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Report: Tim Howard might join Rapids, MLS in May

Tim Howard Everton 46

After Everton head coach Roberto Martinez recently dismissed rumors linking U.S. Men’s National Team goalkeeper Tim Howard to a move back to MLS, a new report suggests the 36-year-old’s future at Goodison Park might be nearing its end.

According to NBC’s Pro Soccer Talk, Howard has reportedly held “serious talks” with the Colorado Rapids and is seeking a return to MLS. The report also suggests if any deal is reached between Everton and MLS, Howard would not join Colorado until May, following the conclusion of the 2015-16 English Premier League season.

The Rapids currently hold the league’s No. 1 allocation position, which determines the order at which clubs can select USMNT players, youth U.S. National Team players or former MLS players returning to the league.

Howard has spent the last 10 years with Everton, after making a high-profile move to EPL giant Manchester United in 2003. This season, Howard has made 23 starts and recorded six shutouts for the Toffees.

What do you think of this development? Is a move to the Rapids a logical one for Howard? Would you be excited to see the 36-year-old return to MLS should the deal happen?

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  1. Cause the Rapids’ big problem is the goalkeeping spot and it will be solved by an over the top goalie who gets scored on 3-4 times regularly at Everton this season…lol…

    Dwindling fan base, irrelevant “franchise” with a stadium in the middle of nowhere/suburbia…the Rapids folding will not be the worst thing to happen to MLS…

  2. On an unrelated note but keeping with the discussions of transfers:

    According to reports tonight in the early hours of 1/27/16, Matt Miazga (of NYRB) has been sold to an unnamed EPL team. Reportedly for a $5 million transfer fee.

    • David De Gea is United’s most valuable player by a long shot over the last year or so, a dynamic keeper is definitely worth a DP.

  3. He’s got plenty left in the tank. People need to get over retirement league BS. Ask Pirlo or Gerrard. His return, is a USMNT legend, should be applauded. Not to mention helping a franchise that needs some relevancy.

    • Pirlo and Gerrad may not be the best examples to dispel the retirement league “BS” label that’s fairly accurate regarding MLS.

      Unlike Pirlo and Gerrard, I agree that Howard has several years left in the tank. Especially considering his position.

      • How many retirement players on Portland or Dallas? Or Columbus? While undoubtedly there are examples they hardly typify MLS.

      • You’re having two different conversations now.

        You didn’t reference success, you referenced two players that are on their last legs, the league/club market heavily and looked flat out old this past year. MLS fairly has perception of being a retirement league because that’s the reality of their product.

        The players you referenced made my point as being some of the poster childs pushed by MLS and the individual clubs.The clubs you mentioned made my point by being so far off the radar no one outside of MLS fans know they exist.

        MLS deservedly has that label and an off-season like the LA Galaxy are having are doing no favors for your side of the debate. The players you referenced absolutely typify this league. Don’t abstain from reality.

      • Old School – Timbers Army has substantial sub-groups around the U.S. and international sub-groups in London, Spain, fans in Portugal…

      • Haha and the hits keep coming.

        Mexican National Team Coach (and former MLS manager):

        “I believe that when a footballer is in his peak he should play in Europe and not MLS,” said Osorio in a recent interview with Mexican outlet Excelsior. “[MLS] is for the end of a career and not for when a footballer still has a lot to give.”

  4. This seems like the Rapids are desperate for a USMNT for marketing purposes. The Rapids have been solid at keeper for years, until trading Irwin. They created a problem to solve. Seems incredibly short sighted.

  5. Howard has gotten a lot of stick this season. Some deserved, some
    not. But he’s still way too talented to come back to MLS just yet. If it’s based on a challenge, career, I don’t get it. If it’s to be closer to his kids and get more money totally understand. Just wish he’d finish his career with the NYRB. Love Robles. But think Howard is better.

    • Robles will never approach Howard’s level at his peak but if RBNY are going to spend $2m-$3m on a player, it shouldn’t be for a GK. Please spend that money on a center back.

      • Yea he is our number one right now, but he’s going to be be paid top dollar for two years then retire. Mks should spend money on younger better international players like gio

  6. With all of the speculation, club transactions for Colorado, and player form it’s hard not to believe this is getting closer to a done deal.

    What have they done exactly besides spreading some rumours?
    Reply ยท January 15, 2016”

    Looks like they’ve done a great deal more than spread rumors. They’ve positioned themselves to capture the signing of Tim Howard. Just like I said weeks ago.

    • Sorry Old School, but you act more like a new school, millennial twelve year old. Copy/pasting from a previous reply that’s over 10 days old. Saying you heard it hear first. Get over yourself. It’s a comment board.

    • What an amazing off-season. See here, they’ve positioned themselves see! Ha what a joke! Howard will never be a Rapid and you will eat your words New School!


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