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Report: Vela’s agent says MLS move may not be in ‘immediate’ future

Photo by Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Vela may have been linked to the Colorado Rapids recently, but according to his agent, the Mexican international is not close to leaving Spain.

In an interview with Agenda FOX Sports, Eduardo Hernandez said that his client and current Real Sociedad forward is listening to offers made by the Colorado Rapids and MLS, but that does not mean a deal is currently in the works.

Vela’s agent also added that the growth and infrastructure of the league, the stadiums and the “extraordinary quality of life (in the U.S.)” makes a possible move to the States a viable option.

Living and playing far from his family for many years, Hernandez says, makes moving to the U.S. a great option, but he said “that does not mean it is in the immediate future of Carlos Vela, maybe one or two years, three maybe, we do not know yet.”

This development comes on the heels of a report on Tuesday, when the Rapids director of soccer reportedly expressed his interest in acquiring the 27-year-old El Tri winger.

“The Colorado Rapids are very interested in Carlos Vela,” the club’s director of soccer Claudio Lopez told Bola VIP. “We have already entered talks with Real Sociedad and the player.”

Vela’s current contract with the La Liga side currently runs until 2018.

What do you think of Hernandez’s comments? Think the Rapids will sign Vela? If not, will another MLS team sign him?

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  1. Real Sociedad wants at least 16m euros for Vela, when was the last time MLS paid a transfer fee that big? I mean Colorado could be in talks but I doubt they are even close to what Real Sociedad wants specially if Inter is really interested and is offering the fee they want.

    • What is it with people impersonating other people’s names/log-ins on this website. I had hoped that this would stop with this new platform, but behold. Yes I know Anthony is a common name, but I am all over this site with commentary. Anyone who post on this site should not co-opt someone else’s name. Use Anthony2 of Anthony1980 or something.

    • When was the last time? Toronto did that twice. Did LA do it for Gio? I don’t recall his price, if any, and I don’t feel like looking it up. The point is, in the past few years, there have been certain players for which the league has spent that kind of fee, and he is one of them…

      • The transfer prices of DeFoe (9.8 million), Dos Santos (7 million), Bradley (10 million) were not close to $16 million, and they were fees the highest paid

      • If my info is wrong, so be it, but I thought I recalled reading about figures reaching $100 million and the transfer fees for Defoe and Bradley. Numbers were either fabricated, inflated, or whatever. My bottom-line point is that MLS will create a way for players like him to play in the league, despite Real’s reported asking price…

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