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Sydney Leroux expecting first child, will miss Olympics

Photo by Michael Chow/USA Today Sports
Photo by Michael Chow/USA Today Sports

Sydney Leroux will miss the chance to go for gold at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this summer, but she and husband Dom Dwyer probably won’t mind too much.

On Monday, the couple revealed that they are expecting their first child some time in September.

Leroux, 25, has scored 35 goals in 75 appearances for the U.S. Women’s National Team, but will miss the chance to help out the Americans as they attempt to win a fourth consecutive gold medal in Brazil.

Meanwhile, she will also miss time with her NWSL club, FC Kansas City.

“Although we are disappointed that Syd will not be playing for us this season, we are thrilled and excited for her and Dom,” general manager Huw Williams said in a release on the club’s social media account. “Dealing with matters such as these is part of our business. All of us at FC Kansas City are ‘family first’ type of people so we see this as an exciting and joyous occasion.”

Here are Leroux’s and Dyer’s announcements:

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  1. Since we are TMZing today can we say that this proves marriage not a sham like Alex Morgan. I mean the body language in their pics it’s like two strangers. And not even two strangers at the club, like Alex has with random dudes. Ouch.


    talk about locking it down full time…props, brother. She’s always been a dime. NOW…the big question:

    the kid is 1/2 English, 1/4 Canadian, 1/4 American…who caps the kid??!

  3. Has anyone done the math on this? September is month 9. We’re still in month 1. That means they’re still inside of the first four weeks? The first three weeks? Seems a little early to make an announcement. But I wish them well. That kid’s gonna be a baller.

  4. Honestly, probably not the worst timing.

    Just about everybody had her on the bubble anyway, and quite frankly she hasn’t been relevant for club or country for about two years now.

    With a host of new players getting looks, and what seems to be a concerted effort to go away from Route 1 soccer, Leroux and Rodriguez’s pregnancies could potentially hasten the end of their USWNT careers.

    Stay tuned on that.

  5. A day or so ago a poster here commenting on the US–Ireland game was very critical of Leroux, saying she had lost a step and wasn’t playing at all well, etc. If that is true we now see the reason.

  6. In the long run the baby is more important but if she were to come back, she may never get another chance at the Olympics. Doesnt matter now, it’s done

    • Well, Joy Fawcett had, I thlnk, 3 kids during her playing career and played with the national team until she was in her mid 30’s. Many woman players have returned after having children. It’s not at all unusual.


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