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Marc Dos Santos leaves Fury FC for Swope Park Rangers

Photo by Ottawa Fury FC/NASL
Photo by Ottawa Fury FC/NASL

For months it was known that Marc Dos Santos was going to leave Ottawa Fury FC at the end of team’s campaign.

His destination was made official on Friday.

Sporting Kansas City has announced that Dos Santos will head its USL team, Swope Park Rangers, which is set to kick off its first season next year.

“I often need time to make an important decision but I must say this was one of the easiest ones to make,” Dos Santos said. “It’s clear to me that I’m joining a fantastic organization with a great group of people. The vision that the club has with Swope Park Rangers, coupled with the city and the fans in Kansas City, definitely had an impact on my decision. I’m looking forward to starting this project and I’m sure it will be a successful one.”

Dos Santos was named NASL Coach of the Year after leading Fury FC to the NASL championship game against the New York Cosmos. Fury FC ended up losing that match, 3-2, but Dos Santos’ men were able to claim the club’s first-ever trophy after winning the Fall Season title. That finish came after the team limped to a ninth-place finish in the Spring Season.

While he assumes the role of head coach with Swope Park Rangers, Dos Santos will also serve as an assistant coach under Sporting KC manager Peter Vermes.

What do you think of Dos Santos taking charge of Swope Park Rangers? Is this a move up for him? See him doing well in the USL?

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  1. Shows how valuable NASL is. NASL doesn’t have the money, but it does have opportunities for players and coaches. Good to see the experience pay off for someone. Ottawa and Edmonton make the Canada Cup twice as exciting. NA is great for NA soccer.

  2. He also may be looking more long term, and trying to set himself up for the SKC head coach job. If Klinsmann leaves the national team, Vermes is sure to be among the candidates to replace him.

    But yeah, this speaks louder than any words about where NASL stands. Along those lines, look at the comments made by the new owner of the Carolina Railhawks, about eventually wanting the play in the “top echelon”, meaning MLS.

    • The “positioning” for a future position is exactly what I thought, too. That and the fact that SKC is ran incredibly well. It’s a more stable, professional and beneficial position, too, I imagine.

      People can try to spin all they’d like but this is a pretty strong indictment on the NASL.

  3. Alright, he is moving to SKC and is more or less assigned to run their USL team and be a MLS assistant coach.

    The headline does make NASL look bad, buts not like how comments are saying…

    • Of course is makes NASL. You can spin it however you want but he left the second best team in NASL to run a USL team/MLS reserve side.

  4. The pecking order is being clearly established by these independent marketplace decisions. This move speaks much louder than any posturing by leagues/clubs!

    • As much as the NASL claims they are going to be D1, and as much as NASL haters want to pour dirt on them, it sure seems like they are just treading water.


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