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MLS Playoffs: Conference Finals (SBI Live Commentary)

Photo by Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports

The final four teams left in the chase for the MLS Cup square off today as the conference finals begin today with first-leg action in Columbus, Ohio and Portland, Oregon.

The New York Red Bulls are in Columbus today to take on the Crew at MAPFRE Stadium. The top-seeded Red Bulls will look to set themselves up with a comfortable result heading into the return leg at Red Bull Arena, but they face a Crew side with the weapons to give the home team a first-leg series lead.

In the Western Conference, FC Dallas has made the trip to the Pacific Northwest to face the Timbers at Providence Park. Oscar Pareja’s side will look to avoid the outcome it suffered the last time it went to Portland, a 3-1 loss earlier in the season that is remembered for the infamous ‘Tissue Incident’ involving Pareja and Timbers coach Caleb Porter. This time around, the focus will be on the field, where both teams enter in outstanding form.

SBI will be providing live commentary on today’s action so please feel free to follow along here As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action:

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    • No, the most recent play of note makes or breaks the value of a player!

      It is unforgivable for defensive midfielder to get beat by a super speedy substitute late in the game after chasing the game for 85 minutes. I’m positive none of the other players in the pool have ever done anything like that.

      • Dax’s ceiling peaked when he was playing with the u-23’s. He’s a scrappy professional, but a US international he is not.

      • You’re probably right, but with Jones and Beckerman on the downslope of their careers, and Bradley and Mix seemingly lost from form, I don’t see why Dax can’t get into the call-up conversation after having a good season for a really good MLS team.

        I agree that he is not worthy of being in the USMNT top 23, I’m just not going to imply someone is foolish for wanting to see him get a chance in camp. I think Morales, Williams, Trapp, Tchani, and even Kitchen are better prospects in that deeper central position.

        My main problem with the comment was that he was trying to paint a reasonable debate black/white over one event.

      • Well, I think we can all agree it’s time for some turnover in those positions. Diskerud;s played himself out any call ups for awhile. Clock is running out on Beckerman and Jones, Bradley just hasn’t handled being asked more of him..

  1. All this garbage praise for Marsch and this was ALWAYS the end result. Playing high intensity with a team of this lesser talent all season was inevitably going to end up with getting punched in the mouth in the playoffs. Red Bulls collapse again. Repeat for the entire screwed up life of this franchise.

    • All the teams that made waves in the playoffs are high intensity, proactive, quick passing teams. The final four are probably the best of everyone, and these games have been a lot of fun to watch for that reason. Why hate on the dude that decided that was the way to play? It got them the supporter’s shield, and to the conference finals (which aren’t over), it’s exciting to watch, and it builds an identity moving forward. Pretty good coaching of a team with “lesser talent”. I hope you’re a hating NYCFC fan, and not a crusty NYRB fan, because as a Rapids fan I’m jealously applauding all of these teams.

      • Savior? I’ve never seen anyone say anything remotely close to that.

        It’s hard to take you serious when you’re consistently making these snarky straw man attacks against SBIers.

        Sacha had a good season, and some people believe that he earned another look for the USMNT. You don’t seem any more well-reasoned than his die hard supporters when you wait for Sacha to have a bad game to jump on them.

      • You don’t pay attention to the comments then or have convenient/selection memory.

        Kljestian has failed under multiple managers, multiple times in multiple scenarios and people continue to regurgitate his name as if they’re presenting something new or revolutionary. He’s had some really nice club performances in recent years that HAS NOT translated to the national team level.

        Snarky or not, there’s reality and there’s illusion.

      • I’m not a Sacha fan, and I know how old he is, but (sadly?) I do follow the comments of every USMNT article, and nobody has ever implied that the USMNT NEEDED Sacha, or that he was some kind of savior.

        Some think his recent form has earned him another shot, that’s it.

        Considering that Sacha played better than the other American CM’s in his league that kept getting calls this year, I think it makes sense people would be asking why not him.

        I think that you exaggerate other people’s arguments in order too make your points stick better. Even though I agree with you about Sacha, I disagree with how you are trying to paint people that recently wanted him to get a call up.

    • I agree. But I think it’s not surprising because Crew got NYRB on their heels early, and it’s a tough ask for Sacha to do much matched against Tchani and Trapp. Even though he had a quiet game he still was the most efficient passer on the pitch, and drew the most fouls.


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