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USWNT falls to China in Wambach farewell match

Abby Wambach USWNT by Derik Hamilton USA TODAY

On the night when Abby Wambach made her final U.S. Women’s National Team appearance, the team did everything it could to get the legend one more goal against China.

The Chinese women had other plans, though.

Jill Ellis fielded an experienced side that should’ve done the job at the Superdome, but the USWNT lost for the first time in 25 matches on Wednesday. The Americans fell to China 1-0 in New Orleans, Louisiana, off of a second half Wang Shuang goal.

Chinese pulled ahead in the 58th minute, as Shuang was in the box to put away a lofted cross from Wang Shanshan. That moment marked the first time the Americans had gone behind in a match since before the World Cup.

Wambach was subbed off in the 72nd minute, with the legend making room for Christen Press as the Americans looked for an equalizer.

Lindsey Horan slotted home minutes from the end of the game to put the crowd on their feet, but the goal was ruled offside by the assistant referee.

What do you think of the result against China? Could the USWNT have done more to get one last win for Wambach?

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  1. She played a horrible game last night, getting caught offside, not making runs, being too slow. The US lost because they spent 70 minutes trying to getting her to score, instead of playing Soccer like the did in the last 20 minutes.

  2. The “stayed too long” comment is spot-on (Sermanni agrees!). Absolutely dominating player in her prime, but the women’s game passed her by quickly at the end.

    The winning streak was nice to have and it sucks to lose, but it’s fitting that it went down as the USWNT tried to play “Abby-ball” one more time. A final “nail in the coffin” to that style of play as we move forward.

    Really looking forward to seeing more of players like Horan, Dunn, McCaffrey, Sonnett, Hinkle, etc.

    P.S. Is Amy Rodriguez done being a viable forward option for the USWNT?

  3. She had a great career but the poster that said she stayed too long was correct. About 2-3 years too long. It was kind of sad watching her play last night as she totally outclassed at every turn. Ellis basically sacrificed any chance of getting a tie by leaving her in so long. We got instantly better when Press entered.

    Kinda funny though. Abby was an up and comer when Mia was winding down…. now there’s Press as the new kid as Abby leaves.

    • I think it’s more like it’s Alex Morgan’s team. Press is a late bloomer or rather wasn’t given a chance when the USWNT persistent with the boot it forward let Abby play it with her head deal. To put it by the numbers, Press is 26, Morgan is 26, and LeRoux is 25.

    • I don’t know that she gets too much hate. Personally I think she was a heck of a player. But she hung around way too long. To be allowed not to play club soccer so she “would have something left” for the world cup is a little strange to me. Almost all of her goals in recent times, were against really weak teams. The reality is she was a bit selfish. The team was far better without her on the field in recent days. Step away and accept the truth that hits all athletes. I think her arguments over equal pay in the world of soccer is RIDICULOUS. I think her comments about JK using foreign born players is very hypocritical, when Sydney LeRoux is Canadian born.

    • Me either – seems as pointless and wrongheaded as the LD hate last year (and actually still anytime he is in the news). A lot of folks on here have very little positive to say about the best male American soccer player of all time and one of the top 3 or so female American players. Weird.

      • I just want Abby to pick a random father in the military, sit down in front of him and tell him that his son isn’t an American ……….
        I don’t hate her I just think her recent comments were ignorant and out of plac. She has admittedly had a good career and nothing she says can change that. But I am entitled to not liking/agreeing with her statement, especially when it’s as hypocritical as it is.

      • Byrdman encapsulated it perfectly. Before her ignorant comments a couple days ago, people were over her. It was a prolific player back in the day, but she stuck around way too long and hindered the playing style and progress of the team by doing so. Helped get the previous coach fired, and demanded preferential treatment by not playing the season to “save” herself for the tournament when no other player would have been allowed to do that. It just left a band test in mouths of many. Almost like not aging gracefully.

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