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MLS Ticker: Fire, Higuita, Red Bulls and more


In wake of the Chicago Fire’s most recent trade, a replacement for Harry Shipp may reportedly be coming from the top Dutch league.

The Fire are reportedly interested in acquiring 29-year-old midfielder Michael de Leeuw, who currently plays for FC Groningen, but allegedly had their bid rejected by the Dutch club. He has scored six goals so far during the 2015-16 Eredivisie season, but the Fire would reportedly need to negotiate with the Philadelphia Union over his Discover rights. (REPORT)

Orlando City SC midfielder Cristian Higuita was named to Colombia’s Under-23 team ahead of two friendlies against Honduras in at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Colombia’s U-23s are preparing for a Olympic qualification playoff series against the U.S. Under-23 Men’s National Team. (REPORT)

The New York Red Bulls announced changes to its youth development system, with Red Bulls Academy Director Bob Montgomery taking the new role of director of coaching education and youth partnerships. (REPORT)

D.C. United has reportedly agreed to extend its partnership deal with Leidos through 2018. (REPORT)

Double Post Bar, personalized by the Timbers Army, will open at Providence Park against the Columbus Crew on March 6. The bar is named after Sporting Kansas City defender Saad Abdul-Salaam’s infamous penalty miss, which hit both posts in the ninth round of the playoff shootout vs. the Timbers last year. (REPORT)

What do you think of the Fire’s interest in De Leeuw? How do you think Higuita will do with Colombia’s U-23s?

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  1. but the Fire would reportedly need to negotiate with the Philadelphia Union over his Discover rights

    Give me a fucking break. This is ridiculous Mickey Mouse crap. There’s not a single MLS supporter (myself included) that can honestly defend this outdated policy.

  2. FC Groningen already rejected the Fire’s bid for de Leeuw… Color me not surprised. Some teams would up the bid, not CF97 though. Andrew Hauptman’s official policy is to then offer a lower bid, spit on the ground in front of other teams brass (even if it’s via video conference call) and then never do business with that club again. Ever.

    Hauptman out, bring back Wilt!!!

  3. The discovery process is a joke wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a vest. As near as I can tell, it’s only there so teams don’t compete over the same player. I think (opinion alert!), it should come with a 5 day window to tender a bona fide offer. After that it expires and you can’t use it again on that player.

    Also, is it just me or has Metro/Red Bull historically had the best youth development in MLS? Howard, Altidore, and Bradley all made World Cup rosters. Barring injury, Miazga will. Others may have gone forward for other countries. For my beloved DC United, I can really only think of Convey and Najar as really breaking through as youth players.

    • so MLS teams can tag 7 unsigned players and those tags can run forever.. that means there are 140 players out there “discovered” by MLS teams.. I wonder who has “discovered” Ronaldo or Ibra..

      @BV i agree if you don’t make an offer in a week or at the most a transfer window period, times up..

    • well first of all, you forgot hamid? depends on what you mean by “youth development”; howard had already gone pro before metros, and bradley played his youth ball with sockers fc and the bradenton academy.

      still think new york is up there in terms of top academies, though.

    • I didn’t forget Hamid, but he hasn’t been a consistent international like the others. Injuries are a big part of that, of course, but if you’re not out there, you’re not out there.


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