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Report: LA Galaxy to sign Jeff Larentowicz

Photo by Mike DiNovo/USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Mike DiNovo/USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy have been hit by the departure of several key veterans, but it appears that the club is nearing the acquisition of another long-time MLS contributor as a replacement.

Goal USA is reporting that the Galaxy are on the verge of signing 11-year league veteran and current free agent Jeff Larentowicz. The 32-year-old Larentowicz has featured as both a center back and midfielder throughout his MLS career, and is expected to help plug the holes left by the recent departures of central defender Omar Gonzalez and center midfielder Juninho.

Larentowicz, who previously captained the Colorado Rapids to the 2010 MLS Cup, last played for the Chicago Fire. He scored six goals for the Fire in a 2015 campaign that saw them finish last in the league.

Larentowicz, who is the league leader in minutes played since the 2010 season, is not the only player the Galaxy are reportedly targeting. According to Goal USA, the Galaxy are also eyeing European-based options to make up for their recent departures, while fullback Ashley Cole is nearing a deal with the club.

What do you think of the reported Larentowicz deal? Like the move? How will he fit in with the Galaxy?

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  1. Arenas is certainly road tested- knows muuuuuch more than me…. which is about all that I have to rest my hopes on. Right now………… I can hardly contain my bewilderment toward recent moves and hope this is all some kind of set up before he Bruce pulls a rabbit out of his hat and I have an “ohhhhh… ok, now i can see what he’s doing” moment. As it stands, the departure of a young workhorse in Juninho, an ever aging midfield led by a heat stroked, homesick Gerrard and talk of a completely random Ashley Cole acquisition which seeeeems only to be for the sake of his name/not a need on the roster… leave me underwhelmed and apathetic about the upcoming season. Guess I’ll just wait and hope I’m proven woefully ignorant. Wouldn’t be the first time.

    • ….and this is why MLS is failing its actual fans in marketing towards the lowest common denominator of fans who tune in for one game based on a “name” like Ashley Cole. They’re completely disenfranchising the very fabric of the actual fans.

      When people appear to be confused as to why I support the league but don’t support the Garber’s Barnum and Bailey’s Circus approach…this post provides yet another example of his failed agenda.

  2. Hopefully they’re picking him up as a depth player as cover for injuries because otherwise this is a waste of a roster spot. I don’t get LA’s love affair of over-aged players…Last year it was keeping Buddle around, this year it’s Jeff.

  3. This move makes little sense to me. We let go of a player entering their prime for an average, aging player? I hope he’s being picked up for spot duty

      • I would agree Jeff is good average player now in his 32 years of age, maybe the L:a galaxy should also consider Perry Kitchen ho is much younger and cheaper than Jeff….and please no ashely cole

    • If you are referring to Gonzo, he didn’t have a great year last year. I saw several games where he was at fault for goals. Not what you would expect for a designated player. My guess is that his average performance and above average salary were two reasons for his departure.


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