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Klinsmann praises Brooks, Johnson for Bundesliga performances

John Brooks Hertha Berlin 94

If Jurgen Klinsmann is thankful for something this holiday season, it is the form that both John Brooks and Fabian Johnson are showing with some of the German Bundesliga’s top teams.

Brooks and Johnson have both been demonstrating a high level in recent weeks, scoring goals and finding other ways to make impacts for their respective clubs. Brooks’ Hertha Berlin and Johnson’s Borussia Moenchengladbach are heading into the Bundesliga’s winter break in top four spots, with the former club in third place and an automatic UEFA Champions League spot and the latter in fourth and in a qualifier position for next season’s prestigious tournament.

Johnson, 28, has been grabbing more headlines because of his goal-scoring performances, but the 22-year-old Brooks has also found the back of the net recently. The centerback scored a winner and ended a personal goal-scoring drought earlier this month, and then struck again in DFB Pokal play. Just as important, he’s impressed with his solid defensive work.

“John Brooks over the last few weeks has become really consistent, and this is I think the biggest learning curve for him right now,” said Klinsmann, the U.S. Men’s National Team head coach. “He’s still a very young player, and he not only earned his spot back in the starting line up at Hertha Berlin, but now he’s now really performing week in and week out on a very high level. I’ve been talking to his manager and his club over the last couple of weeks, and they are very impressed about his learning curve, about his focus, and hopefully can keep that up.

“We are very proud that he’s doing well in Berlin right now.”

Johnson has also made Klinsmann very proud these last couple of months. The Moenchengladbach midfielder has scored five times for his club since November, including twice in Champions League play, and been involved in setting up several others.

Johnson is playing arguably the best soccer of his career right now, and that combined with Brooks’ stout outings at the back for Hertha Berlin have Klinsmann nodding in approval as a busy 2016 that includes World Cup qualifiers and the Copa America Centenario approaches.

“This means a lot to us because they get challenged week in and week out with very, very good team, especially for Fabian,” said Klinsmann. “Having played in the Champions League was a tremendous experience for him as well, so we are proud that they are doing well, but they have to confirm it week in and week out and hopefully they continue that way.”


  1. Jordan Morris better get on it. I am one to always push for education, but $250K a year is enough to make up for the lost scholarship and completing 2 years is enough to complete the rest part time – so he should have left last year. MLS is fine if he plays, but I personally think a a good spot in Bundesliga 1 or 2 ( I don’t he is better than Booby Wood right now, but he has more potential) or the Eredivisie or maybe Ligue 1.

  2. I watched Hertha this weekend and I have to say I really, really like their brand of football. The possession and movement was excellent. It was free flowing yet very controlled. With that said…… it’s never been a really strong point of Brooks’ but his passing and confidence on the ball has drastically improved. He definitely rounding a corner. I like what I’m seeing of brooks.

    • Agree with you that Brooks has improved his passing game, but disagree that it was never really a strong suit. he’s always been a decent passer, especially for a giant.

      Saw most of the game this weekend, and he was quite good. I was thinking where is the gaffe/lapse going to be, but it never came. That said Mainz was terrible.

      the BMG game yesterday was insane.

      Bundesliga overall is exciting, even aside from the top few teams.

  3. Impressive runs by those two. Now will he use Brooks on the senior team vs Guatemala or allow him to lead the U23s against a much more difficult opponent in Colombia?

    • That is a great question. My preference would be keep him with the u23s for that.

      Has to be the bigger priority at this point. We have to take advantage that we have a World Cup vet playing in the Bundasliga that is u23. We tend to forget that.

      Fabian is having a career year. The shame is that he is most likely at his peak at 28.
      I wish he was at least two years younger. If that was the case, I think there would have been an excellent shot at moving on to a big club. (recall reports from scouts from Barca)

      Sort of the same thing that happened with Deuce. Hit his peak during his last year at Fulham and when he first got to Spurs. And that was amazing but short lived.

      With that said, the bright side is that the BPL is the biggest grind in the world.
      So hopefully not being there, we will see Fabian extend his peak form for longer.
      Who knows, every player is different.


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