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NASL still undecided on future of Silverbacks


When it comes to the future of the Atlanta Silverbacks, the NASL is looking to keep options open.

Commissioner Bill Peterson told SBI that the league is still undecided on the future of the team, which has been under league ownership since last December. Ahead of Sunday’s season finale, Peterson says that there are still a variety of options on the table, including the potential choice of running the team under league ownership for an additional season.

“We stopped short of putting a timeline in because it starts to force people into making bad decisions, but we’re getting pretty close,” Peterson told SBI. “Something has to be done, everyone is aware of that, but at the same time, we’re still in conversations with more than one group about potential ownership of the team.

“We’re in discussion with owners in this league about continuing or not continuing without a local owner. It’s an alternative. Everything is still on the table. What we don’t want to do is put somebody under a timeline that would force us into a bad decision. Something will happen soon.”

In addition, Peterson said that the best case scenario remains a local owner. Prior to the league’s running of the team, the Silverbacks were owned by Boris Jerkunica, who still maintains ownership rights to the Silverbacks name as well as the team’s stadium, Silverbacks Park.

“Always has been. That’s No. 1 priority,” Peterson said regarding local ownership. “No. 2 is: if we couldn’t find local ownership, are owners willing to continue for another year? No. 3: there has been interest in people buying that club and moving them to another city, which is not something we really want to do.”

While a move away from Atlanta is something the league is looking to avoid, the market is about to see the entrance of a major competitor with the introduction of MLS side Atlanta United, which will begin play in 2017.

Under head coach Gary Smith, the Atlanta Silverbacks finished sixth in the Fall standings after finishing in last during the Spring Season.

What do you expect to happen with the Silverbacks in the coming weeks? Expect to see them in the NASL next season?

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  1. Not sure what NASL is trying to accomplish with all these teams in cities that already have soccer teams. Who is going to go watch the Silverbacks in a minor league when there’s an MLS team in the city. This is why Cosmos draw 4k a game.

  2. The realistic outcome is that the Silverbacks return to the USL, whether as MLS affiliated or its own entity. The Silverbacks have been in existence (though not continuously) since 1995, and have never had the fanfare United FC has had before they’ve even played their first game. If United FC even has a roster, then I’m far behind on the news.

    And honestly, besides the Ultras and a few others (myself included), how many other fans aren’t already in the process of forgetting the Silverbacks? Most Silverbacks fans will become United FC fans and not look back, for the most part.

  3. NASL needs to make Boris a real offer on the name or fanbase will be divided when Silverbacks stick around in NPSL. (Which Boris has said will happen.)


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