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USMNT vs. Trinidad and Tobago: SBI Live Commentary


After cruising past St. Vincent & the Grenadines in its World Cup Qualifying opener, the U.S. Men’s National Team will face a much more difficult test on Tuesday night.

In the team’s second qualifier, the USMNT is set to visit Trindad & Tobago (6:36, beIN Sports). The game comes on the heels of a 6-1 USMNT victory over St Vincent and the Grenadines, while the Soca Warriors enter on a high as well after knocking off Guatemala on the road.

Starting in net for the second time since his return to the USMNT will be Tim Howard, who rejoined his American teammates after their unsuccesful Gold Cup campaign. Trinidad & Tobago enjoyed relative success in that very tournament, winning their group ahead of Mexico while proving to be a difficult test in CONCACAF play.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight’s action so please feel free to follow along. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action:

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  1. Can someone educate Bradley on the art of timely passing. He holds onto the ball too long and frequent runs out of ideas. When he decides to pass it its mostly to the opposition.
    The defense played solid today but the Teams continues to run out of ideas when they get across the half line.

    • My other favorite spectator sport is college basketball. In the NCAA playoffs, the mantra coaches live by is, survive and advance. It doesn’t matter how you win, how you play, or how much you win by, the whole point is to get to the next round. In this soccer competition, THE ONLY GOAL IS TO GET TO THE NEXT ROUND. Then, after you get to the Hex, your only goal is to qualify for the World Cup. Nothing else matters. Was Uruguay successful in 2010? They only got to the World Cup because they beat Costa Rica in a playoff, but then they got to the semifinals in the World Cup. Not one Uruguayan fan cares about how they got there, only how they did once they got there. Back in the day, before the World Cup had 64 participants, some third place teams got into the knock out round. In 1994, Italy was one of those teams, losing their first game, then getting a win and a draw. They went on to win the World Cup. Did it matter that they didn’t win their group? Why don’t people here understand the basics of tournament play?

    • Win at home, and at least a draw on the road. That’s the plan for every team, especially the good ones. We WANT to win every game; but getting a draw on the road is never a bad thing unless u give up a win to a last minute goal. I’ll be happy with a 0-0 draw EVERY SINGLE AWAY GAME FROM HERE UNTIL ETERNITY…..

      • Maybe if we keep repeating this people will finally learn. I figured it out. If you win at home and draw on the road in a group of 4, you are guaranteed 12 points. Another team could possibly get 13, but you would then be in second and advance. T&T basically lost 2 points because they didn’t win at home. The vast majority of the time 12 points means you win the group. By way of comparison, in the last Hex, we won with our highest point total ever with 22 points. However, the win at home and draw on the road would have produced 20 points, which also would have been good enough to win the Hex since second place Costa Rica had only 18.

  2. Nagbe’s presence immediately felt….calm and composed on the ball, finding openings….0 – 0 but we have absolute control of the game

      • I remember a time, I think it was when he was at Hull, where he was pinned against the sideline by two defenders, one in front, one in back. He did a back heel nutmeg on the guy behind him, spun and got away from both defenders. I can’t recall ever seeing anyone else ever pulling that off. He is better than a lot of people give him credit for. I think his main problem is he doesn’t maximize the talent and ability he has, for whatever reason.

  3. Mexico wins 2-0 away against a team they never beat at home meanwhile we start four centerbacks, 2 d mids and a right back praying for a draw…

  4. If I sub at 2 at halftime, Zardes and Yedlin come out. Zardes unsure, won’t attack, poor touches. Yedlin constantly getting stripped and beaten on wrong side again and again. Zardes first out.

    Johnson and Ream have been strong on the left, stop going to the right so much. Jozy’s offsides and poor touches killed 4 early attacks.

  5. Glad to see Zardes getting a look at his natural position up top. He does well there on the rare occasions he gets the opportunity with the Galaxy.

      • Definitely don’t give up on him, but he needs more grooming and Johnson is clearly still the best RB option. However, WCQ matter and T&T would definitely punish the USMNT with that mistake. T&T strength is going forward.

    • After the last game I predicted this. Especially when you see Kenwyne Jones lined up on the left you don’t want an inexperienced defender at RB. Jones is now at Cardiff City in the Championship, so it is likely that Ream has played against him as has Cameron, so the defensive alignment by the US makes a lot of sense given that he is the biggest threat.

  6. I wish they woulda kept yedlin at rb. Maybe we coulda the same lineup for once, but at least Johnson is in the midfield again. Man I really wanted to see nagbe get the start if we were gunna make changes to the lineup.


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