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Cameron Carter-Vickers named to Tottenham Europa League squad

Cameron Carter-Vickers Tottenham 92

Cameron Carter-Vickers’ rise through the ranks at Tottenham is set to continue.

The U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team defender has been named to Tottenham’s squad for the Europa League knockout rounds. Carter-Vickers has been included on Tottenham’s B-List, which is for locally-trained players born after January 1994.

Carter-Vickers has been given the No. 38 jersey and is expected to back up starting centerback Toby Alderweireld.

The 18-year-old defender has yet to make his first team debut, but was named to the bench for the first time for Tottenham’s Europa League clash with Monaco in January. Internationally, Carter-Vickers represented the U.S. at the Under-20 World Cup while also featuring in this past fall’s CONCACAF Olympic qualifying tournament.

Tottenham is set to return to Europa League action on Feb. 18 with a visit to Fiorentina.

What do you think of the decision to add Carter-Vickers to the Europa League roster? Expect him to make an impact? What do you expect from the defender in the coming year?

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    • 2016? no, go for it.

      but anybody salivating over the thought of how our prospects will look in russia 2018 should take a look back at the sbi archives for all the high hopes people had for 2010 and 2014 that seem laughable now.

      • I think you’re right Nate, that it’s too soon to get overly hyped about our chances in the Copa America or even in Russia. But, I think we are finally starting to see a critical mass of American youth development. We are no longer just hanging our hopes on one or two young guns over seas. Instead we now have probably 15 highly rated prospects in youth systems of some of the biggest European clubs. CCV is just one of many which is why 2016 is starting to look so exciting. If CCV doesn’t pan out it’s not the end of the world because who knows, maybe Miazga will over at Chelsea. And if he doesn’t we have Brooks already turning into a force at Hertha who look like they will be playing Champions League next year.

        We’ve got Zelalem starting to turn heads, and Pulicic breaking through. Green is still young, Lletget has some skills, and the list goes on. Clearly not everyone mentioned will turn into superstars, but the number of talented youth players to me shows US soccer is turning a page.

      • I agree we shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves (hyped), but that’s not to say we shouldn’t be pleased with the direction our young players are trending. We’ve never had as many young talented players (under 23 yrs old) plying their trade in Europe. Nor have we had so many at top level clubs (TOT, Chealsea, BVB BM, etc…). We may not be a soccer powerhouse, but our level of talent is increasing each cycle.

        It may be a small win, but for those of us who have followed the US National Team for the past
        30+ yrs and can remember a time where we were not even expected to qualify for the WC…things are very promising for the future.

      • Nate, I think he was just talking about the Americans Abroad board might be getting some more action, not any national team tournaments in 2016.

      • Sorry Max, Sebastian didn’t do much the 2nd half of the season. He did well when Gyasi was gone and before Gio and Gerrard got there, when there really was no other option for Robbie Keane to pass to. Add in Cole and DeJong and he will see even less of the ball.

      • lost in space,

        i agree that we are improving–or rather, our player pool is, as it has been for the past 20 years. i’m just pointing out that projecting our national team’s prospects years in advance–especially when it comes to youth players–as some have been doing, is pretty useless.

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