 0, Japan 3.
  • Afghanistan 3, Cambodia 0.
  • Iran 3, Turkmenistan 0.
  • India 1, Guam 0.
  • Thailand 4, Chinese Taipei 2.
  • South Korea 4, Myanmar 0.
  • Lebanon 7, Laos 0.
  • Philippines 0, Yemen 1.
  • Uzbekistan 3, North Korea 1.


  • Guam vs. Iran
  • North Korea vs. Bahrain
  • Yemen vs. Uzbekistan
  • Laos vs. South Korea
  • Myanmar vs. Kuwait
  • Turkmenistan vs. Oman
  • Singapore vs. Syria
  • Cambodia vs. Japan
  • Chinese Taipei vs. Iraq
  • Bhutan vs. Qatar
  • Hong Kong vs. China PR
  • Bangladesh vs. Australia
  • Kyrgyzstan vs. Jordan
  • Timor-Leste vs. Saudi Arabia
  • Malaysia vs. United Arab Emirates



  • Mozambique 1, Gabon 0. (Second leg – Saturday)
  • Namibia 0, Guinea 1. (Second leg – Sunday)
  • Burundi 2, DR Congo 3. (Second leg – Sunday)
  • Sudan 0, Zambia 1. (Second leg – Sunday)
  • Morocco vs. Equatorial Guinea (Second leg – Sunday)
  • Togo 0, Uganda 1. (Second leg – Sunday)
  • Benin 2, Burkina Faso 1. (Second leg – Tuesday)


  • Liberia vs. Ivory Coast (Second leg – Tuesday)
  • Madagascar vs. Senegal (Second leg – Tuesday)
  • Libya vs. Rwanda (Second leg – Tuesday)
  • Kenya vs. Cape Verde (Second leg – Tuesday)
  • Niger vs. Cameroon (Second leg – Tuesday)
  • Mauritania vs. Tunisia (Second leg – Tuesday)
  • Comoros vs. Ghana (Second leg – Tuesday)
  • Swaziland vs. Nigeria (Second leg – Tuesday)
  • Angola vs. South Africa (Second leg – Tuesday)


  • Ethiopia vs. Congo (Second leg – Tuesday)
  • Chad vs. Egypt (Second leg – Tuesday)
  • Botswana vs. Mali (Second leg – Tuesday)
  • Tanzania vs. Algeria (Second leg – Tuesday)


  • Macedonia vs. Montenegro (Thursday)
  • Andorra vs. Saint Kitts and Nevis (Thursday)
  • Qatar vs. Turkey (Friday)
  • Luxembourg vs. Greece (Friday)
  • Czech Republic vs. Serbia (Friday)
  • Belgium vs. Italy (Friday)
  • Wales vs. Netherlands (Friday)
  • Northern Ireland vs. Latvia (Friday)
  • Poland vs. Iceland (Friday)
  • Slovakia vs. Switzerland (Friday)
  • Spain vs. England (Friday)
  • France vs. Germany (Friday)
  • Russia vs. Portugal (Saturday)
  • Albania vs. Georgia (Monday)
  • Macedonia vs. Lebanon (Tuesday)
  • Azerbaijan vs. Moldova (Tuesday)
  • Estonia vs. Saint Kitts and Nevis (Tuesday)
  • Russia vs. Croatia (Tuesday)
  • Turkey vs. Greece (Tuesday)
  • Luxembourg vs. Portugal (Tuesday)
  • Austria vs. Switzerland (Tuesday)
  • Belgium vs. Spain (Tuesday)
  • Germany vs. Netherlands (Tuesday)
  • Italy vs. Romania (Tuesday)
  • Poland vs. Czech Republic (Tuesday)
  • Slovakia vs. Iceland (Tuesday)
  • England vs. France (Tuesday)

What game are you most wanting to see? Think Ivory Coast, Ghana and Cameroon will all advance?

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